China - Taiwan

Chronology from May 2014 to Aug 2014

: SEF President Lin Join-sane meets ARATS Chairman Chen Deming in China.

: Taiwan Ministry of National Defense (MND) releases its annual report on the Chinese military.

: ARATS Deputy Gong Qingkai arrives in Taiwan for a visit.

: PRC surveillance aircraft intrude into Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) four times; PRC Ministry of Defense (MOD) later says flights were routine.

: TAO spokesman decries unfounded speculation about Chang case.

: Sunflower Movement student leaders hold press conference in Washington and urge US to change its one China policy.

: PRC ambassador to Malaysia publicly opposes Malaysia entering into a free trade agreement (FTA) with Taipei.

: MAC Deputy Chang Hsien-yao’s resignation is announced.

:   Rep. Buck McKeon visits Taipei and meets President Ma. He supports arms sales and is denied meetings with PRC senior officials the following week.

:   Cross-strait search-and-rescue exercise is held near Matsu and Mawei.

:   SecondLY special session adjourns without reviewing oversight bill or STA.

:    East China Sea Peace Forum is held in Taipei.

:   Sixth CSECC meeting is held in Beijing.

: TAO spokesman reacts strongly to DPP Congress.

: DPP Annual Congress is held.

:   Preparatory meeting for 6th Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Committee (CSECC) meeting is held.

: TAO reiterates that opposition to Taiwan independence will never change

:    Tsai Ing-wen is interviewed by Commonwealth Magazine; says China will adjust to DPP policy.

:    LY special session ends without consideration of oversight bill or STA.

: Beijing’s Tourism Exchange Association opens its Kaohsiung office.

:    President Ma visits El Salvador; meets US Secretary of State John Kerry.

:    Mass pro-democracy demonstration is held in Hong Kong.

:    President Ma attends inauguration of Panama President Juan CarlosVarela.

: Zhang Zhijun’s post-visit press conference.

: Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin meets Yu Zhengsheng in Beijing.

: TAO Minister Zhang Zhijun visits Taiwan. During the visit he meets MAC Minister Wang Yu-chi, New Taipei Mayor Chu Li-lun, Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu, and Taichung Mayor Jason Hu.

: DPP’s Chao Tien-lin announces party policy on TAO Minister Zhang visit.

: Occupy Central informal referendum on democracy in Hong Kong.

: Japan MOFA spokesman welcomes Taiwan’s interest in joining TPP.

: Yu Zhengsheng meets retired generals from Taiwan in Beijing for Whampoa Anniversary.

: US Trade Representative Michael Froman lists Taiwan as a consultative partner to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

: Sao Tome-Principe presidential aide visits Taipei.

: Yu Zhengsheng addresses Sixth Cross-Strait Economic and Culture Forum in Fujian.

: ARATS Deputy Director Sun Yafu meets Taiwan independence advocate Koo Kuan-min at Taiwan Brain Trust.

: Taiwan Affairs Organization (TAO) and MAC announce a return visit by TAO Minister Zhang Zhijun.

:  People’s Bank of China (PBOC) Deputy Governer Liu Shiyu visits Taipei for talks on a currency swap agreement.

: Beijing issues a White Paper on One Country Two Systems in Hong Kong.

:   President Manuel Pinto da Costa of Sao Tome-Principe, a Republic of China (ROC) ally, visits China.

:   Tainan Mayor Lai Ching-te visits Shanghai.

:   President Ma Ying-jeo urges the mainland to pursue political reforms, democracy, and rule of law.

: Shih Ming-de and Su Chi release “Greater One China Framework” proposal.

: Former Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) Chairman Chen Yunlin leads a delegation of artists to Taiwan.

: Tsai Ing-wen elected DPP chairperson.

: Minister of Health and Welfare Chiu Wen-Ta meets Beijing’s Health Vice Minister Wang Yumin at WHA.

: Taiwan Health Minister Chiu Wen-ta attends World Health Assembly.

:  Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) Minister Chang Chia-juch meets Ministry of Commerce (MOC) Minister Gao Hucheng at an APEC meeting in Qingdao.

:   Tsai Ing-wen comments on her policy, stresses quality over quantity.

:   Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) reiterate that they will not cooperate with China on the South China Sea (SCS).

:   Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) blocks Legislative Yuan (LY) Plenary consideration of oversight bill.

: Anti-China riots in Vietnam damage Taiwanese factories.

:   People First Party (PFP) Chairman Soong Chu-yu visits China and meets General Secretary Xi Jinping in Beijing.

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