China - Taiwan

Chronology from Jan 2017 to May 2017

: Tourist Zhang rejoins tour group and returns voluntarily to China.

: MAC protests PRC media use of term “China Taipei” for Taiwan sports teams.

: Chinese tourist Zhang Xiangzhong seeks political asylum in Taiwan.

:   Shanghai TAO Director Li Wenhui meets Mayor Ko Wen-je in Taipei.

:   Wife of detained activist Lee Ming-che barred from visiting Beijing.

:   Mar-a-Lago meeting between President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping.

:    Ministry of National Defense (MND) Vice Minister Cheng De-mei says Taiwan does not need THAAD.

:   Former Philippine President Fidel Ramos visits Taipei.

: Chinese fishing boat is seized by Taiwan Coast Guard for fishing in Taiwan waters.

:   Hong Kong arrests umbrella movement leaders.

: Carrie Lam selected as Hong Kong chief executive.

: Japan’s State Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Akama Jiro visits Taipei, the highest ranking Japanese visitor since 1972.

:   Mainland Affairs Council Chairman Chang Hsiao-yueh says cross-strait agreements are not international agreements.

: Former Vice President Vincent Siew meets Politburo Standing Committee member Zhang Gaoli at Boao Forum.

: Kuomintang (KMT) initiates LY committee review of cross-strait agreements oversight drafts.

: Taiwan’s Foreign Minister David Lee says cross-strait relations are not international relations.

: CSBC Corp., Taiwan signs eight-year contract for the development of an indigenous submarine.

: Beijing detains human rights activist Lee Ming-che.

:  Taipei announces that the government will require pre-approval of university agreements with mainland.

:   Taipei releases Quadrennial Defense Report.

:   Taipei arrests suspected former PRC student Zhou Hongxu for espionage.

:   Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) Minister Zhang Zhijun says Taiwan independence the greatest threat.

: Taiwan’s organization for Japan renamed Taiwan-Japan Relations Association.

:   Premier Li Keqiang gives National People’s Congress his work report.

:   PLAN ships pass southward through Taiwan Strait.

: ARATS Deputy Zheng Lizhong detained for investigation.

: Spain’s deports 218 Taiwan fraud suspects to China.

:   Bipartisan Legislative Yuan (LY) delegation begins five-day visit to Washington to meet with administration officials and members of Congress.

:   Presidents Trump and Xi talk by phone; Trump agrees to “honor our one China policy.”

:      Taiwan allocates T$68 billion ($2.2 billion) to build 66 jet trainers. The jets will be developed jointly by National Chung-shan Institute of Science and Technology, the Defense Ministry, and Aerospace Industrial Development Corp., the island’s sole military jet-maker.

: President Tsai calls for exploring a new model for interaction with the PRC.

:   First H7N9 case in Taiwan involves a man returned from China who later dies.

:   DPP’s Yu Shyi-kun leads Taiwan delegation to President Trump inauguration; Tsai tweets congratulations to Trump.

: Politburo standing Committee member Yu Zhengsheng addresses Taiwan Affairs Work Conference.

:   Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) President Tien Hong-mao suggests meeting  Association for Relations across the Taiwan Strait (ARATS) Chair Chen Deming in Kinmen.

:   Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong attends a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) sponsored event in Taipei.

:   President Tsai transits San Francisco en route to Taiwan.

:   President Tsai visits El Salvador; meets President Salvador Sanchez Ceren.

: People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) aircraft carrier Liaoning sails north through the Taiwan Strait.

:      PRC Foreign Minister Wang Yi visits Nigeria; demands relocation of Taipei’s office.

:   President Tsai visits Guatemala; meets President Jimmy Morales.

:       President Tsai visits Nicaragua; meets President Daniel Ortega.

: President Tsai visits Honduras; meets President Juan Orlando Hernandez.

: President Tsai transits Houston en route to Central America.

: President Tsai Ing-wen writes to Pope Francis, calling for peaceful dialogue across the Taiwan Strait.

: Vietnam repatriates four Taiwanese fraud suspects to China.

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