China - Taiwan

Chronology from Apr 2004 to Jul 2004

: Wang Jin-pyng says fate of defense supplemental hinges on new price quotes from U.S.

: FM Chen in Rome.

: FM Mark Chen visits New York.

: Wang’s LY delegation meets Defense Deputy Secretary Paul Wolfowitz.

: President Chen awards medal to former AIT Chairperson Shaheen.

: People First Party Chair James Soong ridicules Chen for giving medal to an “arms broker.”

: Taiwan announces it will hold its annual “Han Kuang” (“Chinese Glory”) exercises in August to test Taiwan’s combat readiness.

: LY delegation led by Wang Jin-pyng in Hawaii; visits Aegis-equipped frigate; tells press U.S. considering sale of Aegis system.

: Jia Qinglin of PRC Politboro Standing Committee says curbing separatism is highest priority.

: U.S.-China Economic and Security Commission Annual Report released.

: TAO spokesman says PRC still encourages Taiwan investment.

: Taiwan military holds six-day computer-simulated war game of possible Chinese invasion. According to the defense ministry approximately 60 U.S. military officers and experts monitored the exercise.

: Liberty Times editorial attacks AIT’s Paal as a pro-Beijing representative.

: Taiwan Daily editorial attacks AIT representative Douglas Paal as Beijing mouthpiece.

: Vice President Lu transits San Francisco.

: State Dept. spokesman says U.S. supports Taiwan membership in OAS.

: Presidential Office tells Taipei press Brig. Gen. Allen will visit Taiwan in July.

: EY sends $18.35 billion defense supplemental bill to Legislative Yuan.

: Taipei Amcham White Paper says delay in direct links hurting Taiwan.

: DoD releases annual report on PRC military power.

: People’s Daily article attacks Taiwan businessman Hsu Wen-lung.

: Vice President Lu transits Las Vegas.

: TAO spokesman criticizes Chen’s address as disguised separatism; says PRC will “pay any price” to block independence.

: TAO spokesman says pro-independence Taiwan businessmen not welcome.

: White House spokesman describes Chen’s address as “constructive.” Chinese state media rejects Chen’s conciliatory remarks as “a sham” and denounces Chen as a “slippery politician.”

: President Chen’s inauguration and second inaugural address.

: U.S. delegation led by Rep. Leach arrives in Taipei for Chen inaugural.

: TAO issues policy statement on Taiwan.

: World Health Organization again votes not to consider Taiwan’s application for observer status; U.S. and Japan vote for consideration.

: Far Eastern Economic Review reports senior U.S. official has given Taipei a stern warning concerning inaugural.

: Taipei announces its strongest growth in over three years during the first quarter of 2004, due to strengthened domestic demand and a rapid rise in exports; GDP expanded 6.28 percent over last year.

: In London, PRC Premier Wen Jiabao says PRC considering a Unification Law.

: First PRC naval flotilla visits Hong Kong.

: Executive Yuan (EY) gives TSMC approval to export 8-inch wafer plant to PRC.

: Presidential Office Secretary General Chiou I-jen in Washington for consultations on inaugural.

: NPC Standing Committee issues decision denying Hong Kong direct elections in 2007.

: DoD Deputy Assistant Secretary Richard Lawless testifies on PRC military threat.

: Assistant Secretary James Kelly gives congressional testimony on Taiwan policy.

: Taiwan Affairs Office’s Li Weiyi blasts Chen’s plan for new constitution as a timetable for independence.

: Vice President Cheney in Beijing; host Vice President Zeng Qinghong urges Washington not to send wrong signals to Taiwan separatists.

: Mark Chen Tan Sun named Taipei’s foreign minister.

: Mainland Affairs Council and Democratic Progressive Party spokespersons denounce PRC for constraining Hong Kong’s democratic development.

: NPC Standing Committee releases interpretation of Hong Kong Basic Law.

: American Institute in Taiwan Chairperson Theresa Shaheen submits resignation.

: Chen and Lien agree to presidential ballot recount.

: Taiwan court rules President Chen and opposition leader Lien Chan must agree to terms for a recount of the presidential election ballots.

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