China - Korea

Chronology from May 2016 to Aug 2016

: China’s Foreign Ministry calls for restraint over North Korea Aug. 24 ballistic missile launch.

: Foreign Ministers Wang Yi, Yun Byung-se, and Kishida Fumio hold the 8th China-ROK-Japan Foreign Ministers Meeting in Tokyo.

: PRC and ROK Foreign Ministers Wang Yi and Yun Byung-se meet on the sidelines of the ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meeting in Laos.

: North Korea’s Air Koryo aircraft makes emergency landing at Taoxian International Airport in Shenyang due to smoke in the aircraft.

: PRC Defense and Foreign Ministries express opposition to the US-ROK agreement on THAAD deployment.

: Kim Jong Un sends a congratulatory message to PRC President Xi Jinping on the 95th anniversary of the CPC’s founding.

: ROK Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn visits China, where he meets President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, participates in the 10th Summer Davos Forum in Tianjin, and travels to Liaoning.

: ROK Finance Minister Yoo Il-ho attends the first AIIB General Assembly in Beijing and opening ceremony of the RMB-Won direct market.

: Chinese naval squadron arrives in Busan from the Gulf of Aden for exchanges with the ROK Navy.

: Director General of China’s National Development and Reform Commission’s Climate Change Department Su Wei and ROK Ambassador for Climate Change Choi Jai-chul lead the first meeting of their joint climate change committee in Pusan.

: China’s Foreign Ministry urges North Korea to comply with UNSC resolutions.

: China’s Foreign Ministry calls for restraint after North Korea test-fires two medium-range ballistic missiles.

: Newly-appointed ROK National Assembly Speaker Chung Sye-kyun and PRC Ambassador Qiu hold talks in Seoul.

: Annual Track 1.5 Northeast Asia Cooperation Dialogue is held in Beijing.

: ROK Ministry of Public Safety and Security announces that ROK Coast Guard has stationed its biggest patrol vessel off Jeju Island to address illegal fishing.

: South Korean scholars at a conference hosted by the Northeast Asian History Foundation in Seoul challenge Chinese views of ancient history.

: Delegation of 177 young Chinese public officials led by Wang Yunzhe, vice chief of the China-ROK Friendship Association, visits South Korea for exchanges with municipal governments.

: Korean Central News Agency criticizes South Korea and the UN Command’s joint operations against illegal Chinese fishing in neutral waters between the two Koreas.

: China, South Korea, and Japan on the sidelines of the Shenzhen International UAV Expo reach a three-way cooperation agreement on drones.

: ROK Foreign Ministry announces that China and South Korea have agreed in principle on visa exemption for students on school field trips.

: China’s Foreign Ministry pledges full implementation of UN sanctions against North Korea.

: ROK Coast Guard announces it will request warrants to formally arrest the captains and crew members of two Chinese fishing boats seized on June 14.

: ROK Deputy Foreign Minister Kim Hyoung-zhin calls in PRC Ambassador to South Korea Qiu Guohong to seek cooperation on illegal Chinese fishing.

: Heilongjiang and North Chungcheong provincial governors, Lu Hao and Lee Si-jong, meet in Harbin and agree to strengthen cooperation in economy and trade.

: PRC Commerce Ministry announces a ban on dual use exports to North Korea.

: South Korea’s military police capture two Chinese fishing boats operating illegally in neutral waters between the two Koreas.

: South Korea military police and the UN Command begin joint military operations against illegal Chinese fishing.

: 1,000 Chinese tourists participate in the “Seoul Dano” tour program jointly developed by the Seoul government and China Travel Service.

: PRC Foreign Ministry calls for resuming dialogue after the IAEA reports on North Korea’s restarting of its nuclear fuel plant in Yongbyon.

: ROK officials announce that Seoul has issued a formal protest with Beijing on illegal Chinese fishing in South Korean waters.

: PRC and ROK nuclear envoys Wu Dawei and Kim Hong-kyun meet in Beijing.

: PRC Assistant Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou and Russian counterpart Igor Morgulov express shared concerns over THAAD.

: Interim leader of South Korea’s main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea, Kim Chong-in, meets PRC Ambassador to South Korea Qiu Guohong in Seoul.

: Chinese fishing boats captured for illegally fishing in South Korea’s EEZ.

: Rodong Sinmun threatens that North Korea will expand its nuclear development.

: South Korean fisherman capture two Chinese fishing boats illegally fishing near the inter-Korean sea border.

: PRC Deputy Chief of the Joint Staff Adm. Sun Jiangguo and ROK Defense Minister Han Min-koo meet on the sidelines of the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore.

: PRC officials announce the cancelation of a trade fair between Chinese and South Korean SMEs in Dandong scheduled for June 9-13.

: China’s Foreign Ministry expresses its opposition to “unilateral sanctions” against North Korea.

: DPRK official of the Red Cross Society Central Committee accuses Seoul for abducting North Korean restaurant workers from China.

: Vice Chairman of the Worker’s Party of Korea Central Committee Ri Su Yong visits China and meets President Xi Jinping and Minister of the CPC International Department Song Tao.

: ROK Unification Ministry confirms the arrival of three North Korean restaurant workers defecting from Shanxi Province.

: PRC Foreign Ministry calls for restraint after North Korea’s apparent failure to launch an intermediate-range ballistic missile.

: The 14th China-ROK Economic Ministers Meeting is held in Seoul.

: ROK Finance Minister Yoo Il-ho and PRC counterpart Xu Shaoshi meet in Seoul and agree to cooperate on infrastructure development in Northeast China.

: South Korea’s Institute for Unification Education announces the cancelation of training visits to the China-DPRK border region schedule for the end of May.

: Xu Dazhe, director of the China Atomic Energy Authority, and Hong Nam-ki, ROK vice minister of science, ICT and future planning, lead the 13th China-ROK Nuclear Power Joint Committee meeting in Beijing.

: Head of the CPC Propaganda Department Liu Qibao visits South Korea and meets Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se and Parliamentary Speaker Chung Ui-hwa.

: PRC Foreign Ministry expresses support for US-DPRK direct talks.

: Head of North Korea’s Parliament Kim Yong Nam arrives in Beijing on his way to Equatorial Guinea.

: Mayors of Weihai and Incheon Zhang Hui and Yoo Jeong-bok meet in Incheon and announce the designation of Incheon and Weihai as priority cities for cooperation on the China-ROK “Digital Silk Road.”

: Second South Korean product fair is held in Xian, attended by ROK Trade Minister Joo Hyung-hwan.

: North and South Korean representatives attend an international trade fair in Xian organized by China’s National Development and Reform Commission and Commerce Ministry.

: Shenyang-Korea Brand and Entertainment Expo 2016 is held in Shenyang, the first of a series of “Korean Wave” product fairs.

: President Xi Jinping sends a congratulatory message to Kim Jong Un on his election as WPK chairman.

: South Korea’s Foreign Ministry denies media reports on US-China talks on peace treaty talks.

: Jiangsu Gov. Shi Taifeng and ROK Trade Minister Joo Hyung-hwan meet in Seoul and agree to establish a high-level dialogue mechanism on economic cooperation.

: The Communist Party of China (CPC) sends a congratulatory message to the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) on its party congress.

: PRC Foreign Ministry expresses hopes on North Korea’s denuclearization.

: The 16th China-ROK-Japan Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting is held on the sidelines of the Asian Development Bank annual meeting in Frankfurt.

: PRC Foreign Ministry denies information on an ethnic Korean pastor and supporter of DPRK defectors found dead in Changbai County, Yanbian, on April 30.

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