Australia-US/East Asia

Chronology from Jul 2009 to Oct 2009

: G20 summit in Pittsburgh.

: Trilateral Ministerial Meeting between Indonesia, Australia, and East Timor.

: Trilateral Strategic Dialogue Ministerial Meeting in New York among FM Smith, Japanese FM Okada Katsuya, and Secretary of State Clinton.

: Former Labor leader Kim Beazley is appointed Australia’s ambassador to the United States. Former Liberal leader and Defense Minister Brendan Nelson is appointed ambassador to the European Communities (and to Belgium and Luxembourg), Australia’s representative to NATO, and Special Representative to the World Health Organization.

: President Obama’s nominates Jeff Bleich as new U.S. ambassador to Australia.

: General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nong Duc Manh has talks in Canberra with the Australian Cabinet.

: U.S. and Australia agree to invite China to take part in trilateral defense exercises.

: Fiji is suspended from the Commonwealth because of the military regime’s refusal to commit to a prompt return to democracy.

: The first Australia-New Zealand Joint Cabinet Meeting is held in Sydney, chaired by the two prime ministers.

: PM Rudd speaks to the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue in Melbourne.

: Australia ratifies the Third Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions.

: Australian Forces in southern Afghanistan kill Mullah Abdul Karim, “a tactical-level insurgent commander active in the Khaz Oruzgan area and known to be directly responsible for numerous attacks against Australian and Afghan forces.”

:   Annual Pacific Islands Forum in Cairns.

: Australia’s foreign affairs, defense, and trade ministers in Singapore for the Joint Ministerial Committee with Singapore.

: In Thailand, the 16th ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), the ASEAN-Australia Post Ministerial Conference, the East Asia Summit (EAS) Foreign Ministers’ Consultations, and the Trilateral Strategic Dialogue among Australia, Japan, and the U.S.

: Australia implements new UN sanctions against North Korea.

: PM Rudd accompanies FM Smith to Kuala Lumpur to mark the inaugural Australia-Malaysia Foreign Ministers’ Meeting.

: Mining executive and Australian citizen Stern Hu and three Chinese colleagues are arrested by China for suspected bribery and espionage.

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