China - Taiwan

Chronology from May 2016 to Aug 2016

:   Tour bus drivers in Taiwan demonstrate over declining mainland tourism.

:   Hong Kong denies entry visas to Taiwan politicians planning to attend cross-strait forum.

:   Taipei-Shanghai Twin City Forum opens in Taipei.

:   Genesis Travel, a Taiwan tour company catering to mainlanders closes.

:   Foreign Minister David Lee says government will not pursue UN campaign.

:   Vice President Chen transits New York.

:   ROC Interior Minister Yeh Jiunn-rong leads delegation to Taiping Island.

:   Vice President Chen visits Dominican Republic.

:   Vice President Chen Chien-jen transits New York.

:    Kenya deports five Taiwanese involved in a fraud scandal to China.

: MOFA says Taipei has filed application to attend ICAO assembly.

:   LY Speaker Su Jia-chyuan leads large multi-party LY delegation to Japan.

:   President Tsai formally apologizes to indigenous people of Taiwan for past abuses and neglect.

:    Legislative Yuan (LY) passes Ill-gotten Party Assets bill.

:   Dalian TAO deputy leads accident family member delegation to Taiwan.

:   Cross-Strait Tourism Association task force led by Secretary General Liu Kezhi flies to Taiwan in response to the tour bus fire.

: Twenty-four Chinese tourists die in tour bus fire in Taoyuan.

: Taiwanese actor is fired from film production in China for failure to clarify his political beliefs.

:   Arbitral Tribunal at the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) panel issues its award in the Philippine case against China in the South China Sea.

:   US Senate adopts resolution reaffirming Taiwan Relations Act and six assurances.

:   General Secretary Xi Jinping reiterates 1992 Consensus requirement for cross-strait relations and opposition to Taiwan independence.

:   Accidentally launched ROC Navy Hsiung Feng III missile hits a fishing boat near Penghu.

:   President Tsai transits Los Angeles on her return to Taiwan.

:   President Tsai visits Paraguay.

:   President Tsai attends Panama Canal ceremony; signs book as “President of Taiwan (ROC).”

:   President Tsai transits Miami; flight to Panama overflies Cuban airspace.

:   TAO spokesman says cross-strait communications mechanisms suspended.

:   Cambodia sends 25 Taiwanese fraud suspects to China.

:   US-Taiwan Defense Review Talks held in Washington.

:   Beijing rescinds invitation to the children’s choir that performed at Tsai inauguration.

:   TAO spokesman says TAO-Mainland Affairs Council (MAC), Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF)-Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait (ARATS) channels can only continue         on the basis of the 1992 Consensus.

: Tsai administration denies Ma Ying-jeou’s application to visit Hong Kong.

:   Eighth Cross-Strait Forum is held in Xiamen.

:   Kuomintang (KMT) Vice Chair Hau Lung-bin attends Taiwan-Yunnan forum.

: US Sen. John McCain’s congressional delegation meets President Tsai.

: US Rep. Ed Royce’s congressional delegation meets President Tsai.

:   Executive Yuan (EY) spokesman says Taipei will abide by UN ruling on the status of Okinotori Island.

: President Tsai visits Hualien Air Base pledging to restore pride in the military.

:   TAO spokesman says cross-strait agreements reached under previous administrations remain in effect.

:   Health Minister Lin Tzou-lien attends the World Health Assembly (WHA).

: ROC Education Minister Pan Wen-chung rescinds 2014 high school textbook revisions.

:   TAO issues statement giving Tsai an “incomplete test grade” for her inaugural speech.

:   President Tsai Ing-wen is inaugurated; gives inaugural address.

:   Republic of China (ROC) Ministry of Justice delegation visits Zhuhai for consultations on fraud prosecutions.

:   Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) statement says Taipei will participate in World Health Assembly (WHA) under the “one-China” principle.

:   Group of former senior Ma administration officials visits Taiping Island.

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