China - Taiwan

Chronology from Apr 2002 to Jul 2002

: Taipei and Hong Kong sign aviation agreement extension.

: TAO Vice Minister Zhou Minghui holds talks with officials in Washington.

: MAC rejects TAO’s premise that cross-Strait routes are “internal.”

: TAO’s Li Bingcai gives visiting Taiwan delegation ideas on private talks.

: PRC Trade Minister Shi Guangsheng warns countries not to enter FTAs with Taiwan.

: Chen advisor Lee Yuan-tseh visits Beijing for academic conference.

: Former Taiwanese President Lee Deng-hui expresses opposition to direct trade with China.

:   PRC provides radar monitoring information to assist CAL 611 investigation.

:   In radio address to China, Chen reiterates desire for new framework for cross-Strait relations that can lead to political integration.

: Secretary Wolfowitz states that the U.S. “opposes” Taiwan independence.

: President Jiang expresses condolences on crash of CAL 611.

: Chen describes U.S. and Taiwan as “inseparable democratic allies.”

: TAO invites two prominent Taiwan business leaders to China for talks.

: MAC says Taipei will chose Taiwan’s private representatives.

: TAO say Beijing ready to conduct “three links” talks with Taiwan business leaders.

: In CNN interview, Chen says unification impossible under PRC military threat.

: China Petroleum Corp. and China National Offshore Oil Company affilliates sign joint venture oil exploration agreement in Taipei.

: PRC MFA spokesman notes Chen’s concession on role of private sector.

: World Health Assembly decides against considering Taiwn’s application.

: U.S. International Trade Commission holds hearing on Taiwan-U.S. FTA.

: U.S. House of Representatives passes Defense Appropriations Bill with provisions calling for report concerning joint military activities with Taiwan.

: Chen indicates publicly that private-sector representatives could play a role in negotiating “three links”; separately proposes sending DPP official to China.

: TAO says DPP officials cannot visit as party representatives until DPP changes party’s independence plank and accepts “one China” principle.

: Taiwan liberalizes terms for tourist visits by PRC citizens.

:   Taiwan Central Bank of China Gov. Perng Fai-nan participates in Asian Development Bank meeting, joins group call on Chinese President Jiang Zemin.

:   FM Chien states Taiwan seeks formal visit to U.S. for President Chen.

:   Foreign Minister Eugene Chien says Taipei to apply for World Health Organization (WHO) observer status as the “health entity” of “Taiwan.”

: PRC transports drinking water to offshore islands.

: Chinese Vice President Hu Jintao meets President Bush; Hu’s speech in Washington takes low key, nonconfrontational approach on Taiwan issues.

: A China Daily article criticizes Chen by name.

: On anniversary of 1993 Wang-Koo talks, Chen calls for resumption of cross-Strait dialogue.

: Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) reports more Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members visiting China.

: Executive Yuan decides to press for Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) membership.

: USCINCPAC Adm. Blair expresses confidence Taiwan and U.S. can maintain military balance in Taiwan Strait, but says solution is political, not military.

: MAC approves cross-Strait joint venture deal for oil exploration in Taiwan Strait.

: Taipei’s SEF sends ARATS condolence message on PRC plane crash in Korea.

: Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) expresses concern over PRC violations of 1993 Documents Agreement.

: President Chen Shui-bian calls for free trade agreements (FTA) with U.S. and Japan.

: U.S. Congressional Taiwan Caucus is inaugurated by Co-Founders and Co-Chairs: Representatives Robert Wexler, Steve Chabot, Sherrod Brown, and Dana Rohrabacher. Ambassador C.J. Chen, Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office, and a 14-member delegation from the Legislative Yuan, led by the Honorable Trong R. Chai, also attend.

: PRC Foreign Ministry (MFA) spokesman says Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz’s March speech in Florida seriously violates U.S. commitments on Taiwan.

: Legislative Yuan (LY) adopts bill authorizing PRC investments in Taiwan real estate.

: PRC repatriates important Taiwan criminal through Macau.

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