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Chronology from Oct 2007 to Dec 2007

: National People’s Congress Standing Committee decision on Hong Kong nixes universal suffrage in 2012.

: Japanese PM Fukuda visits Beijing; expresses concern about UN referendum.

: Appeals Court upholds Ma Ying-jeou’s not guilty verdict.

: Singapore expresses opposition to UN referendum.

Dec. 21, 2007  Secretary Rice reiterates U.S. opposition to referendum as provocative and Secretary Gates says U.S. will provide arms in keeping with Taiwan Relations Act.

: LY approves 2008 budget including funds for Patriot PAC III.

: Hsieh Chang-ting in Tokyo: “I won’t accept one China.”

: TAO Minister Chen Yunlin pens article in Qiushi attacking referendum.

: TAO Vice Minister Sun Yafu in Washington DC for consultations.

: Moscow says UN referendum would destabilize area.

: Hsieh Chang-ting begins four-day Japan visit.

: CEC adopts voting procedures for LY election and referendum.

: AIT Chairman Burghardt in Taipei for consultations.

: Taipei expresses deep concern over PRC plans to establish a new flight route in western half of Taiwan Strait.

: Presidents Bush and Hu hold phone conversation.

: DAS Christensen’s Press conference for Taiwan Press and says UN referendum is “unwise, provocative, and risky.”

: PLA delegation in Washington DC for consultations.

: MAC Chairman Chen accuses Beijing of pressuring Taiwan businessmen to oppose UN referendum.

: Foreign Minister Komura visits Beijing and says Japan does not support Taiwan joining UN.

: EU-China summit in Beijing, EU opposes Taiwan referendum on UN.

: Defense Minister Lee Tien-yu says Taiwan could not prevent invasion without U.S. help.

: Taipei drops its opposition to PRC judge at WTO.

: Foreign Minister Yang Meets Secretary Rice in Washington.

: President Sarkozy in Beijing expresses opposition to UN referendum.

: Kitty Hawk goes through Taiwan Strait after being denied port call in Hong Kong.

: USS Kitty Hawk is denied entry into Hong Kong port.

: Ma Ying-jeou begins three-day visit to Japan.

: Taiwan places hold on appointment of PRC judge to WTO appellate court.

: TAO Vice Minister Ye in Washington DC for National Association for China’s Peaceful Unification (NACPU) meeting.

: Taiwan Post says “UN for Taiwan” cancellations will be voluntary.

: TAO confirms that letters with “UN for Taiwan” stamp cancellation are being returned to Taiwan.

: DOD notifies Congress regarding sale of upgraded Patriot II to Taiwan.

: Delegation of PRC real estate firms visits Taiwan.

: UMC Chairman Robert Tsao runs ad calling for peace accord.

:   Hsieh Chang-ting meets Morris Chang; talks of easing IT restrictions.

:   AIT Director Young’s press conference.

:   U.S. House members propose resolution supporting Taiwan’s UN bid.

:   TAO spokesman says UN referendum is a step toward independence.

:   President Chen says 40 percent cap will not be eased while he is president.

:   Hsieh Chang-ting suggests easing 40 percent cap on funds invested in China.

:   Secretary Gates visits Beijing; Taiwan a major issue in talks.

:   TAO Vice Minister Sun Yafu thanks ASEAN for firm support on Taiwan issues.

:   Ma Ying-jeou denies report that KMT has scraped 1992 consensus.

: President Chen says vote for UN referendum is a vote against unification.

: Vice Minister Ko Cheng-heng in U.S. for defense review talks.

:   Executive Yuan eases restrictions on investments in Chinese stock markets.

: Taipei criticizes China for delaying two weeks in notifying Taiwan about corn contamination in Thailand; calls on WHO to notify Taiwan directly.

Oct. 22, 2007  Liberty Times reports WHO sent a food safety notification to Taiwan via China.

: President Chen says passage of UN referendum will force U.S. to review its one China policy.

: Hsieh Chang-ting supports permitting PRC investments in Taiwan.

: Legislative Yuan committees cut Hsiungfeng IIE missile budget by one-third.

: 13th cross-Strait financial seminar opens in Taipei with large PRC Representation.

: President Chen criticizes Hu’s one China premise; Hsieh Chang-ting expresses interest in peace agreement; Ma Ying-jeou proposes talks on basis of  “one China, different interpretations.”

: Chinese Communist Party 17th Congress opens; Chairman Hu Jintao’s report calls for peace agreement with Taiwan.

: President Chen accepts chairmanship of DPP and announces that priority will be on passage of referendum on joining UN.

: In National Day address, President Chen for first time does not use term “Republic of China.”

: ARATS sends SEF sympathy message over Typhoon Krosa.

: KMT’s Vincent Siew in Washington for consultations.

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