China - Taiwan

Chronology from May 2018 to Aug 2018

: Taipei hosts an Indo-Pacific Security Dialogue conference.

: White House issues statement on El Salvador severing ties with Taiwan.

: International panel reviews Taiwan’s first report related to the UN Convention Against Corruption.

: Taipei severs diplomatic relations with El Salvador.

: KMT holds national congress, vowing to “hit a home run” in local elections.

: President Tsai visits Johnson Space Center during transit of Houston.

: President Tsai meets Prime Minister Dean Barrow in Belize.

: Beijing announces program to issue residence cards to residents from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

: President Tsai attends inauguration of President Mario Abdo Bernitez in Paraguay.

:   President Tsai transits Los Angeles.

: Taiwan Curriculum Review Commission decides to include Chinese history in East Asia history curriculum.

: New AIT Director Brent Christensen arrives in Taipei.

:   Kinmen marks start of Fujian-Kinmen water supply project.

: Beijing blocks Vienna performance by Taiwan youth choir.

: Marshall Islands President Hilda Heine visits Taiwan.

: East Asia Olympic Committee (EAOC) revokes the right of Taichung to host 2019 East Asia Youth games.

: Six-day PLA live-fire exercise begins off Zhejiang coast.

:   Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Minister Chen Ming-tong speaks at Heritage Foundation in Washington.

: President Tsai presides at commissioning of Apache helicopters.

:   DPP holds annual congress.

: Xi Jinping receives Lien Chan and reiterates current cross-strait policy.

: Foreign Minister Joseph Wu visits El Salvador, meets President Salvador Sanchez Ceren.

: US Environmental Protection Agency Principle Deputy Assistant Secretary Jane Nishida visits Taiwan.

: Taipei announces donation of $1 million to Global Anti-ISIS coalition for demining.

: Two US Navy Aegis destroyers transit Taiwan Strait.

: Phased pension reductions for civil servants and military personnel take effect in Taiwan.

: In AFP interview, President Tsai calls for democratic countries to unite in resisting China.

:   AIT dedicates new office building in Taipei.

:   King Mswati III of eSwatini visits Taipei.

:   PRC convenes Tenth Straits Forum in Fujian.

:   President Tsai issues strong statement on Tiananmen anniversary.

:   Sen. David Perdue makes brief stop in Taipei.

: Haitian President Jovenel Moise meets President Tsai in Taipei.

: Sen. Cory Gardner visits Taipei and meets President Tsai.

: President Tsai announces $1 million donation to WHO to fight Ebola virus.

: Burkino Faso terminates diplomatic relations with Taipei.

: The proposal concerning Taiwan as an observer is rejected at WHA.

: Taiwan Health Minister Chen Shih-chung holds press conference in Geneva during WHA.

: Solomon Islands Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela visits Taiwan.

: PLA aircraft encircle Taiwan in both directions with first SU-35 participation.

:   US-Taiwan Defense Business Forum is held in Kaohsiung.

: Beijing states Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is responsible for Taipei not being invited to World Health Assembly (WHA).

: White House criticizes Beijing’s pressure on airlines as “Orwellian nonsense.”

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