China - Taiwan

Chronology from Oct 2004 to Dec 2004

: Taipei High Court dismisses KMT/PFP case for annulling presidential election.

: Taipei recalls its ambassador to Grenada.

: NPC SC transmits Anti-Secession Law to next March’s NPC.

: MAC’s Wu says Beijing appears to have nixed New Year charter flights.

: China publishes annual Defense White Paper.

: Former President Lee Teng-hui begins private trip to Japan.

: National Peoples Congress (NPC) Standing Committee (SC) meets; considers Anti-Secession Law.

: Deputy Secretary Armitage’s PBS interview.

: Grenada PM Keith Mitchell concludes visit to Beijing.

: Taipei becomes observer at OECD Trade Committee.

: Beijing announces plans for an Anti-Secession Law.

: Vice President Lu calls on U.S. to review its “one China” policy.

: TAO comments that LY elections shows voters disillusioned with Chen.

: PRC announces that new Vanuatu government rejects Taipei and reaffirms diplomatic ties with PRC.

: Taipei releases biennial National Defense Report.

: Pan-blue alliance maintains narrow majority in LY election.

: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in Brussels; EU does not end arms embargo against PRC.

: Chen says changing names is the right thing to do.

: State Department states U.S. does not support name change idea.

: Chen calls for changing names of state corporations and overseas offices to use “Taiwan.”

: Taipei’s Dep. Def. Min. Tsai Ming-hsien in U.S. for consultations.

: PRC Vice FM Dai Bingquo meets Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage in Washington.

: Chen publicly reaffirms his commitment to “four noes.”

: State Department warns Chen about a referendum on independence; reaffirms importance of Chen’s “four noes” pledge.

: Chen calls for abolition of Taiwan Province.

: Lee Teng-Hui hosts seminar on a new constitution; Chen repeats his  commitment to have a new constitution by 2006.

: Beijing beats out Taiwan as host for 2005 Asian Cities Network.

: Taiwan representative Lee Yuan-tseh sees Hu at APEC; says Hu was friendly.

: Hu meets Bush at APEC meeting.

: TAO’s Wang Zaixi blasts Chen’s splittist activities.

: MAC welcomes HU’s remarks and ARATS statement.

: In Brazil, President Hu makes moderate comments on Taiwan.

: Chen says he will seek to join UN as “Taiwan.”

: ARATS statement sets forth Beijing view of “1992 Hong Kong meeting.”

: Chen rejects view that Taiwan’s status is undetermined; says “Taiwan is ROC, ROC is Taiwan.”

: MAC appoints Taipei Air Carrier Association to handle charter flight talks.

: WHO meeting defers changes to International Health Regulations that would be favorable to Taiwan.

: Ministry of Education proposes new “Taiwan” history curriculum.

: Taipei releases 10-point plan for cross-Strait relations: statement reaffirms nonnuclear policy.

: Chen meets Taiwanese professors; pledges “new constitution” for Taiwan.

: Taiwan High Court dismisses KMT suit against presidential election voting.

: Taipei announces diplomatic relations with Vanuatu, Beijing silent.

: MAC says it is urgently preparing for negotiations on charter flights.

: TAO mentions using Hong Kong model for charter flights talks.

: ARATS sends SEF a rare condolence message over typhoon losses.

: Chen reiterates Taiwan is sovereign and independent.

: In press interviews, Powell says Taiwan is not a nation with sovereignty.

: Secretary Powell meets President Hu in Beijing; urges cross-Strait dialogue.

: IAEA reference to Taiwan prompts speculation about nuclear weapons.

: TAO spokesman criticizes Chen’s speech as insincere.

: Premier Yu states that Chen did not mean there was a “1992 consensus.”

: Chen proposes talks based upon “1992 meeting in Hong Kong.”

: President Chirac visits China, opposes independence for Taiwan.

: President Chen tells Morgan Stanley there will be no conflict with China.

: MAC offers to send negotiator for charter flights.

: Presidential Advisor Kwang-ming Koo places ad challenging “one China.”

: DOD’s Richard Lawless threatens Taiwan with consequences if the Supplemental Defense Budget is not passed.

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