China - Taiwan

Chronology from Oct 2006 to Dec 2006

: China publishes 2006 Defense White Paper.

: MAC instructed to work out RMB exchange throughout Taiwan.

: 2006 Defense Supplemental sent to the LY Defense Committee.

: Beijing relaxes rules for Taiwan journalists reporting on 2008 Olympics.

: Taipei’s Bank of China Gov. Perng advocates legalizing RMB exchange.

: PRC says Taiwan residents will no longer need to fill out entry cards.

: Taipei restricts number of residence permits for Chinese.

: FPG gets PRC approval to build 600-megawatt thermal power plant in Henan.

: DPP’s Yu Shyi-kun calls for passage of Sensitive Technology Control Law.

: Taipei gives approval for three long-delayed China investments.

: Nicaragua approves FTA with Taiwan.

: MAC announces dates for 2007 New Year’s charter flights.

: Jia Qinglin receives KMT Youth delegation; KMT and CCP Youth Leagues hold conference in Beijing.

: Taipei announces new approval procedures for China investments.

: TAO releases its plan for charter flights during Spring Festival 2007.

: Taiwan Foundation for Democracy releases 2006 China Human Rights Report.

: MAC’s Tung Chen-yuan says window of opportunity in first half 2007.

: Pacific Congressional Caucus inaugurated in Taipei.

: Taiwan mayoral elections held.

: MAC Chairman Wu still hopeful tourism talks can finish this year.

: AMCHAM’s Topics magazine says Taiwan is becoming a “backwater.”

: CEPD estimates Chinese tourism will boost Taiwan GDP by 0.1 percent.

: LY committee fails to reach agreement on easing investment limits.

: President Chen reiterates interest in applying to UN as Taiwan.

: Beijing Evening News says 15 tour agencies will handle tours to Taiwan.

: Economics Minister Steve Chen expresses support for lifting 40 percent cap on investments.

: Bipartisan group of legislators proposes lifting investment cap to 60 percent.

: National Taiwan University announces academic exchange program with six PRC universities.

: Carlyle Group announces bid for Advanced Semiconductor (ASE).

: President Chen survives third recall motion.

: AIT Director Young urges early agreement on direct flights.

: Former Japanese Prime Minister Mori arrives in Taipei.

: Morris Chang tells press of his conversations with President Bush.

: Presidents Bush and Hu meet at APEC; discuss Taiwan. President Chen’s representative Morris Chang attends APEC.

: TAO confirms arrest of two Taiwan businessmen; says Beijing considering approving a national Taiwan Invested Enterprise Association.

: MAC Chairman Wu hints at approval for 0.18 micron technology.

: At APEC, Beijing says only states can sign FTAs.

: Chinese tourism official says tourism contacts taking place in Hong Kong.

: Vice Economics Minister Shih Yen-hsiang tells LY government is considering easing rules on chip investment in PRC; stocks rise.

: MND Minister Lee says naval group in U.S. to discuss submarines.

: High-level Chinese airline delegation arrives in Taiwan.

: China announces new scholarship program for Taiwan students in 2007.

: In press conference, President Chen proclaims his innocence.

: Prosecutor indicts First lady Wu Shu-chen on corruption and forgery.

: Forum for China-Africa Cooperation opens in Beijing.

: Vice Director Zhang Siqin of China National Tourism Administration and 500 others arrive for Taiwan Tourism Fair.

: President Chen’s Financial Times interview.

: President Chen commissions last two Kidd destroyers.

: Pan-Blue legislators block arms supplemental for 62nd time.

: Ma says KMT has policy of passing supplemental budget during this LY session.

: MAC defends repatriation to Hong Kong of tourist who claimed asylum.

: EU Chamber “blue paper” predicts more EU firms will leave Taiwan if cross-Strait economic policies are not eased.

: DPP Secretary General Yu Shyi-kun leads delegation to Japan.

: PFP says it will block arms supplemental until prosecutor closes investigation into Fund for State Affairs; Ma regrets decision.

: Premier Su expresses hope for progress on cross-Strait economic issues.

: China offers to buy Taiwan bananas to reduce glut on market.

: Press reports preliminary LY agreement on small defense supplemental.

: At Agricultural Forum, TAO’s Chen Yunlin outlines 20 measures.

: In LY, Premier Su discusses constitutional reform and “second republic.”

: KMT-CCP Agricultural Forum opens on Hainan.

: United Daily News reports MND to establish “strategic force” with Hsiungfeng 2E cruise missiles on an off-shore island.

: President Chen says “second republic” deserves to be considered.

: President Chen survives second recall vote.

: Taipei’s Cross-Strait Tourism Association begins operation.

: Premier Su Tseng-chang meets Taiwan investors in mainland.

: DPP postpones issuing draft of new constitution.

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