China - Taiwan

Chronology from Apr 2008 to Jul 2008

: Renminbi-NT$ exchange begins in Taiwan.

: Taipei lifts ban on Xinhua and People’ Daily reporters.

: President Ma observes Hanguang 24 exercise.

: Taipei liberalizes regulations on cross-Strait securities investments.

: Minister of Economic Affairs Yiin Chii-min says investment ceiling for Taiwan companies investing in the mainland to be raised in August.

: Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense James Shinn says military balance continues to shift toward mainland increasing danger to Taiwan.

: Hanguang 24 military exercise begins.

: Paraguay FM-designate says relations with Taiwan to be reviewed.

: Tzu Chi Foundation has raised US$26.7 million for Sichuan relief.

: President Ma proposes signing economic cooperation pact with mainland.

: President Ma explains cross-Strait goals in New York Times interview.

: Taiwan Coast Guard escorts boats to assert Taiwan sovereignty over Diaoyutai.

: LY Speaker Wang Jin-pyng asserts LY role in cross-Strait issues.

: Chinese tour operators visit Taiwan to survey market.

: President Ma calls for acceleration of SEF-ARATS talks.

: ARATS and SEF sign agreements on weekend charters and tourism.

: General Secretary Hu receives SEF Chairman Chiang.

: Chen Yunlin-Chiang Pin-kung meeting marks resumption of SEF-ARATS dialogue; Chen accepts invitation to visit Taiwan.

: ARATS proposes exchange of offices.

: Legislative Yuan (LY) holds special session to authorize currency exchange.

: Taipei press reports Defense News story that U.S. has frozen arms sales.

: People’s Daily reports vice ministers to advise SEF and ARATS delegations.

: Japanese frigate hits and sinks Taiwan fishing boat near Diaoyutai; Taipei and Beijing protest the incident.

: President Ma meets SEF Chair Chiang; hopes for institutionalized talks.

: Minister of Defense Chen says no change in development of Hsiung Feng IIE surface-to-surface cruise missile.

:   In Yomiuri interview, President Ma repeats that removal of missiles from China’s coastal region immediately across the Taiwan Strait is a precondition for peace accord.

: ARATS supports idea of reciprocal visits by ARATS and SEF chairmen.

: Wang Yi appointed new TAO minister; Chen Yunlin assumes chair of ARATS.

: General Secretary Hu receives KMT Chairman Wu Poh-hsiung.

: MAC authorizes SEF to resume dialogue on basis of 1992 consensus.

: MAC Chairwoman Lai envisages SEF and ARATS exchanging offices.

: Minister of Defense Chen Chao-min says Taiwan needs F-16s.

: TAO Minister Chen Yunlin comments positively on Ma’s inauguration.

: Ma Ying-jeou inaugurated as president of the Republic of China.

: U.S. delegation meets with President Ma; praises inaugural address.

: WHA again rejects “Taiwan” observer application.

: TAO announces Chairman Hu’s invitation to KMT Chairman Wu Poh-hsiung.

: Humanitarian charter flight takes Red Cross & Tzu Chi aid to Sichuan.

: President Ma tells Associated Press that unification unlikely “in our lifetimes.”

: Taiwan’s Investment Commission approves 20 mainland investments.

: ARATS thanks SEF for concern and aid; TAO publishes text.

: Earthquake in Sichuan Province; Taiwan offers aid.

: President-elect Ma reiterates call for a diplomatic truce with China.

:   Singapore’s Lee Kwan Yew says a Singapore-Taiwan free trade agreement hinges on better cross-Strait relations.

: Vice Premier Chiou I-jen and others resign over Papua New Guinea scandal.

: President-elect Ma welcomes Hu’s 16-character guideline.

: President-elect Ma’s interview with Phoenix TV.

: Premier-designate Liu Hsiu-chuan welcomes Chinese investment in Taiwan infrastructure projects.

: TAO avoids commenting on Lai’s appointment as MAC chairwoman.

: General Secretary Hu receives Kuomintang (KMT) Honorary Chairman Lien Chan; Hu proposes 16-character guideline for cross-Strait relations.

: Lai Shin-yuan chosen as new Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Chairwoman.

: SEF Chair-designate Chiang predicts weekend charters to begin July 4.

: Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte says U.S. will engage with Ma only after inauguration.

: President Chen’s letter to WHO returned to Taiwan.

: Group of Chinese real estate tycoons arrives in Taipei.

: Paraguay elects first leftist pro-China president.

: Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) spokesman expects progress on charter flights and tourism and announces Taiwanese may take PRC bar exams.

: Chiang Pin-kung chosen as new Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) chairman.

: Vincent Siew attends seminar with PRC economic leaders who express interest in investing in Taiwan infrastructure.

: PRC Commerce Ministry reports then retracts statement that Vincent Siew accepts “one China principle.”

: General Secretary Hu Jintao meets Vincent Siew at Boao Forum.

: President Chen decides to reapply for WHO membership as “Taiwan.”

: PRC defense minister urges Secretary of Defense Gates to end U.S. arms sales to Taiwan.

: PRC bank regulator (CBRC) authorizes Taiwan branch banks on the mainland.

: President-elect Ma’s Financial Times interview.

: Vice President-elect Vincent Siew says he will attend Boao Forum.

: President-elect Ma Ying-jeou hopes for weekend charter flights by July.

: President-elect Ma favors applying for World Health Organization (WHO) observership as “Chinese Taipei.”

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