China - Taiwan

Chronology from Jul 2006 to Oct 2006

: Mid-Autumn festival cross-Strait charter flights begin.

: President Chen declares that “Taiwan is Taiwan, China is China, and Taiwan and China are totally different countries,” drawing protests from Beijing and a reminder that Washington expects Chen to honor his previous commitments.

: U.S. State Department spokesman says abiding by his commitments will be a test of President Chen’s “leadership, dependability, and statesmanship.”

: TAO’s Li Weiyi criticizes Chen for violating his “four noes.”

: Jia Qinglin warns of danger from Chen’s promotion of independence under guise of constitutional reform.

: President Chen calls for reconsideration of territory defined in constitution.

: Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing meets Costa Rican President Arias at UN.

: KMT delegation led by Chiang Ping-kun meets TAO’s Zheng Lizhong.

: Some 300,000 protesters call for President Chen’s resignation as they march in front of the president’s office and home.

: First cross-Strait medical charter flight.

: DPP Chairman Yu Shyi-kun in Washington, D.C. for consultations.

: In Helsinki, Premier Wen Jiabao declines to comment on the news report; says Taiwan politics are for Taiwanese people to decide.

: UN decides not to consider Taiwan’s UN bid.

: TAO Minister Chen Yunlin in Washington, D.C. for consultations.

: U.S.-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference in Denver.

: On Fuji TV, Chen calls for Japan-Taiwan military cooperation.

: Tens of thousands of protesters gather in front of the Presidential Office for an open-ended sit-in campaign to oust President Chen.

: KMT and CCP announce agricultural conference being moved to Hainan.

: EY adopts act to rename CKS as “Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.”

: MAC Chairman Wu in Washington, D.C. for consultations.

: President Chen signs partnership agreement with six allies in Palau.

: AMCHAM visits Premier Su; urges easing cross-Strait restrictions.

: Beijing convicts Ching Cheong, Hong Kong-based Strait Times reporter, of spying for Taiwan.

: Defense News says U.S. recommending against approving F-16 sale to Taiwan.

: MND releases National Defense Report mentioning “Special Operations Missiles.”

: Beijing’s ARATS spokesman urges Taipei to approve Chen Yunlin’s visit.

: Kyodo reports ROC army commander in Japan observing GSDF exercise.

: Departure ceremony for last two Kidd destroyers from Charleston.

: PRC protests ROC army commander visit to Japan.

: MAC announces formation of “Taiwan Strait Tourism & Travel Association.”

: DPP has parliamentary exchange with Japan LDP.

: EY adopts proposed 2007 budget with NT$323.5 billion for defense.

: PRC’s Jia Qinglin receives large Taiwan trade delegation.

: Taipei approves mid-Autumn Festival charters to start Sept 29.

: Beijing announces formation of “Cross-Strait Travel Exchange Association.”

: TAO announces personnel changes.

: TSMC Chairman Chang urges approval for export of 0.18 micron technology.

: Japan’s vice minister of agriculture makes highest-level visit to Taiwan since normalization in 1972.

: Shih Ming-teh launches his campaign to oust President Chen. The monies collected will be used for a massive sit-in campaign Sept. 9.

: Taipei’s allies submit annual resolution to UN on Taiwan participation.

: Beijing says private law enforcement officials have agreed to increase cooperation on fighting crime, extraditing criminals.

: China repatriates 11 fugitives via Jinmen.

: Chad switches diplomatic relations from Taipei to Beijing.

: MAC Chairman Wu says negotiations needed on Chen Yunlin’s visit.

: Xiamen announces new air service via Xiaman-Jinmen.

: Premier Su says no plans to change 40 percent ceiling on China investment.

: President Chen urges Formosa Foundation to push for change in U.S. “one China” policy.

: TAO requests Taiwan to facilitate visit by Chen Yunlin.

: Premier Su says pragmatism will guide handling of cross-Strait issues.

: MAC Chairman Wu says restrictions on visits by PRC employees of multinational firms will be eased.

: KMT announces invitation to TAO Minister Chen Yunlin.

: MAC Chairman Wu says PRC tourists may be coming by end of year.

: Lee Teng-hui says Taiwan must not become more dependent on China market.

: Hanguang-22 live fire exercise.

: At SEDC, President Chen calls for investment in Taiwan.

: In Taipei, USTR’s Bahtia urges removal of cross-Strait trade barriers.

: ExecutiveYuan decides Sustainable Development Conference (SEDC) will not address cross-Strait economic issues.

: TSMC charters first cargo flight to take equipment to Shanghai.

: President Chen emphasizes Chinese threat to visiting Japanese delegation.

: Presidents Bush and Hu meet at G-8 Summit.

: In Japan, Ma Ying-jeou urges Japanese PM Koizumi to take broader view of history and reconsider visits to Yasukuni.

: Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou begins Japan visit.

: PRC’s Huaxia Bank announces 20 billion RMB program for Taiwan firms.

: TAO Minister Chen Yunlin receives KMT delegation.

: President Hu Jintao meets Evergreen Chairman Chang Yung-fa and promises more support for Taiwan investors.

: Defense News reports “Monterey” talks were held June 28-29 in Quantico.

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