China - Taiwan

Chronology from Jan 2013 to May 2013

: President Ma speaks at the ceremony marking 20th anniversary of the first SEF-ARATS talks.

: Chen Deming appointed ARATS president at the ceremony marking 20th anniversary of the ARATS-SEF talks.

: Taipei reports first case of H7N9 outside mainland.

: Beijing delivers an H7N9 virus sample to Taipei.

: Live-fire drill included in annual Han Kuang exercise for first time since 2008, citing public opinion.

: Two Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) bomb suspects repatriated from China.

: China’s Defense White Paper released.

: DPP’s Hsu Hsin-liang’s Weibo site block by China.

: Next Media signs a deal to sell TV assets to ERA Communications.

: DPP Chair Su Tseng-chang warns of China’s increasing soft power in Taiwan.

: Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) bomb incident.

: Japan Taiwan Fisheries Agreement signed.

: DPP’s Frank Hsieh visits Washington.

: TAO spokesman says China to share H7N9 virus strain with Taiwan.

: DPP Chairman Su Tseng-chang visits Singapore.

: Xi Jinping meets Vincent Siew at Boao Forum.

: Two Taiwan health experts visit Shanghai regarding the H7N9 virus.

: Executive Yuan (EY) announces Free Economic Pilot Zones (FEPZ) proposal.

: Next Media sale falls through at deadline.

: TAO spokesman hopes peace forum will be held to discuss political issues.

: China reports two H7N9 bird flu deaths; China notifies Taiwan under Medical and Health Cooperation Agreement.

: Premier Jiang states China is obstructing Singapore economic agreement.

: TAO sponsors 11th Cross-strait Relations Symposium in Pingtan, Fujian.

: MAC states that office exchange is on agenda for next SEF–ARATS agenda.

: Taiwan participants are forced to withdraw from 3rd Jakarta International Defense Dialogue.

: President Ma attends Pope Francis’s Investiture Mass.

: DPP’s Tsai Ing-wen visits Indonesia.

: Zhang Zhijun is appointed TAO minister; Wang Yi becomes foreign minister.

: Bills supporting Taiwan International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) participation submitted to the US Congress.

: Second Taiwan-Japan Fisheries preparatory talks are held.

: Ministry of National Defense of Republic of China Vice Minister Yang explains confidence-building measures policy at the LY.

: Taipei increases the number of recognized mainland university degrees.

: Taiwan’s Quadrennial Defense Review is submitted to Legislative Yuan (LY).

: Yu Zhengsheng becomes chairman of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

: PRC protests Japan treatment of Taiwan at Tsunami anniversary.

: US-Taiwan Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) talks are concluded “successfully.”

: TAO Minister Wang Yi reiterates think tanks should address political issues.

: ARATS Deputy Wang Zaixi leads media delegation to Taiwan.

: Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) says political talks not a priority for Taiwan.

: Lien Chan meets Xi Jinping in Beijing.

: Taipei authorizes customs declarations denominated in RMB.

: Taiwan’s National Communications Commission rejects Want Want purchase of China Network services.

: PRC blocks DPP Frank Hsieh’s new Weibo site.

: Yu Zhengsheng addresses annual Taiwan Affairs Work Conference.

: President Ma explains that Taiwan has no plans to cooperate with PRC policy on Diaoyutai Islands.

: Taiwan banks begin offering RMB services.

: TAO criticizes Su Tseng-chang’s comments made in Tokyo as lacking sense of nationalism.

: DPP Chairman Su Tseng-chang visits Japan.

: The US and Taiwan sign Privileges & Immunity Agreement.

: Investment protection agreement comes into force.

: Taiwan’s Premier Sean Chen resigns and is replaced by Jiang Yi-huah.

: Retired generals attend cross-strait meeting in Hong Kong.

: China’s trade association China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME) office opens in Taipei; Minister of Commerce (MOC) Vice Minister Jiang Yaoping is in Taipei for the opening.

: President Ma meets American Institute in Taiwan Chairman Raymund Burghardt.

: TAO Deputy Director Ye Kedong leads a delegation to Taiwan.

: TAO states defending sovereignty of Diaoyu Islands is a common responsibility.

: Cross-strait securities and futures talks are held in Taipei.

: Congressman Ed Royce leads a large delegation to Taiwan.

: Congresswoman Ileana Ros-lethinen introduces Taiwan Policy Act of 2013.

: People’s Bank of China (PBOC) authorizes Bank of China’s (BOC) Taipei branch to handle currency clearance.

: Activists seek to place Matsu figure on Senkaku/Diaoyutai Islands, escorted by Taiwan Coast Guard.

: Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) Hsu Tian-tsair meets scholars and businessmen in Beijing.

: SEF President Lin Join-sane reiterates no need for cultural agreement.

:   Tamsui-Fuzhou fiber cable starts operation.

: Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) spokesman says Beijing wants to start office exchange talks soon.

: President Ma says Taiwan must maintain strong defense despite political détente.

: President Ma calls for expanded recognition of degrees granted by educational institutions from the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

: Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) Chair Chen Yunlin calls for early talks on exchange of ARATS/SEF (Straits Exchange Foundation) offices.

: Delegation of retired ambassadors from Taiwan holds talks in Beijing.

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