China - Taiwan

Chronology from May 2011 to Aug 2011

: Beijing publishes 36-volume history of the Republic of China (ROC).

: Taiwan’s Mega Bank is first to get Beijing approval for Yuan transactions.

: President Ma presses Tsai to explain her “Taiwan consensus.”

: TAO spokesman says DPP political platform is unrealistic and unacceptable.

: DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen unveils Platform for Next Decade.

: Legislator Lin Yu-fang reveals info on Taipei’s counter-strike missile.

: US defense delegation in Taipei for talks on F-16A/B upgrade program.

: Hu Jintao receives Lien Chan in Beijing; expresses hope for investment protection agreement

: China’s first aircraft carrier begins sea trials from Dalian; Hsiungfeng III is displayed at Taipei Aerospace and Defense Technology Exhibition.

: DPP accuses Xinhua of hacking into its campaign e-mails.

: ARATS-SEF preparatory talks on seventh meeting conclude in Shanghai.

: Tsai Ing-wen at first campaign rally focuses on social/economic issues.

: Total of 181 US House of Representative members send a letter to President Barack Obama calling for the sale of F-16s to Taiwan.

: TAO Minister Wang Yi visits Washington.

: US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen says F-16 decision will be made by Oct. 1.

: Beijing MOD spokesman says exchanges of bands/music groups possible; MND responds Taipei has no plans for military exchanges.

: MAC Chair Lai Shin-yuan opens renamed Taipei representative office in Hong Kong.

: MND release Taipei’s 2011 Defense White Paper.

: Taiwan MND rules out cooperation with China in South China Sea dispute.

: PRC Vice Commerce Minster Jiang Yaoping leads delegation to Taiwan.

: Hu Jintao meets the delegates to cross-strait youth meeting in Beijing.

: Shandong Governor Jiang Daming leads a large delegation to Taiwan.

: Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Chair Lai Hsin-yuan visits Washington.

: Fourteen Manila fraud suspects are repatriated to Taiwan by China.

: Taiwan National Security Council (NSC) Secretary General Hu Wei-jen visits Washington.

: Deputy Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs-designate Kin Moy visits Taiwan.

: First individual People’s Republic of China (PRC) tourists visit Taiwan.

: President Ma receives American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Chairman Raymond Burghardt; asks for F-16s.

: Medical and Health Cooperation Agreement takes effect.

: President Ma chooses Premier Wu Den-yih as his running mate for the 2012 presidential elections.

: Taiwan Ministry of Education (MOE) promulgates requirements for Confucian classics in high schools.

: US House holds a hearing on “Why Taiwan Matters.”

: President Ma orders use of traditional characters in all official documents.

: ARATS Deputy Zheng Lizhong visits Ping-tung county in southern Taiwan.

: Taiwan Brain Trust seminar advocates a new constitution to save Taiwan.

: Jia Qinglin addresses third cross-strait forum in Xiamen.

: President Ma instructs Ministry of National Defense (MND) on “code of Conduct” for retired officers.

: Prosecutor General Huang Shih-ming begins visit to mainland.

: SEF and ARATS conduct first formal review of cross-strait agreements.

: Retired Gen. Hsu Li-ning leads delegation to seminar in Beijng.

: Legislative Yuan (LY) passes legislation needed for Taiwan to be founding member of South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organization (SPRFMO).

: TAO spokesman praises progress in cross-strait relations under Ma.

: Forty-five senators send a letter to President Obama supporting the sale of F-16s to Taiwan.

: Sichuan Governor Jiang Jufeng leads large delegation to Taiwan.

: Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) says Singapore and Taipei trade talks have begun.

: Chen Bingde says reaction to arms sales would depend on what was sold.

: People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Chief of General Staff Gen. Chen Bingde visits Washington.

: Taiwan Health Minister Chu Wen-ta attends World Health Assembly (WHA) as observer.

: Vice President Vincent Siew attends Paraguay’s 200th anniversary of independence.

: Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) President Chiang and Association for Relations Across Taiwan Straits (ARATS) President Chen Yunlin meet.

: Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) spokesman denies Chinese involvement in WHO terminology issue.

: President Ma protests terminology used by WHO.

: General Secretary Hu Jintao receives Kuomintang’s (KMT) honorary Chairman Wu Poh-hsiung in Beijing.

: DPP’s Kuan Bi-ling’s reveals that World Health Organization (WHO) internal documents refer to Taiwan as a province of China.

: Cross-Strait Economics, Trade and Culture Forum is held in Chengdu.

: Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says Joseph Wu doesn’t speak for party.

: Taiwan Tourism Bureau Director Janice Lai visits Beijing.

: Former Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) chairman Joseph Wu discusses China policy issues at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

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