China - Taiwan

Chronology from Jan 2007 to Mar 2007

: Cross-Strait charter flights for Tomb Sweeping Day begin.

: TAO says draft second republic constitution is aimed at creating de jure independence.

: Deputy Assistant Secretary Christensen’s testimony at HFAC.

: Intel announces plan to build 12-inch wafer plant in China.

: First DPP presidential primary debate.

: Taiwan Foreign Minister Huang visits St. Lucia for trade talks.

: PRC Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong urges U.S. to stop arms sales to Taiwan.

: AIT Director Young calls for expanded cross-Strait economic ties.

: Taipei’s Investment Commission approves TSMC’s 0.18 micron technology investment in China.

: Executive Yuan proposes National Language Development Law.

: Xinhua criticizes draft as an independence step.

: Chen Ming-tung releases draft second republic constitution.

: Premier Wen Jiabao holds NPC press conference.

: Acting DPP chair Trong Chai registers referendum proposal to apply to UN under name “Taiwan.”

: TAO’s Ye Kedong says “Four Wants” will not affect functional issues.

: Taiwan announces 43 percent anti-dumping duty on Chinese shoes.

: KMT expels Defense Minister Lee Jye for removing CKS statutes.

: Jia Qinglin calls Chen’s “Four Wants” a dangerous step.

: Defense News publishes an article on Hsiungfeng IIE cruise missiles.

: Taiwan MOFA protests Abe’s remarks on comfort women.

: State Dept. spokesman says Chen’s remarks are “unhelpful.”

: Premier Wen’s NPC report emphasizes peace and development in Taiwan Strait.

: FM Li Zhaoxing says Chen a criminal before history.

: TAO statement says Chen’s remarks a “dangerous step.”

: MAC says Taipei ready to negotiate a currency clearance agreement.

: Beijing announces 17.8 percent defense budget increase on eve of NPC.

: In speech, President Chen voices his “Four Wants, One Without.”

: U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte travels to Beijing; Beijing wants missile sale cancelled.

: Executive Yuan decides to rename Chiang Kai-shek memorial as “Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall”

: CSBC Board adopts name Taiwan International Shipbuilding Corp.

: State notifies AMRAAM and Maverick missile sales to Taiwan.

: Beijing forum says 228 being manipulated by independence advocates.

: President Chen presides over opening of National 228 Memorial.

: President Chen says Chiang Kai-shek responsible for 228 Incident.

: MAC says opinion polls show rise of Taiwan identity in 2006.

: DPP releases poll asserting 51 percent want “Taiwan” as national name.

: Lunar New Year/Spring Festival charter flights begin between Taiwan and PRC.

: KMT Chair Ma Ying-jeou indicted on corruption.

: DPP Chair Yu says U.S. has no right to meddle in name changes.

: President Chen presides at “Taiwan Post” name change ceremony.

: State Dept. spokesman says U.S. does not support name changes.

: China Post chairman changes organization name to Taiwan Post amid protests.

: President Chen suggests changing name of China Postal Service.

: MAC Chair Wu in DC wants foreigners eligible for charter flights.

: DPP Chair Yu says he supports changing national name and amending General Provisions of constitution.

: Economics Minister Chen mentions new corporate names “CPC Taiwan” and “CSBC Taiwan.”

: TAO spokesman Yang Yi condemns changes in history texts but says talks on weekend charter flights proceeding well.

: MAC Chair Wu says talks on tourism going smoothly; Beijing agrees.

: Taipei explains changes in new high school history text book that treat Taiwanese and Chinese history as separate.

: PRC repatriates robbery criminal Li Hanyang.

: Taipei says 880 missiles and 100 cruise missiles aimed at Taiwan.

: News of China’s anti-satellite test provokes criticism in Taiwan.

: LY session ends without passing budget or procurement package.

: Executive Yuan changes Palace Museum statute to downplay study of Chinese art.

: In Beijing, Negroponte publicly reiterates opposition to UN referendum.

: PRC Foreign Minister Yang meets Deputy Secretary Negroponte, urges firmer opposition to UN referendum.

: National Development and Resources Council Vice Chair Zhang Xiaoqiang leads 13-member delegate to Taiwan for conference on economics.

: Premier Wen urges Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo to abide by commitments on Taiwan issue.

: China’s first successful anti-satellite test.

: TAO says China will purchase tangerines to help with over production in Taiwan.

: Chen meets incoming Nicaraguan President Ortega.

: President Chen overnights in San Francisco en route to Nicaragua.

: FM Li Zhaoxing calls Secretary Rice to protest U.S. transit decision.

: U.S. approves President Chen’s U.S. transits in San Francisco and Los Angeles to Central America.

: TAO spokesman criticizes Chen for preaching separatism.

: DPP leaders urge focus on welfare rather than constitutional reform.

: TAO Minister Chen Yunlin says PRC remains vigilant against separatism.

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