China - Korea

Chronology from Jan 2016 to May 2016

: North Korea launches two intermediate-range Musudan ballistic missiles.

: ROK Arctic Affairs Ambassador Kim Chan-woo and PRC and Japanese counterparts Ma Xinmin and Kazuko Shiraishi meet in Seoul to discuss Arctic cooperation.

: Former ROK Prime Minister Goh Kun and Chairman of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party General Council meet PRC State Councilor Yang Jiechi in Beijing.

: ROK Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se attends Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA) Foreign Ministers Meeting in Beijing; he meets PRC counterpart Wang Yi separately.

: PRC and ROK Environment Ministers Chen Jining and Yoon Seong-kyu meet in Shizuoka and hold trilateral talks with Japanese counterpart Tamayo Marukawa.

: PRC Foreign Ministry urges North Korea to comply with UNSC resolutions two days after Pyongyang claims it successfully launched a ballistic missile from a submarine.

: South Korean media report that Pyongyang ordered Chinese companies to pay advance cash to DPRK workers to raise funds for the WPK Congress in May.

: ROK Special Representative for Korean Peninsula Peace and Security Affairs Kim Hong-kyun and PRC counterpart Wu Dawei hold talks in Beijing.

: China-ROK maritime demarcation talks held in Beijing, led by ROK Foreign Ministry’s Director General of International Legal Affairs Park Chull-joo and PRC counterpart Wang Xiaodu.

: ROK Ministry of Justice announces that it will accelerate visa processing for a group of 8,000 Chinese tourists scheduled to visit in May.

: ROK Vice Foreign Minister Cho Tae-yul and PRC Vice Commerce Minister Gao Yan hold trade talks in Seoul.

: DPRK Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong arrives in Beijing on his way for UN meetings in New York.

: PRC Foreign Ministry calls for restraint in response to Pyongyang’s apparent plans for a nuclear test.

: PRC state media reports on Harbin’s planned expansion of the Ahn Jung-geun memorial hall by the end of 2018.

: UNSC condemns North Korea’s failed ballistic missile launch on April 15.

: ROK Ambassador to Beijing Kim Jang-soo visits Chinese border cities Dandong and Hunchun to inspect the enforcement of sanctions against North Korea.

: ROK Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se cautions against mass defections of DPRK workers from China.

: ROK FM Yun Byung-se and Heilongjiang Chinese Communist Party Secretary Wang Xiankui meet in Seoul.

: People’s Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan and ROK Finance Minister Yoo Il-ho meet on the sidelines of the Inter-American Development Bank annual meeting in the Bahamas and agree to extend the RMB-Won currency swap deal.

: Seoul hails China’s announcement of North Korean import restrictions.

: Thirteen North Korean workers from a Pyongyang-run restaurant arrive in Seoul.

: South Korean rice imports are sold in Beijing for the first time.

: China’s Commerce Ministry announces a list of restrictions on North Korean imports as part of steps to enforce UNSC sanctions against North Korea.

: South Korean media reports that ROK authorities ordered 52 travel agencies in northeast China to halt visa application services for Chinese planning to visit South Korea.

: South Korea’s Federation of SMEs chief Park Seong-taek proposes an alternative inter-Korean industrial complex on the China-DPRK border.

: South Korea repatriates the remains of 36 Chinese soldiers killed during the Korean War.

: Presidents Xi and Park meet on the sidelines of the NSS in Washington.

: PRC Foreign Ministry dismisses US offer of talks on technical issues related to THAAD.

: PRC Foreign Ministry calls for restarting denuclearization talks with North Korea.

: Group of 6,000 Chinese employees of Aolan International Beauty Group arrive in Incheon for a week-long tour of Incheon and Seoul.

: ROK Finance Minister Yoo Il-ho delivers a keynote speech at the Boao Forum for Asia in Hainan.

: The PRC Foreign Ministry refutes Japanese media reports of an entry ban on all North Korean vessels.

: China’s Foreign Ministry dismisses US calls for “technical” talks on THAAD.

: The PRC Foreign Ministry says that a recent lifting of sanctions on four DPRK vessels is in line with UN regulations.

: China’s Foreign Ministry after North Korea’s launch of five short-range projectiles urges North Korea not to violate UN resolutions.

: PRC and ROK envoys Wu Dawei and Kim Hong-kyun meet in Beijing.

: Two South Korean ships are impounded in Ningbo after reportedly colliding with a Chinese fishing boat, leaving nine people missing.

: China’s Foreign Ministry expresses opposition to unilateral sanctions.

: China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson calls for “an objective and fair” attitude toward North Korea’s human rights record.

: ROK Trade Minister Joo Hyung-hwan visits China and meets Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng and AIIB President Jin Liqun.

