China - Taiwan

Chronology from Jan 2008 to Mar 2008

: AIT Chairman Burghardt meets Ma and Chen in Taipei.

: PRC demands investigation of missile fuse assemblies mis-shipment.

: President Bush phones President Hu; Hu comments on 1992 consensus.

: State Department Taiwan Director Spelman comments on post-election situation.

: DOD announces mis-shipment of missile fuse assemblies to Taiwan.

: AIT Director Young meets Ma; Ma expresses interest in pre-inauguration visit to U.S.

: Ma Ying-jeou elected president; UN referenda fail.

: Taipei Representative Wu says PRC seeking to block Taiwan’s OECD participation.

:   Premier Wen’s post-NPC press conference.

: DAS Christensen reiterates U.S. opposition to UN referendum.

: In interview, Ma Ying-jeou rules out meeting with PRC leaders.

: Taipei’s Investment Commission launches amnesty for illegal investors in China.

: Second Ma-Hsieh presidential debate.

: North Korea expresses opposition to UN referendum.

: Brazil expresses opposition to UN referendum.

: EU expresses opposition to UN referendum.

: KMT proposes LY resolution on “Advancing to the UN.”

: Executive Yuan eases restrictions on investment in China.

: President Hu Jintao makes moderate statement on Taiwan; says Taiwan independence “doomed to fail.”

: Premier Wen Jiabao’s work report to NPC; PRC announces defense budget up 17.6 percent to $58.79 billion.

: NPC spokesman Jiang Enzhu warns that UN referendum threatens peace

: Jia Qinglin makes routine report to CPPCC on Taiwan.

: DOD releases annual report on the PLA.

: President Chen says vote for UN referendum even if not for Hsieh.

: Ma Ying-jeou announces specific plans for cross-Strait flights and tourism.

: Beijing authorizes Tzu-chi Foundation to open charitable foundation

: Secretary Rice in Beijing reiterates U.S. opposition to UN referendum.

: TAO announces new agricultural zone and student tuition policies.

: Taiwan representatives barred from Lee Myong-bak’s inauguration.

: First Ma-Hsieh presidential campaign debate.

: MND Minister Lee Tien-yu resigns over “Taiwan Goal”; Michael Tsai appointed first civilian Minister of National Defense.

: New Legislative Yuan opens first session.

: PRC protests Taiwan’s recognition of Kosovo.

: Taiwan extends recognition to Kosovo, but Kosovo does not reciprocate.

: Kosovo declares independence.

: NIO Deputy Fingar testifies U.S. worried about cross-Strait miscalculation.

: Hsieh Chang-ting supports cooperation with KMT on both referenda.

: President Chen calls for support of both UN referenda.

:   In New York, Negroponte urges China to be more generous toward Taiwan internationally.

: First New Year charter flight arrives routinely in Taiwan.

: TAO issues protest over CEC’s referendum decision.

: President Chen visits Taiping Island in Spratlys.

: Singapore’s Lee Kwan-yew criticizes UN referendum.

: CEC decides to hold UN referenda together with presidential election.

: Beijing repatriates captured gangster Wang Hsuan-jen to Taiwan.

: Taipei American Chamber of Commerce recommends easing limits on investment in China.

: Vice President Lu visits Marshall Islands.

: President Chen hosts discreet KMT-DPP consultation at State Guest House.

: French arms firm DCNS official visits Taiwan.

: Global forum for new democracies meets in Taipei.

: Secretary Rice meets FM Yang in Berlin, reiterates opposition to UN referendum.

: Vice Minister of Defense Ko says Taiwan needs cruise missiles.

: In Beijing, UK Foreign Secretary Brown opposes UN referendum.

: At WHO, China blocks resolution to allow Taiwan participation in IHR.

: Hsieh Chang-ting calls for support of both UN referenda.

: TAO and ARATS express thanks for Taiwan rescue of PRC seamen.

: Cambodia denies Taipei’s request to establish trade office

: Beijing establishes of relations with Malawi; Taipei breaks relations.

: President Chen attends inaugural in Guatemala.

: President Chen meets Nicaraguan President Ortega in Guatemala.

: President Chen resigns DPP chairmanship.

: KMT wins decisive victory in LY elections.

:    Prosecutors appeal Ma Ying-jeou’s case to Supreme Court

:     Taiwan Foreign Minister Huang cancels visit to Malawi.

:    Ma Ying-jeou enunciates his policy of “no independence, no unification and no use of force” in interviews.

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