China - Korea

Chronology from Sep 2013 to Dec 2013

: Head of China’s National Development and Reform Commission Xu Shaoshi and ROK Finance Minister Hyun Oh-seok, hold bilateral talks in Seoul.

: ROK Defense Ministry and PRC Ministry of Civil Affairs announce return of the remains of Chinese People’s Volunteers soldiers killed in the Korean War to China.

: PRC Foreign Ministry spokesperson reiterates China’s position on Korean Peninsula denuclearization in response to a Rodong Sinmun editorial praising North Korea’s status as a “full-fledged nuclear weapons state.”

: PRC ambassador to the DPRK attends activities commemorating the second anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s death.

: Senior DPRK official in the State Economic Development Committee tells Xinhua that DPRK economic policy remains unchanged since the execution of Jang Song Thaek

: PRC Foreign Ministry spokesperson expresses hopes for national stability in North Korea after the execution of Jang Song Thaek.

: PRC Foreign Ministry spokesperson calls the removal of Jang Song Thaek from all posts an “internal affair” of the DPRK.

: PRC Foreign Ministry spokesperson expresses regret over South Korea’s decision to expand its ADIZ.

: South Korea announces the southward expansion of its ADIZ.

: ROK National Assembly Speaker Kang Chang-hee leads a delegation to China, meeting Chairman of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee Zhang Dejiang on Dec. 4, and President Xi Jinping on Dec. 6.

: Deputy Chief of the PLA General Staff Wang Guanzhong holds the third China-ROK strategic dialogue in Seoul with ROK Vice Defense Minister Baek Seung-joo, and meets Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin.

: Foreign Minister Yun at a defense forum in Seoul warns that China’s ADIZ may worsen regional tensions.

: Third round of China-ROK-Japan FTA talks is held in Tokyo.

: China announces the establishment of its East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).

: South Korea’s Lotte Tour Development Co. and China’s Greenland Holding Group announce a $1 billion joint skyscraper project on Jeju Island.

: PRC Foreign Ministry renews call for the early resumption of Six Party Talks.

: US Special Representative for North Korea Policy Glyn Davies leads a delegation to China, South Korea, and Japan.

: PRC Foreign Ministry hails ROK independence fighter Ahn Jung-geun, who assassinated Japanese governor-general Hirobumi Ito in Harbin in 1909.

: PRC Vice Foreign Affairs Minister Liu Zhenmin and ROK counterpart Kim Kyou-hyun attend a ceremony in Seoul launching a joint committee on academic, youth, sports, and media exchanges.

: Eighth round of China-ROK FTA talks are held in Incheon.

: South Korea’s Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Sung Il-hwan visits China and meets PRC counterpart Gen. Ma Xiaotian and Defense Minister Chang Wanquan.

: PRC State Councilor Yang Jiechi visits South Korea and meets President Park, Chief National Security Advisor Kim Jang-soo, and Foreign Minister Yun.

: PRC and ROK culture ministries sign a memorandum of understanding on cooperation on cultural goods marketing abroad and launch a joint forum between cultural content industry experts.

: Chinese authorities detain 11 DPRK defectors and 2 ethnic Korean guides in Kunming, Yunnan.

: President Park at a conference marking the 50th anniversary of the Korea National Diplomatic Academy proposes the creation of a joint history textbook between China, Japan, and South Korea.

: ROK nuclear envoy Cho Tae-yong arrives in Beijing for talks with PRC counterpart Wu Dawei and other Chinese officials.

: ROK Justice Ministry tightens its no-visa regulations on Chinese cruise tourists in an effort to curb recent increases in illegal Chinese immigrants.

: PRC-ROK-Japan vice foreign ministerial trilateral talks are held in Seoul.

: PRC Special Representative for Korean Peninsula Affairs Wu Dawei arrives in North Korea for talks on the resumption of Six Party Talks.

: Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon and PRC Ambassador to South Korea Zhang Xinsen open “China Day” in Seoul marking the 20th anniversary of sister city ties.

: Liu Qibao, head of the CPC Publicity Department and member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, meets a Rodong Sinmun delegation in Beijing led by Deputy Editor-in-Chief Kim Won Sok.

: Beijing Vice Mayor Yang Xiaochao leads a 300-member delegation to Seoul for 20th anniversary celebrations of sister city ties.

: PRC delegation led by Wu Dawei, special representative for Korean Peninsula affairs, arrives in the US for working-level talks with US counterparts.

: PRC Foreign Ministry spokesperson states that reasonable DPRK concerns should be addressed after Pyongyang releases a statement on conditions for denuclearization.

: PRC Vice President Li Yuanchao meets Jon Yong Nam, chairman of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League Central Committee, who leads a DPRK youth delegation to China.

: China, US, Japan, South Korea, and Russia hold cyber security talks in Seoul.

: A Chinese fisherman is shot to death during a clash between the ROK Coast Guard and Chinese fishing boats.

: Dandong Mayor Shi Guang announces that a new China-DPRK border trade complex will begin operations by 2014.

: PRC Foreign Ministry and PRC Consulate General in Kwangju call on ROK counterparts for a fair investigation of the Oct. 7 fishing dispute.

: President Park and PRC Premier Li Keqiang hold talks on the sidelines of regional meetings in Brunei.

: Second China-DPRK economic, trade, culture, and tourism expo is held in Dandong, Liaoning.

: ROK authorities in Mokpo detain two Chinese fishing boats suspected of illegal fishing in ROK waters after violent clashes with ROK Coast Guard.

: Presidents Xi Jinping and Park Geun-hye hold talks on the sidelines of the 21st APEC Economic Leaders Meeting in Bali.

: The 5th China-ROK-Japan ministerial meeting on culture is held in Gwangju.

: PRC Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the general debate of the UN General Assembly calls for peaceful solutions to the Korean and Iranian nuclear issues.

: PRC and ROK Foreign Ministers Wang Yi and Yun Byung-se meet on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York.

: China and South Korea launch a joint forum on public diplomacy in Seoul.

: PRC Foreign Ministry spokesperson calls for improved ROK-DPRK relations in response to North Korea’s Sept. 21 decision to postpone inter-Korean family reunions and working-level talks on the resumption of Mt. Kumgang tours.

: DPRK First Vice Foreign Minister and nuclear envoy Kim Kye Gwan meets PRC State Councilor Yang Jiechi in Beijing.

: PRC Foreign Ministry affirms that DPRK denuclearization serves Chinese and US interests after Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Russel’s visit to China on Sept. 13-14.

: Ma Xingrui, head of the Chinese delegation to the IAEA General Conference in Vienna, calls for peaceful settlement of the Korean and Iranian nuclear issues.

: Chinese cruise ship passengers return to China after Jeju court releases the ship with a deposit of 3 billion won ($2.8 million) from Beijing-based operator HNA Tourism.

: Jeju court detains a Chinese cruise ship with over 2,000 passengers based on legal claims against the Beijing-based operator by a Chinese subsidiary of Jiangsu Shagang Group.

: PRC Foreign Ministry spokesperson calls for resumption of Six-Party Talks after talks between PRC Special Representative for Korean Peninsula Affairs Wu Dawei and US counterpart Glyn Davies.

: China and South Korea hold the seventh round of free trade agreement (FTA) talks in Beijing, completing the first phase of talks.

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