China - Taiwan

Chronology from Oct 2005 to Dec 2005

: Wang Daohan’s funeral in Shanghai.

: SEF chairman Chang Chun-hsiung’s offer to attend Wang’s funeral rejected by Beijing.

: Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait Chairman Wang Daohan passes away.

: PM Hsieh hints moves to liberalize mainland investments coming soon.

: MAC Chairman Wu says clearance agreement a prerequisite for yuan exchange on Taiwan.

: Taipei rejects KMT appeal of MAC rejection of visit by TAO’s Chen.

: At Kidd Commissioning Ceremony, President Chen says defense budget to be increased to 3 percent of GDP by 2008.

: MAC Chairman Wu says he will try to negotiate cargo charters after Chinese New Year.

: President Chen tells Atlantic Council group that three links must develop gradually, cargo must come before passenger charters.

: Taiwan Defense Vice Minister Tsai in Washington for annual Defense Review talks.

: Lee Teng-hui criticizes Chen for failing to fulfill promises on new name and new constitution.

: MAC says those with PRC passports or household registry will lose ROC citizenship.

: MAC Chairman Wu says no change in cross-Strait policy; Taipei will pursue agreements on further charter flights and tourism.

: Pro-democracy demonstration in Hong Kong.

: DPP suffers setback in local elections.

: USTR’s Stratford says U.S.-Taiwan FTA not likely in coming years.

: PRC Olympic Committee sends letter to Taipei about co-hosting a 2008 Olympic event and being a part of the China’s Olympic torch route. Taipei has passed on being on the torch route and is also expected to decline co-hosting an event.

: Presidents Hu and Bush meet in Beijing. The two reaffirm the cross-Strait status quo.

: President Hu and Lin Hsin-yi have brief exchange at APEC.

: Agreement on 2006 New Year’s cross-Strait charter flights announced.

: MAC denies request for Chen Yunlin’s visit.

: President Bush’s speech praises Taiwan democracy, criticizes China.

: Premier Hsieh says Taiwan not interested in being on China’s domestic route for 2008 Olympic torch.

: SEF sends ARATS message requesting consultation on TAO Chairman Chen Yunlin’s proposed visit to attend KMT conference in Taipei.

: In Asahi interview, President Chen urges Japan to play larger security role.

: Chen appoints former Vice Premier Lin Hsin-yi as APEC representative.

: Taiwan CDC head attends WHO avian flu conference in Geneva.

: PRC Tourism Association head Shao departs, calls for tourism talks. MAC commends delegation for constructive visit.

: PRC airline association requests consultations on New Year’s Charter flights.

: KMT delegation and TAO reach agreement on facilitation for Taiwan investors.

: Opposition parties move cross-Strait peace bill through LY Procedures Committee.

: Two Kidd-class destroyers handed over to Taiwan in a ceremony; as one of the speakers Brig. Gen. John Allen, principal director for Asian and Pacific Affairs in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, comments on lack of progress in the passage of Taiwan’s arms budget.

: PRC Tourism Association head Shao leads large delegation on 10-day exploratory visit to Taiwan.

: European Chamber in Taipei calls for direct transportation links.

: PRC stages ceremony on 60th anniversary of Taiwan’s return to China.

: President Chen questions use of term “retrocession” when referring to Taiwan and China.

: Senegal switches diplomatic recognition to PRC; Taipei severs ties.

: KMT Chairman Ma Ying-jeou calls for direct transportation to spur Taiwan’s economic competitiveness.

: KMT delegation meets with Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) to discuss tourism.

: President Hu Jintao receives U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld; PRC official reporting does not indicate Hu raised Taiwan issue.

: State Department says Taiwan should not change its official name.

: In DC, Lee Teng-hui advocates offensive missiles to deter PRC and adopting name “Republic of Taiwan.”

: Taipei MOFA joins criticism of Japanese PM Koizumi’s visit to Yasukuni Shrine.

: KMT’s Lien Chan begins two-week private visit to PRC.

: PRC MOFA says Wang’s appointment inappropriate.

: LY Speaker Wang Jin-pyng selected as Chen’s APEC representative.

: Former President Lee Teng-hui begins two-week U.S. trip.

: Taipei MND announces computer simulation in Hawaii postponed.

: KMT Taichung Mayor Hu departs for PRC visit.

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