Volume 2, Issue 2

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April - June 2000 · Published: Jul 2000

Daily Digest

South China Morning Post: How Chinese missile tests could up the stakes for the US in the South China Sea

An assessment of the significance of the recent Chinese missile tests in the South China Sea for US military presence in Asia.

The Diplomat: Which Countries Are For or Against China’s Xinjiang Policies?

An analysis of the signatories of competing letters sent to the UN Human Rights that support and criticize China’s management of the situation in Xinjiang.

East Asia Forum: The Philippine economy remains stable despite Duterte’s instability

Philippine economic relations have remained the same despite President Duterte’s declaration of a shift in foreign policy toward China and Russia.

ASEAN Today: As local residents question Belt and Road impacts, China and Myanmar remain silent

An argument that Myanmar is not taking local community concerns into account as it expands governmental cooperation in China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

The Strategist: A new cold war will force changes in Australian behaviour | The conflicted course of Canberra’s China consensus

More angst from Australia over strategic interests in the context of an emerging Cold War and its relationship with China.

The Diplomat: What Is the Indo-Pacific?

Conceptualizing the Indo-Pacific as a region leads to multiple and contradictory interpretations.

The Diplomat: The 2020 Politics Behind Trump’s Trade War Against India

An assessment of the political factors behind the US-India trade dispute.

The Diplomat – India-China-Sri Lanka Triangle: The Defense Dimension

An assessment of the security aspects of the triangular relationship between China, India, and Sri Lanka.

South China Morning Post: Japan and South Korea are at odds, but the US won’t get involved. Is it because of Kim Jong-un?

An assessment of why the US has not gotten involved in the dispute between South Korea and Japan.

South China Morning Post: South Korea demands Japan show proof it violated UN sanctions against North Korea

South Korea calls for an international investigation over Japan’s claim that South Korea violated UN sanctions by exporting controlled items to North Korea.