China - Taiwan

Chronology from Jan 2006 to Mar 2006

: In Jakarta, Jia Qinglin calls on friends to help defeat separatism.

: DPP cancels planned “grand debate” on China policy.

: KMT chairman Ma visits Washington; meets State Deputy Secretary Zoellick and others.

: MAC announces some new measures to reduce reliance on China, tighten controls on investments to the mainland, and crackdown on smuggling.

: TAO and KMT announce plans for April 14-15 economic and trade conference in Beijing.

: TSMC Chairman Morris Chang calls for export of 0.18 micron technology.

: KMT chairman Ma at Harvard calls for cross-Strait modus vivendi.

: Taiwan MND report says China gaining a military edge.

: DPP holds demonstration against PRC threats to Taiwan.

: Secretary Rice in Sydney says Taiwan has engaged in problematic behavior.

: At NPC press conference, Premier Wen calls Chen dangerous and deceitful.

: Former Deputy Secretary Armitage visits Taipei.

: At hearing, U.S. Sen. John Warner warns Taiwan against provoking China.

: Premier Wen’s NPC Work Report addresses Taiwan in standard terms.

: Jia Qinglin urges CPPCC members to reach out to DPP hardliners.

: Taipei MOFA spokesman says “cease to function” is not abolition.

: Premier Wen urges international community vigilance against Chen.

: State Dept. spokesman comments on NUC, seeks clarification regarding cease vs. abolition.

: EU statement says ceasing NUC operations will not help stability in Strait.

: President Hu describes Chen’s actions as a “dangerous step.”

: Beijing reiterates that pandas will be free.

: TAO official reaffirms PRC interest in facilitating tourism to Taiwan.

: President Chen announces NUC will cease to function.

: State Dept. reiterates policy, says Chen has stopped short of abolishing NUC.

: Amb. Burghardt appointed AIT chairman; Stephen Young as AIT director.

: Taipei press reports NSC & State officials visited Taiwan on weekend.

: TAO Chairman Chen Yunlin says abolishing NUC would jeopardize ties.

: KMT delegation discusses tourism & charters with TAO.

: KMT’s Su Chi claims authorship of “1992 consensus.”

: EVA and other Taiwan airlines propose weekend charters.

: New Year’s charter flights end. CNTA’s Shao Qiwei calls for tourism cooperation.

: Ma in Dublin says independence an option for Taiwan, but not KMT.

: UMC fined for investment in Hejian.

: KMT Chairman Ma speaks at London School of Economics.

: National Security Council Acting Senior Director for Asian Affairs Dennis Wilder and Clifford Hart, director of the State Department’s Taiwan Desk, reportedly travel secretly to Taiwan to try to dissuade Chen Shui-bian from abolishing the National Unification Council.

: Chen says his NUC policy is response to Ma’s unification goal.

: TAO calls Chen a troublemaker sabotaging cross-Strait ties. CAAC’s Pu Zhaozhou urges Taiwan to negotiate on charters.

: KMT Chairman Ma’s interview in Asian Wall Street Journal.

: PRC MOFA spokesman says Chen’s NUC comments strain peace/stability.

: KMT chairman Ma Ying-jeou warns Chen not to break five “noes” commitments.

: State Department reaffirms status quo in cross-Strait relations, but supports expanded political, economic, social, and cultural exchanges.

: President Chen proposes scrapping National Unification Council (NUC).

: Beijing announces names for gift pandas.

: WHO secretariat rejects proposal giving Taiwan observer status.

: CAAC’s Pu Zhaozhou says Beijing wants weekend and holiday charters.

: New Year’s charter flights begin.

: Premier Hsieh says he supports direct flights.

: KMT leaders pledge to push for weekly charter flights.

: TAO Deputy Sun Yafu in Washington for consultations.

: CPPCC Chairman Jia Qinglin meets local TAO heads; urges progress on  “three links.”

: President Chen criticizes KMT for “singing duet” with PRC.

: Hu Jintao visits Haicang area in Xiamen; calls for progress on three links.

: Janes reports that U.S. turned down Taiwan request for info on JDAM and HARM missiles.

: Taiwanese and Chinese firms establish JV air cargo airline.

: President Chen stops briefly in Los Angeles.

: United Microelectronics (UMC) officials indicted.

: TAO criticizes Chen; calls for progress on three links.

: MAC says Beijing using pandas for unification propaganda.

: PRC FM spokesman urges U.S. to contain Taiwan independence.

: Chen asks British parliamentarians to review “one China” policy.

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