China - Korea

Chronology from Apr 2010 to Jul 2010

: A delegation of China’s State Administration of Radio Film and Television visits Pyongyang and meets Yang Hyong Sop, vice president of the DPRK Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly.

: Presidents Lee and Hu meet on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Toronto.

: ROK officials announce that the Foreign Ministry is seeking to expand the number of diplomatic missions in China by adding new missions in eight cities.

: The ROK Ministry of Education reports that 66,806 Koreans went to study in China in 2009, up from 57,504 in 2008.

: Two Chinese merchants are reportedly beaten to death while under investigation in North Korea for alleged spying in Jagang province.

: South Korea’s Hynix Semiconductor announces completion of its second plant in China in partnership with Wuxi Taiji Industry.

: The Chinese Embassy in Pyongyang announces China and North Korea will jointly produce a film marking the 60th anniversary of the Korean War.

: A government delegation led by Jilin Vice Governor Chen Weigen visits Pyongyang and meets new Vice Premier Ri Thae Nam.

: The ROK Ministry of Public Administration and Security announces that government websites of the Ministry of Justice and the Korea Culture and Information Service were attacked by hackers traced to China.

: A WPK delegation led by Kim Chang Ryong, DPRK minister of Land and Environment Protection, visits Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, and Shenyang. The DPRK delegation meets senior party officials on June 21 in Beijing, including Li Yuanchao and Wang Jiarui.

: Premier Wen meets South Korean children visiting Beijing for a friendship exchange with Chinese counterparts.

: Liaoning provincial government issues a statement demanding the DPRK should “severely punish” its border guards involved in the June 4 border shooting.

: The ROK Ministry of Public Administration and Security announces that South Korea’s government website was attacked by hackers traced to China.

: China complains by raising “a solemn representation” with the DPRK regarding the killing of Chinese nationals on June 4.

: Rodong Sinmun vows to strengthen China-DPRK friendship.

: South Korea’s Vice Foreign Minister and top diplomat on UN affairs Chun Yung-woo visits Beijing to meet Chinese counterpart Cui Tiankai.

: DPRK border guards shoot dead three Chinese nationals and wound another suspected of illegally crossing the China-DPRK border for trade activities.

: Premier Wen in an interview with NHK affirms China’s “impartial” position on the Cheonan sinking.

: North Korea issues a collection of stamps commemorating Kim Jong-il’s May visit to China.

: The ROK Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries announces South Korea and China have agreed to crack down on illegal Chinese fishing along the inter-Korean Northern Limit Line.

: President Lee, Premier Wen, and Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio hold the third trilateral summit in Jeju, Korea.

: South Korea and China agree to establish consular offices in Dalian and Jeju.

: Premier Wen Jiabao visits Seoul and meets President Lee, National Assembly Speaker Kim Hyong-o, and Prime Minister Chung Un-chan.

: Wang Min, CPC official of Liaoning province visits North Korea for economic talks with Kim Pyong-hae, WPK official of South Pyongan province.

: China’s Tianyu Group, the ROK Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Lippo Incheon Development Co. Ltd., and the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency sign a $1 billion deal to build a foreign residential area near Incheon International Airport.

: Japan, China, and South Korea trade ministers meet in Seoul to discuss regional economic cooperation.

: Environment ministers of China, Japan and South Korea adopt an action plan for the first time to battle global warming, yellow dust, and other issues in the coming five years.

: Chinese Ambassador to North Korea Liu Hongcai convenes a meeting in Pyongyang of representatives of 14 Chinese entities investing in North Korea.

: The chief of North Korea’s Rajin port visits the Chinese port city of Hunchun and holds talks with the city’s mayor.

: Foreign Ministers Yang Jiechi and Yu Myung-hwan hold bilateral talks on the sidelines of the fourth China-ROK-Japan foreign ministers meeting in Gyeongju.

: Korean Central News Agency reports on Kim Jong-il’s summit with President Hu Jintao in Beijing.

: The ROK Ministry of Knowledge Economy announces the establishment of a new “China Desk” at the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency.

: China, South Korea, and Japan begin their first round of consultations on a free trade agreement (FTA) research in Seoul.

: Chinese and ROK maritime officials meet in Hangzhou and agree to strengthen information-sharing for search and rescue efforts.

: Chinese Ambassador to Seoul Zhang Xinsen pays a courtesy call to ROK Unification Minister Hyun In-taek.

: DPRK’s national theater troupe Phibada Opera Troupe begins its China tour to perform a remake of the Chinese opera A Dream of Red Mansions.

: Kim Jong-il pays an unofficial visit to China and meets President Hu in Beijing.

: Guan Youfei, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the PRC Ministry of National Defense, leads a delegation of relatives of Chinese martyrs killed in the Korean War in a visit to North Korea.

: President Lee Myung-bak visits China and meets President Hu in Shanghai before attending the opening ceremony of the Shanghai Expo on April 30.

: DPRK legislator Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly, visits China.  He attends the opening ceremony of the Shanghai World Expo and meets Chinese leaders including Hu Jintao on April 30.

: ROK Vice Foreign Minister Shin Kak-soo and Chinese counterpart Wang Guangya hold the second High-level Strategic Dialogue in Seoul.

: Kim Jong-il hosts a dinner reception in Pyongyang for Ambassador Liu Hongcai, Chinese Embassy diplomats, and the visiting Tianjin women’s volleyball team.

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