: PRC and ROK FMs Wang Yi and Yun Byung-se hold telephone talks and agree to fully implement new UN sanctions on North Korea.

: China’s Foreign Ministry urges North Korea to comply with UN resolutions in response to North Korean threats of a nuclear warhead test.

: FM Wang pledges plans for peace treaty and denuclearization talks with North Korea after meeting Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow.

: ROK media reports that Chinese authorities have notified Beijing Capital International Airport of a list of North Korean individuals blacklisted by new UN sanctions.

: Hong Kong imposes a ban on a DPRK freighter under UN sanctions.

: China’s Foreign Ministry calls for restraint after North Korea fires two short-range missiles into the East Sea.

: DPRK blacklisted ship is reportedly denied entry into China.

: China’s Foreign Ministry expresses opposition to Seoul’s unilateral sanctions against North Korea.

: ROK Ambassador to China Kim Jang-soo pledges to strengthen communication with China on the DPRK nuclear issue.

: FM Wang Yi reiterates calls for Korean peace treaty and denuclearization talks.

: PRC Foreign Ministry expresses concern over Korean Peninsula security in response to US-ROK military exercises from Feb. 29.

: PRC Foreign Minister Wang Yi expresses support for the implementation of UNSC sanctions resolution on North Korea.

: PRC Foreign Ministry calls for restraint after North Korea launches projectiles.

: PRC Foreign Ministry calls for the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2270.  North Korea fires short-range projectiles into the East Sea.

: PRC Foreign Ministry denies South Korean media reports of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China’s freezing of North Korean bank accounts in Dandong.

: ROK Foreign Ministry and US State Department reject Chinese proposals for parallel peace and denuclearization talks with North Korea.

: North Korea launches a long-range rocket.

: DPRK diplomat in Dandong kills three Chinese in a drunk-driving accident.

: President Xi holds telephone talks on North Korea with Presidents Park.

: PRC FM Wang Yi says Special Envoy Wu Dawei warned North Korea on escalating tensions with a planned rocket launch.

: ROK Finance Ministry appoints Hong Ky-ttack as AIIB vice president.

: PRC Foreign Ministry expresses concern over North Korea’s planned long-range rocket launch in February after Pyongyang on Feb. 2 notifies the UN on such plans.

: China’s Special Envoy Wu Dawei visits North Korea and meets Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong, Deputy Foreign Minister Kim Kye Gwan, and counterpart Ri Yong Ho.

: Seoul metropolitan government announces promotional plans for visiting Chinese tourists during the Lunar New Year holiday.

: Chinese state-run paper reports that China has reorganized its regionalized military commands including a Shenyang-based command in charge of the Korean Peninsula.

: President Xi Jinping sends birthday greetings to President Park Geun-hye.

: Daejeon metropolitan city announces that 300 Chinese tourists will visit the city for medical tests and sightseeing.

: Yonhap begins releasing Korean translations of People’s Daily news articles.

: Two PRC military planes enter China and South Korea’s overlapping air defense identification zone near Jeju Island and leave after a warning message from South Korea.

: The PRC Foreign Ministry cautions South Korea over the THAAD issue.

: South Korea’s Farm Ministry announces South Korea’s plans to export rice to China for the first time.

: Choi Son Hui, deputy director-general of the DPRK Foreign Ministry’s American affairs bureau, arrives in Beijing.

: South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense announces that South Korea has agreed to repatriate remains of Chinese soldiers killed in the Korean War.

: ROK presidential spokesman calls for a constructive role from China and Russia in dealing with North Korea.

: ROK Coast Guard announces the deadly capsizing of a Chinese fishing boat in waters off South Korea’s southwestern coast.

: PRC Foreign Ministry calls for joint efforts toward restarting Six-Party Talks.

: President Park proposes five-party talks on DPRK denuclearization.

: US Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Nonproliferation Thomas Countryman warns China on selling nuclear and missile technology to North Korea.

: ROK Culture Minister Kim Jong-deok hosts a ceremony in Beijing marking “Visit Korea Year.”

: China’s Foreign Ministry calls for a “comprehensive” approach to North Korea’s Jan. 6 nuclear test.

: ROK Finance Minister Yoo Il-ho participates in AIIB inauguration ceremony and board of directors meeting in Beijing and meets PRC counterpart Lou Jiwei and AIIB President Jin Liqun.

: PRC and ROK defense ministries hold annual working-level talks in Seoul, led by Foreign Affairs Director Rear Adm. Guan Youfei and Director General for International Policy Yoon Soon-ku.

: ROK nuclear envoy Hwang Joon-kook meets PRC counterpart Wu Dawei and Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong in Beijing.

: North Korea conducts its fourth nuclear test.

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