China - Korea

Chronology from Apr 2004 to Jul 2004

: Third round of six-party talks is held in Beijing.

: Second round of working-level consultations for six-party talks is held in Beijing.

: PRC, Japan, and Korea reach agreement to jointly develop home networking technology, promoting standards for interoperatbility among home-electronic devices, according to the South Korean Ministry of Information and Communication.

: Sinsegae Co. unveils its plan to open 50 E-mart stores by 2012. One store has already opened in Shanghai, with a second planned to open next month.

: ROK Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade reveals that seven North Korean defectors detained in PRC jails who had initiated a hunger strike were deported to the DPRK.

: Korea Food and Drug Administration reveals that Chinese subcontracting factories for Korean dumpling manufacturers provided spoiled chopped radishes to Korean “mandu” manufacturers, creating a public uproar and backlash.

: Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency announces that mergers and acquisitions are emerging as a preferred vehicle for entering into the China market.

: The Annual Congress of Korean History Societies discusses “historical disputes in an era of globalization,” featuring the confrontation between China and Korea over historical origins of the Goguryeo Kingdom (34 B.C.-A.D. 668).

: The International Symposium on Northeast Asian Region Electrical System Ties is held to discuss ways of connecting the power grids of six countries in Northeast Asia.

: Korean, Japanese, and China development banks sign a memorandum of understanding to establish a cooperative body to finance infrastructure projects in Northeast Asia.

: Finance ministers of Japan, China, and South Korea meet on the sidelines of the Asian Development Bank meeting in Seoul to discuss enhanced regional financial cooperation measures, including establishment of currency swaps.

: ROK and PRC begin bilateral negotiations on South Korea’s opening of its rice market as required under the WTO’s Uruguay Round.

: First round of working-level consultations for six-party talks held in Beijing.

: Korean Football Association warns fans not to attend matches in China following incident in which “Red Devils” supporters were injured by debris thrown by Chinese fans.

: DaimlerChrysler AG decides to sell its $940 millon stake in Hyundai Motor Company and to open production of Mercedes-Benz luxury cars in the PRC.

: The Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI) falls 5.75 percent in response to “China shock,” a PRC government announcement that it will take “forceful” measures to rein in excessive economic growth. ROK acting President Goh Kun convenes a meeting to monitor and prepare for other possible adverse measures connected with China’s economic slowdown.

: Sinochem Corporation, China’s largest petrochemicals trader, selected as the preferred bidder for bankrupt Inchon Oil Refinery Company on a $561 million offer to acquire the Korean oil refiner.

: DPRK Chairman Kim Jong-il makes unannounced visit to Beijing to discuss the nuclear issue and other matters with PRC President Hu Jintao and other Chinese leaders.

: Internet game portal group NHN Corp. (ROK) and SeaRainbow Holding Corp. (PRC) sign a cooperative agreement whereby NHN would invest $100 million to develop new game content for the global market, targeting China’s over 80 million online subscribers.

: The Korea Cosmetic Industry Association announces 31.5 percent growth in exports to China to over $17 million, to make China Korea’s largest overseas export market in cosmetic products.

: The ROK Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade announces that China has promised to simplify handling of North Korean defectors and South Korean POWs who want to come to South Korea.

: Samsung Electronics Company announces that it has moved all domestic microwave oven production facilities overseas, due to price competition from China.

: ROK Ministry of Information and Communications announces an agreement with Chinese and Japanese counterparts to work together to promote the development of open-source computer operating systems such as Linux.

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