Volume 1, Issue 2

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July - September 1999 · Published: Oct 1999

Daily Digest

Lawfare – Water Wars: Increased U.S. Focus on the Indo-Pacific

Lawfare’s monthly update on maritime security issues in the Indo-Pacific region.

The Diplomat: After a China-Vietnam Standoff, Expect a Turn to the US

Anticipation of a further shift toward more US-Vietnam cooperation in response to China’s coercive measures against Vietnam in the South China Sea.

Project Syndicate: The Coming Crisis of China’s One-Party Regime

An argument that China’s Communist Party approach to single party rule is approaching its “use by” date.

East Asia Forum: Beijing’s threats push Taiwan further out of reach

An argument that China is isolating itself by threatening Taiwan with takeover by force.

East Asia Forum: RCEP must move forward, with or without India

An argument for moving forward with the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership without India if it continues to resist tariff reduction measures.

The Diplomat: The US, Japan and South Korea Should Shelve GSOMIA (For Now)

An argument for suspending the South Korea-Japan GSOMIA, at least temporarily.

The Interpreter – China-Taiwan: Solomon Islands’ switch and a “new normal”

An argument that the decision by the Solomon Islands to shift recognition to China should be seen as a practical matter of Pacific Island states seeing a gap in infrastructure financing.

National Interest: China Is Waging a Silent Media War for Global Influence

An analysis of how China is using the expanding global presence of its state-owned media outlets to create a positive narrative outside China.

The National Interest: The Philippines Is the Frontline in the U.S. Competition with China

An argument that the Philippines needs to take action to prevent China from dominating the South China Sea.

38 North: A More Realistic Approach to the Economic Side of Nuclear Negotiations with North Korea

An argument that the US should engage in a systematic dialogue on economic issues with North Korea to go beyond sanctions relief and understand its economic security concerns.