Asian Regionalism

Chronology from Jan 2013 to May 2013

: ASEAN completes the first of two summits for 2013, in Brunei.  In contrast to 2012, maritime security issues are at the top of the agenda, although this only marginally improves ASEAN’s internal cohesion on this issue.

: Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo announces that Japan will enter into formal negotiations to join the TPP.

: ASEAN and the European Union complete their 12th round of consultations in Hanoi.  The parties note that ASEAN-EU trade and investment are increasing by 12.6 percent and 7.6 percent respectively in 2011, despite the world economic downturn.

: The 16th round of TPP negotiations are held in Singapore.

: ASEAN states release a joint statement of concern for regional stability because of North Korea’s underground nuclear test.  Although Hun Sen, as ASEAN chair, offered to convene an ASEAN Troika to conduct shuttle diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula in 2003, the Northeast Asian parties have generally ignored such ASEAN gestures of concern.

: Cobra Gold exercises are held in Thailand.  For the first time, Myanmar participates as an observer.

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