China - Taiwan

Chronology from Apr 2003 to Jul 2003

: Beijing TAO spokesman condemns Taipei’s plans for referendums as “creeping independence.”

: Taiwan legislators visiting Washington tell press submarine sale is being postponed.

: KMT Vice Chairman Vincent Siew says Taipei working on plan for cross-Strait cargo charter flights.

: WHO lifts SARS travel advisory for Beijing.

: Taiwan Foreign Minister Chien meets Vice President Cheney at AEI forum in U.S.

: Taiwan Investment Commission reports investment in PRC up 1 percent in May.

: MAC announces direct transport from Kinmen/Matsu to mainland to be resumed.

: Taiwan CDC director addresses panel at WHO conference on SARS.

: WHO lifts SARS travel advisory for Taiwan.

: Taiwan Foreign Ministry announces future passports will include word “Taiwan” on cover.

: Press reports three Taiwanese to attend U.S. military academies.

: Taiwan Legislative session ends without passage of amendments to cross-Strait regulations.

: Taiwan Vice Minister of Defense Lin begins 10-day U.S. tour.

: 200 illegal immigrants repatriated to China via Matsu.

: TSMC announces delay in building chip plant in Shanghai.

: Bush meets Hu at G-8 and reiterates non-support for Taiwan independence.

: President Bush signs new legislation about Taiwan in WHO.

: Taiwan Affairs Office says Beijing willing to consider cross-Strait cargo charter flights.

: WHA SARS resolution provides basis for WHO contacts with Taiwan.

: Taipei opposes China’s effort to change the name of Taipei’s WTO office in Geneva.

: Peoples Daily details Beijing’s efforts to help Taiwan with SARS.

: SEF rejects ARATS offer of SARS assistance.

: Two additional WHO health officers arrive in Taiwan.

: PRC blocks Taiwan representative from briefing UN press corps on SARS.

: Executive Yuan endorses idea of referendums on nuclear power and WHO.

: President Chen calls for early cross-Strait cargo charter flights.

: ARATS sends SEF message offering aid in SARS fight.

: HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson expresses U.S. support for Taiwan at WHA.

: President Chen calls for referendum on WHO participation.

: PRC blocks Taiwan health minister’s participation in WHA panel on SARS.

: WHA General Committee rejects placing Taiwan issue on WHA agenda.

: WHO official says lack of membership has not hurt WHO aid to Taiwan.

:   President Chen makes Taiwan’s case for joining WHO in Washington Post commentary.

: Cross-Strait video-conference on SARS held.

: Taiwan press reports U.S. military team leaves after Hanguang military exercise.

: PRC Health Minister Wu Yi says no change in PRC policy on Taiwan in WHO.

: KMT Legislator Chang calls for cross-Strait cargo charter flights.

: Two WHO health officers arrive in Taiwan to assist with SARS.

: PRC states it has concurred in sending WHO personnel to Taiwan.

: Neither ARATS’ Wang or SEF’s Koo attend Singapore University conference on 10th anniversary of Koo-Wang talks.

: Taiwan bars visitors from SARS affected areas, including China.

: MAC advocates reduction in cross-Strait exchanges due to SARS.

: Taiwan health minister sends report to WHO on SARS in Taiwan.

: Taiwan CDC says three doctors will travel to PRC to consult on SARS; Beijing subsequently confirms 10-day visit.

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