China - Taiwan

Chronology from Jul 2004 to Oct 2004

: Foreign Ministers Powell and Li meet at UN; Li says U.S. arms sales encourage separatism.

: PRC Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing urges UN to recognize serious threat posed by Taipei’s “splittist” activities.

: Premier Yu says Taiwan needs a “balance of terror” to deter PRC.

: Premier Yu proposes term “mainland” should be replaced by “China.”

: PRC repatriates two most wanted criminals to Taiwan.

: Janes reports China has tested a cruise missile with range of 1,500 km.

: Jiang Zemin retires; Hu Jintao becomes chair of Central Military Commission (CMC).

: Jiang tells CMC to never give up right to use force for reunification.

: President Chen says Hu’s appointment should not lead to wishful thinking about China’s policy toward Taiwan.

: Taiwan’s UN bid again rejected.

: Former U.S. DAS Don Keyser indicted for unauthorized trip to Taiwan.

: President Chen holds telepress conference with UN correspondents.

: Madame Chen arrives in Greece as head of Paralympics team.

: Executive Yuan proposes downgrading MAC to “Mainland Affairs Office.”

: President Chen honors Olympic medalists as “heroes of Taiwan.”

: TAO official says Beijing seriously considering a Unification Law.

: President Chen says “Taiwan” is best synonym for the Republic of China; stops in Seattle enroute to Taipei.

: Vice Foreign Minister Zhou Wenzhong blasts U.S. arms sales to Taiwan.

: Taiwan and Korea sign agreement to resume air service.

: Red Cross resumes cross-Strait repatriation of illegals and criminals.

: Taipei’s Ministry of Defense (MND) states Beijing has withdrawn troops from Dongshan Island.

: President Chen announces cancellation of a live fire exercise.

: MND releases report on PLA military capabilities.

: President Chen stops in Honolulu, Hawaii enroute to Latin America.

: President Chen announces decision to shorten transit stops in U.S.

: Legislative Yuan (LY) adopts series of constitutional amendments.

: Premier Yu’s plane makes emergency stop in Okinawa.

: Foreign Minister Tan Sun Chen says he favors name “Taiwan (ROC).”

: Lee Hsien Loong reiterates Singapore’s “one China” policy; says Singapore does not support Taipei’s desire for independence.

: Premier Yu transits New York, makes anti-China statements.

: In Honduras, Premier Yu uses name “Taiwan, ROC.”

: President Chen says transport routes should be called “cross-Strait.”

: Premier Yu says Beijing practicing “decapitation” attack against Taipei.

: Large military air show in Taiwan.

: Annual resolution on Taiwan participation presented to UN General Assembly.

: Taipei star A-Mei, at Beijing concert, makes propaganda statement.

: Australian FM Downer in Beijing; reiterates “one China” policy and says Australia might not support U.S. in Taiwan’s defense.

: NSC director Chiou I-jen in Washington to discuss President Chen’s transits.

: President Hu reiterates opposition to arms sales to Sen. Ted Stevens’ delegation.

: China Daily criticizes Lee Hsien Loong’s visit to Taipei.

: For Armed Forces Day, Minister of Defense Cao Gangchuan says PRC will never tolerate Taiwan’s independence.

: In phone call to President Bush, President Hu urges end to arms sales.

: Taiwan Affairs Office’s Wang Zaixi says three links only possible if routes are “domestic.”

: China Youth Daily reports exercises on Dongshan Island have concluded.

: Commander of U.S. Pacific Forces Adm. Thomas Fargo in Beijing hears message of opposition to arms sales.

: In “Hanguang” exercise, Taiwan military practices Mirage aircraft landings on highways.

: Pentagon spokesman acknowledges that recent “Dragon Thunder” exercise simulated PRC military action against Taiwan.

: Unconfirmed press reports indicate Jiang Zemin has said force may need to be used within 20 years to achieve unification.

: Xinhua news agency states that military exercises on Dongshan Island have begun.

: Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Chair Joseph Wu in Washington for consultations.

: Singapore’s Deputy PM Lee Hsien Loong arrives in Taipei for unofficial visit.

: U.S. National Security Advisor Rice in Beijing is told forcefully that arms sales send wrong message to Taipei.

: China’s Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait (ARATS) sends the Taiwan-based Strait Exchange Foundation (SEF) written message of sympathy for hurricane losses.

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