China - Taiwan

Chronology from Apr 2009 to Jul 2009

:   Taipei formally publishes regulations related to mainland investment.

: Taipei rules duties on footwear imports from China.

: Taipei rules duties on footwear imports from China.

: Taipei rules duties on footwear imports from China.

: Taichung Mayor Jason Hu opens central Taiwan trade fair in Beijing.

:   Three SEF-ARATS agreements signed in April formally come into effect.

:   Financial Supervisory Commission Chair Sean Chen acknowledges delays in financial MOUs.

:   Deputy Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Ma Xiaotian asks U.S. to stop arms sales.

:   TAO minister Wang Yi meets Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg.

:   President Ma proposes Taiwan and mainland co-edit dictionary of traditional and simplified characters.

: MAC-sponsored ECFA symposium is held in Chiayi: Chairperson Lai says negotiation may start this year with agreement next year.

:   DPP launches signature campaign for referendum on ECFA.

:   Ma Ying-jeou announces his candidacy for Kuomintang (KMT) chairmanship.

:   TAO Deputy Zheng Lizhong visits Taipei; KMT and CCP announce the Fifth Forum to be held in Changsha July 11-12.

:   The Legislative Yuan adopts amendments easing work, residency, and citizenship for mainland spouses.

:   Delegation of mainland legal officials visits Taiwan for consultations on judicial agreement.

:   Taiwan Foreign Minister Francisco Ou says focus will remain on specialized agencies not on general UN membership.

:   Hong Kong Secretary Lam Sui-lung visits Taiwan.

:   Taipei announces sectors to be open to mainland investment.

:   President Ma transits Seattle.

:   Taipei press reports National Security Council Secretary General Su Chi visited Washington DC during the week of May 25.

: A large mainland procurement mission arrives in Taiwan.

:   President Ma attends President Francisco Flores’s inauguration in El Salvador.

:   Xinhua reports retired military officers from Taipei and Beijing had a golf tournament in Xiamen May 26-29.

:   President Ma transits Los Angeles.

: Hu Jintao receives KMT Chair Wu Poh-hsiung in Beijing; Xinhua reports extensively on Hu’s remarks

:   President Ma expresses hope ECFA will be signed by the end of the year.

: Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) announces its participation in Shanghai World Expo.

: Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu visits China and meets Beijing Mayor Gao.

: President Ma says the future of Taiwan should be decided by the next generation.

:   Minister of Health Yen Chiang-chuan attends WHA as observer.

:   DPP holds rallies in Taipei and Kaohsiung to protest Ma policies.

:   Strait Forum is held in Fujian May 15-22.

:   President Ma signs two UN Human Rights Covenants.

:   Beijing’s Supreme People’s Court publishes regulations on enforcing Taiwan civil judgments.

: Liberty Times criticizes President Ma for sacrificing sovereignty.

: President Ma’s holds an interview with Singapore’s Straits Times.

:  PRC MOFA expresses discontent over Saito’s remarks.

:   DPP Chairperson Tsai Yng-wen visits Washington DC for consultations.

:   Japan Interchange Association Representative Saito says Taiwan’s status is still unresolved; Taipei Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) summons Saito to lodge a protest.

:   Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) issues a statement on Chinese Taipei at the WHA.

:   Taipei issues regulations on PRC Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors (QDII) investment in the Taiwan stock market.

:   President Ma announces that “Chinese Taipei” has been invited to the World Health Assembly (WHA) as an observer.

: China Mobile signs an agreement to invest in Taiwan’s EasTone Telcom.

:   President Ma says the 1952 Japan Peace Treaty implies transfer of sovereignty to the Republic of China.

:   Beijing publishes regulations for PRC firms investing in Taiwan.

: Third ARATS-SEF Meeting is held; three agreements are signed and consensus is reached on Mainland investment in Taiwan

:   Deputy Minister of National Defense Minister Chang Liang-jen tells the Legislative Yuan that Taipei will seek consensus with US before requesting F-16s.

: Premier Wen meets former Control Yuan President Fred Chien at Boao Forum.

: ARATS Deputy Zheng Lizhong arrives in Taipei for preparatory meeting.

:   Taichung mayor Jason Hu vists Hong Kong for the Hong Kong-Taiwan Forum.

:   Incident near Pratas Reef between U.S. Navy vessel carrying Taiwan scientists and PLA Navy ship.

: President Ma makes a public address commemorating the Taiwan Relations Act.

: Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) Secretary General Kao Koong-lian visits Shanghai for consultations.

: Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) releases “policy explanation” of Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA).

: Association for Relations across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) Deputy Chairman An Min leads 7-member delegation to Taiwan.

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