China - Korea

Chronology from May 2018 to Aug 2018

: PRC, ROK, and Japanese culture ministers meet in Harbin for annual trilateral talks on cultural exchange.

: China’s National Tourism Administration allows travel agencies in Jiangsu province to resume group tours to South Korea.

: ROK Air Force confronts Chinese military plane entering the KADIZ. ROK Ministry of National Defense summons the defense attaché at the PRC Embassy in Seoul.

: Chinese police force cancellation of the Pan Korean Peace Forum in Dandong.

: North and South Korean representatives attend opening ceremony of the Pan-Korean Peace Forum in Shenyang hosted by ROK National Unification Advisory Council.

: ROK Oceans Ministry announces the October resumption of joint patrols with China of illegal fishing in the Yellow Sea.

: DPRK Deputy Prime Minister Ri Ryong Nam and Vice Foreign Minister Choe Hui Chol arrive in Beijing for talks with Chinese officials.

: US sanctions Chinese and Russian firms for violating international sanctions on North Korea.

: China-based tourism agency suspends group tours to the DPRK.

: North and South Koreans participate in a tourism festival in the Chinese border city of Hunchun.

: Tourism officials from China and North Korea meet in Guangdong.

: North Korean and Chinese carriers increase weekly flights between Pyongyang and Shenyang.

: Wan Island municipality off the southern coast of South Korea announces plans to reconstruct a shrine honoring Chinese and South Korean war heroes.

: Nuclear envoys from China and South Korea meet in Beijing.

: PRC and ROK foreign ministers hold talks on the sidelines of ASEAN meetings in Singapore.

: ROK Health Ministry announces plans to open a medical tourism center in Shanghai.

: Chinese warplane enters South Korean airspace.

: Finance ministers from China and South Korea meet on the sidelines of the G20 meeting in Buenos Aires.

: PRC Commerce Ministry says it will launch anti-dumping probes into steel products from South Korea and other countries.

: Korea Trade Commission announces the extension of anti-dumping duties on Chinese-made ceramic tiles.

: ROK Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha addresses a China-Japan-ROK diplomacy program in Seoul for university students.

: North Korea reports that an invitation was sent to Xi Jinping for the 70th anniversary of the DPRK’s founding on Sept. 9.

: China and South Korea hold working-level talks in Gyeongju on the demarcation of maritime boundaries.

: Ku Bon Tae, DPRK Vice Minister of External Economic Affairs, arrives in Beijing for talks on economic cooperation.

: Kim Jong Un visits islands near border with China and tours a cosmetics factory in Sinuiju special economic zone.

: Trade and commerce officials from South Korea and China meet in Beijing.

: Municipalities in China’s Chongming District and South Korea’s Jeju Island sign a friendship pact.

: South Korean court sentences a Chinese man to 1.5 years in prison for illegal fishing in South Korean waters.

: Seoul praises the outcome of Kim and Xi’s summit in Beijing.

: Kim Jong Un meets Xi Jinping in Beijing.

: Kim Jong Un wishes Xi Jinping a happy birthday.

: Kim Jong Un and President Trump meet in Singapore.  China’s Foreign Ministry congratulates them.

: North Korean state media release photos confirming that Kim Jong Un flew to Singapore on a charted Chinese plane.

: South Korea, China, the United States, Japan, Russia, and Canada conduct joint maritime security drills off the southeastern ROK coast.

: South Korean media reports China’s censorship of internet searches unfavorable to Kim Jong Un.

: ROK Trade Ministry asks China to fairly investigate PRC-based Korean chipmakers’ behavior.

: Air China announces that it will resume flights between Beijing and Pyongyang.

: ROK Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy Paik Un-gyu hosts investor meeting in China.

: China and South Korea agree to cooperate on addressing air congestion in the Incheon-Mongolia air corridor.

: China’s National Energy Administration and the ROK trade ministry hold the first round of talks on energy cooperation.

: South Korean maritime authorities seize and dismantle seven Chinese fishing boats.

: Information and communication technology ministers from China, South Korea, and Japan meet in Tokyo.

: China’s Foreign Ministry reiterates support for ROK-DPRK and US-DPRK rapprochement.

: Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in meet after President Trump threatens to cancel the US-DPRK summit.

: ROK’s Trade Commission imposes 8.6 percent anti-dumping duties on Chinese steel wire.

: North Korea demolishes Punggye-ri nuclear test site.

: Chinese and South Korean entertainers collaborate to form the boy band “T.E.N.”

: North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Choe Hui Chol travels to Beijing.

: Korea Development Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China sign a liquidity swap deal worth $200 million.

: ROK Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism says it will pursue increased inbound tourism from China.

: DPRK delegation led by Pak Thae Song, Political Bureau member and vice chairman of the WPK Central Committee, visits China and meets senior officials, including Xi Jinping, and tours the port city of Ningbo.

: Chinese Foreign Ministry applauds the DPRK’s promise to dismantle its largest nuclear test site in late May.

: DPRK Foreign Ministry declares that it will publicly dismantle its northern nuclear test site between May 23-25 and invites foreign journalists to attend the ceremony.

: China and the DPRK pledge to cooperate on aviation and tourism industries.

: South Korea, China, and Japan resume trilateral talks.  President Moon Jae-in and Premier Li Keqiang meet on the sidelines.

: Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Un hold a summit in the northeast Chinese city of Dalian.

: PRC and ROK resume bilateral talks in Seoul on joint defense policy.

: Chongqing lifts a two-year ban on group tours to South Korea.

: Presidents Moon Jae-in and Xi Jinping talk by telephone.

: Chinese city of Wuhan lifts a two-year ban on group tours to South Korea.

: Kim Jong Un and PRC Foreign Minister Wang Yi meet in Pyongyang.

: Foreign ministers of China and the DPRK meet in Pyongyang.

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