Volume 1, Issue 1

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April - June 1999 · Published: Jul 1999

Daily Digest

The Strategist: The 2020 Asia–Pacific outlook

Graeme Dobell reviews the CSCAP Security Outlook where authors from around the region find a lot to be worried in the emerging security environment being shaped primarily by US-China competition.

East Asia Forum: ASEAN’s quiet resilience

Kishore Mahbubani makes an argument that the growing resilience of ASEAN should be a model for other regions to examine.

East Asia Forum: Cracks in Xi and Modi’s shared world vision

An assessment of India-China relations suggests that while Xi and Modi have similar visions for the future, there are several issues that could make formal agreement difficult.


The Diplomat – Putin: Russia Ready to Extend New START With US ‘Without Any Preconditions’

President Putin’s statement about Russia’s willingness to renew the New START with the US puts the pressure on the Trump administration.

The Diplomat: Japan-South Korea Ties on Ice Until Bilateral Trade Meeting

An update on Japan-South Korea trade relations suggests a great deal of distrust remains despite some signs of improvement.

The Diplomat: The One Speech That Explains India’s New Strategic Thinking

A review of a speech by India’s minister of external affairs that lays out basic principles of India’s emerging foreign policy.

The Diplomat: What Does the New Counterterrorism Exercise Mean for the Quad?

An examination of the first attempt by the members of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue to conduct a counterterrorism table-top exercise.

The Diplomat: Exploring China’s New Narrative on Democracy

An examination of China’s efforts to define what Xi Jinping means by “whole process democracy.”