Volume 2, Issue 2

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April - June 2000 · Published: Jul 2000

Daily Digest

38 North: More DPRK Signals on Denuclearization

More evidence of Kim Jong Un’s commitment to trading off better relations with the US for denuclearization?

The Diplomat – Maritime Security Cooperation in the South China Sea: Sailing In Different Directions

South China Sea as a microcosm of contested concepts of security.

East Asia Forum: Duterte’s China policy isn’t paying off

Duterte critic argues that his appeasement policy toward China has failed.

The Diplomat: Japan’s Shameful Myanmar Embrace

Amnesty International official criticizes Japan’s hosting of Gen. Min Aung Hliang.

Asia Times: Harsh light shines on Myanmar’s military abuses

New UN Human Rights Council’s Independent International Fact Finding Mission report shows broad systemic violence by the military against minorities in Myanmar that includes both the northern region and Rakhine state.

East Asia Forum: As the trade war rages, China’s economic tightrope tremors

An explanation of why the threat of a US-China trade war is forcing China to find ways a balance between stimulating the economy to promote growth and tightening the economy to reduce financial risk.

The Diplomat – Vostok 2018: Russia and China’s Diverging Common Interests

An explanation of what Russia and China hope to gain from the Vostok 2018 military exercise.

East Asia Forum: Japan and China crossing tracks in Southeast Asia

An argument for better coordination between Japan and China on their infrastructure development initiatives in Southeast Asia.

The Diplomat: What’s in the New Japan-Malaysia Defense Pact?

Japan and Malaysia working to increase their defense relationship.

The Diplomat: When Will Closer China-Russia Cooperation Impact US Policy Debate?

Robert Sutter argues that the US needs to focus its security strategy on the growing alignment between China and Russia.