China - Taiwan

Chronology from Apr 2006 to Jul 2006

: PRC Foreign Ministry protests House action.

: House passes bill lifting restrictions on contacts with Taiwan.

: LY fails to pass recall resolution on President Chen.

: Presidents of 12 airlines meet in Kunming to discuss charter flights.

: WTO panel concludes review of Taiwan trade policy; Taiwan and China hold first consultation at WTO.

: MAC Chairman Wu announces agreement on charter flights; Beijing’s Cross-Strait Aviation Committee makes parallel announcement.

: Special LY session opens.

: Eva Air announces plans to buy 25 percent stake in Shanghai Airways Cargo.

: Taipei finance official to China for a WTO dumping investigation.

: At Cold War memorial ceremony, TECRO Representative Wu shakes hands with President Bush.

: At Cold War memorial ceremony, TECRO Representative Wu shakes hands with President Bush.

: Hong Kong implements easier entry provisions for Taiwanese traveling to mainland.

: At Cold War memorial ceremony, TECRO Representative Wu shakes hands with President Bush.

: Burghardt meets press in Taipei; says NUC issue is over.

: Chen receives AIT’s Burghardt; reiterates “four noes;” State Dept. welcomes Chen’s statement as profoundly important.

: Jinmen-Quanzhou ferry service is inaugurated.

: World Health Organization says Taiwan will be able to participate in all WHO sponsored Asia Pacific technical meetings.

: MAC says Taipei is ready for talks on links and tourism.

:   Premier Su says wider exchanges possible under “active management.”

: TAO criticizes NSR as compendium of independence views; TAO also announces plans for expanded ferry services.

: Annual Taipei American Chamber of Commerice White Paper reiterates call for direct links.

: LY fails to pass charter flights bill on last day of session.

: Taipei imposes 237 percent duty on Chinese towel imports.

: National Museum of Taiwan-Fujian relations opens in Quanzhou, Fujian.

: Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Karan Bhatia in Taipei calls for Taiwan to lift restrictions on trade with mainland.

: KMT’s Ma Ying-jeou opposes ramming charters bill through LY.

: World Health Assembly again rejects Taiwan request for observer status.

: Taiwan’s first National Security Report released.

: Taipei approves Toppoly purchase of Phillips LCD plants in China.

: President Chen presides over NSC meeting on National Security Report (NSR).

: PRC resumes permitting fishermen to work for Taiwan’s fishing industry.

: TAO urges inter-association talks on tourism and charter flights.

: Second LY confrontation over charter flights legislation.

: First LY confrontation over charter flights legislation.

: President Chen overnights in Batam Indonesia en route home.

: President Chen transits Libya en route home: meets Gadhafi’s son.

: During Congressional testimony, Deputy Secretary Zoellick warns that Taiwan independence means war.

: U.S. representatives at Costa Rica inaugural meet President Chen; Chen sees Laura Bush at reception; invites her to Taiwan.

: PRC vice minister of information industry in Taipei for meeting on technology standards.

: China Daily says U.S. snubbed Chen; mocks his travel as a “trip to nowhere.”

: FSC Vice chair tells LY ceiling on investments in China will be loosened.

: In Singapore, Ma Ying-jeou urges focus on a peace agreement, not unification.

: President Chen opts not to transit the U.S. en route to Paraguay.

: FM Huang expresses dissatisfaction with Alaska transit arrangements; Premier Su blasts Beijing for blocking Taiwan’s international space.

: Chen summons AIT’s Young to express his dissatisfaction over transit conditions after Washington reportedly offers only brief stops in Hawaii or Alaska.

: Beijing announces that all 22 fruit imports from Taiwan will be duty-free.

: Haiti withdraws inaugural invitation for Premier Su under PRC pressure.

: Taiwan FM Huang concludes visit to UAE.

: MAC announces approval for low-end packaging and testing investment and small LCD manufacture in China.

: President Chen says KMT-CCP agreements are sugar-coated poison.

: Beijing invites TPFA and other NGOs to talks on zero tariffs.

: Hanguang 22 exercise begins; retired U.S. Adm. Blair observes.

: Boao Forum includes roundtable on cross-Strait economic ties.

: Beijing announces expansion of fruit imports from Taiwan from 18 to 22 types.

: Taipei requests transit stops in New York and Los Angeles during President Chen’s trip to Latin America in early May.

: Premier Su says KMT-CCP items that are in Taiwan’s interest can be implemented.

: Bush-Hu summit in Washington, D.C.

: President Chen says KMT-CCP forum has created the illusion of peace.

: Beijing announces new measures for group tours to Taiwan.

: MAC Chair Wu says charter flights for Dragon Boat festival a possibility.

: PRC President and Secretary General Hu Jintao meets KMT’s Lien Chan; Beijing announces 15 measures to facilitate cross-Strait ties.

: CCP-KMT Economics and Trade Forum opens in Beijing; Jia Qinglin attends opening; urges breakthroughs on direct transportation.

: KMT’s Lien Chan leads 50-member economic delegation to China.

: Asian Network of Major Cities conference in Taipei; Beijing boycotts.

: MAC Chairman Wu says charter and tourism agreements possible in six months.

: Taiwan National Security Council conducts war game Yushan 2 on decapitation scenario.

: Taiwan Fruit Sale Center opens in Xiamen.

: President Chen repeats pledge for new constitution by 2008.

: Premier Wen Jiabao announces $12 billion aid for South Pacific islands.

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