Volume 1, Issue 1

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April - June 1999 · Published: Jul 1999

Daily Digest

The Interpreter: The Vanguard Bank standoff shows China remains undeterred

A Vietnamese assessment of Chinese actions near Vanguard Bank in the South China Sea concludes that China will not be deterred in its efforts to control the region.

The Diplomat: Can the Philippines and Australia Elevate their Partnership to a Strategic Level?

An assessment of the opportunities for cooperation between Australia and the Philippines.

The Diplomat: US Moves Ahead With $8 Billion F-16 Fighter Jets Sale to Taiwan

An assessment of the US decision to move ahead with the sale of 66 F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan.

The Diplomat: Moon Leaves the Door Open for Talks With Japan

An argument that President Moon’s Liberation Day speech was intended to signal a break in the Japan-South Korea dispute.

Lawfare: Trump’s Techno-Nationalism

An explanation of the risks associated with techno-nationalism.

The Diplomat: Decoding Australia’s Strange Silence Over China’s Transgressions in the South China Sea

Australia accused of not being assertive enough in opposing Chinese activity in the South China Sea.

The Japan Times: Japan gets a wake-up call from Trump

Brahma Challeney argues that Japan needs to be more proactive in protecting its own security interests in the face of the US decision to downplay North Korean missile tests.

East Asia Forum: Expanding ASEAN’s Indo-Pacific role

An argument for a better definition of ASEAN’s role in shaping the Indo-Pacific security architecture.

The Strategist: Morrison’s Pacific step-up means nothing without real climate action

An argument that taking dramatic action to cope with climate change should be the primary focus for assistance provided to the Pacific Island states.

The Interpreter: The state of the Pacific as the 2019 Forum convenes

An assessment of the Pacific Island Forum on the occasion of the 50th leaders meeting.