Volume 2, Issue 2

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April - June 2000 · Published: Jul 2000

Daily Digest

Nikkei Asian Review – Malaysia’s Mahathir: Timing of resignation ‘depends on me’

Whether or not the 94-year-old Malaysian prime minister steps down will be decided after he chairs the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in November, his coalition’s presidential council has determined.

Asia Times: Fear reigns in Korea’s viral ‘hot zone’

A report from Daegu, South Korea’s fourth-largest city, which has become Ground Zero for the spread of the coronavirus thanks to the actions of a controversial, and mysterious, church.

East Asia Forum: Coronavirus epidemic just a bump in the road for China

Why the coronavirus, while a short-term setback, will not prevent the country from achieving its goals, including those it has set for 2020.

AL Jazeera: Sri Lanka says it will withdraw from UN rights resolution

The Sri Lankan prime minister, who oversaw the crushing of the Tamil separatist movement in 2009, said his country will not abide by a 2015 UN resolution that calls for accountability for excesses in the final days of the conflict.

South China Morning Post: How China has turned to tech like never before to combat the coronavirus

Trade friction with the US, particularly over tech giants such as Huawei, have pushed China to become more self-sufficient when it comes to technology, and that self-reliance has been tested in its response to the coronavirus.

Korea Herald: Shincheonji, a veiled Christian sect, at center of virus outbreak

As of Thursday, 43 out of South Korea’s 104 confirmed coronavirus cases were linked to Sunday services at the Daegu branch of a secretive Christian sect that has been surrounded by controversy due to its evangelistic methods.

Japan Times: Diamond Princess ordeal ends for passengers who tested negative for COVID-19

About 500 individuals who tested negative for the Covid-19 were allowed to leave the quarantined vessel on Wednesday, with all who have tested negative expected to be evacuated by Friday.

New York Times: China Expels 3 Wall Street Journal Reporters as Media Relations Sour

The expulsion of the three reporters comes in retaliation for an op-ed headline in the paper that declared China the “sick man of Asia.”

The Diplomat – Coronavirus: Black Clouds Over Singapore

As an international hub, Singapore’s government has sought to be proactive about the virus’ spread and keep harmful rumors from causing panic, but doubts remain.

Asia Times: Liberalism and the Indian Muslim

Why India’s Muslim minority has resisted the pull of liberalization, and the problem this presents for Indian society at large.