Volume 3, Issue 2

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April - June 2001 · Published: Jul 2001

Daily Digest

The Diplomat – ASEAN and Non-Interference: What Do Cambodia’s Evolving Opposition Dynamics Reveal?

An argument that recent events surrounding the attempted return to Cambodia by opposition leader Sam Rainsy demonstrates that ASEAN’s non-interference norm is changing.

Project Syndicate: America’s Feeble Indo-Pacific Strategy

An argument that the US Indo-Pacific strategy lacks clear policy direction and strategic commitment.

The Strategist: Too important or too irrelevant? Why Beijing hesitates to intervene in Hong Kong

Two competing explanations for China’s reluctance to respond militarily to violence in Hong Kong.

The Interpreter: North Korea’s deadline logic

An explanation of the logic behind North Korea’s “deadline” strategy.

The Diplomat: Taiwan Rebukes Beijing’s New 26 Measures for Cross-Strait Exchanges

An analysis of the recent “26 measures” offered an incentives to improve cross-strait relations by China to Taiwan nationals.

Project Syndicate: America’s War on Chinese Technology

An argument that the US is overreacting to the threat of using Chinese technology.

The Diplomat: US-China Competition Will Heat up the South China Sea

An argument that the US is preventing China and Southeast Asian countries from developing an effective rules based order through Code of Conduct negotiations.

38 North: The Value of a Cooperative Approach to Denuclearization with North Korea

An argument for taking a more cooperative approach to dealing with the North Korean denuclearization problem.

The Interpreter: India’s RCEP exit a setback, but not a disaster

Seeing the positive side of India’s decision to withdraw from the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

The Interpreter – Chart of the week: Trump and the US-Australia alliance

Survey results from Australia on US-Australia relations.