China - Taiwan

Chronology from Jul 2007 to Oct 2007

: Divisive DPP Congress adopts ‘Normal Country Resolution.’

: DPP Chairman Yu abruptly resigns.

: President Bush receives Foreign Minister Yang at White House.

: President Chen brokers compromise that strengthens Normal Country Resolution draft.

:   PRC’s Jia Qinglin says UN referendum “endangers peace.”

: Secretary Rice and Minister Yang meet at UNGA.

: Hsieh Chang-ting’s interview with Straits Times published.

: Prosecutors indict Chairman Yu and others on misuse of funds; DPP Chairman Yu announces intention to resign.

: Two-week Mid-Autumn Festival charter flights begin.

: UNGA debates and adopts General Committee report.

: IOC announces Olympic torch route will not include Taiwan.

: UNGA General Committee decides not to put Taiwan on UNGA agenda.

: DPP Chairman Yu proposes amendments to ‘Normal Country Resolution.’

: TAO warns that UN issue creates “serious situation.”

: Beijing MOFA protests US arms sales to Taiwan.

: DPP stages UN march in Kaohsiung; KMT holds rally in Taichung.

: President Chen holds video teleconference with press in New York.

: KMT’s Wang Jin-pyong urges both parties to drop UN referendums.

: TAO Minister Chen Yunlin in Washington DC for consultations.

:   TAO’s Li Weiyi says Taiwan must bear consequences of its actions.

:   DPP and Chen administration say UN referendum will go forward despite U.S. opposition.

: U.S. announces plan to sell 12 P-3C’s and 122 SM-2 missiles to Taiwan.

: UN General Assembly president returns letter from President Chen.

:   DAS Christensen speech at US-Taiwan Business Council Conference.

: DPP Chairman Yu proposes amendments to strengthen ‘Normal Country Resolution.’

: Five African allies attend summit in Taipei.

: MAC Chairman Chen says new glitches threaten agreement on torch.

: MAC Chairman Chen Ming-tong hints at agreement on Olympic torch.

: President Chen’s video teleconference with Washington.

: Presidents Bush and Hu meet at APEC.

: Vice Premier Wu Yi meets Taiwan investors; Beijing announces new economic measures for Taiwan.

: Ma criticizes Hsieh’s statement, Hsieh reiterates it.

: Hsieh proposes combining two UN resolutions; DPP rejects proposal.

: Xinhua reports 600 Taiwanese apply to volunteer at 2008 Olympics.

: In Changhua, Hsieh Chang-ting says he is running for president of the “Republic of Taiwan.”

: PRC letter to UN labels Taiwan’s application as step toward independence.

:   NSC Wilder’s comments to press on Taiwan.

: DPP Central Executive Committee adopts modified ‘Normal Country Resolution.’

: MAC approves visit by Yao Ming.

: President Chen transits Anchorage.

: TAO Deputy Zheng Lizhong calls for opposition to independence     activities.

: Referendum Review Committee approves KMT UN referendum.

: PRC MOFA expresses appreciation for Negroponte’s remarks.

: Deputy Secretary Negroponte’s Phoenix TV interview.

:   President Chen meets President Ortega in Nicaragua.

: President Chen visits El Salvador.

: President Chen meets Central American allies in Honduras.

: China opens embassy in Costa Rica.

: EY 08 budget includes NT$340 billion for defense (3 percent GDP).

:   President Chen transits Anchorage, stays on plane to express discontent.

: PRC’s Jia Qinglin meets youth delegation from Taiwan.

: MAC Chairman Chen says talks on flights and tourism almost complete.

: Prosecutor announces intention to appeal Ma’s acquittal.

: Hsieh formally announces Su Tseng-chang as his running mate.

: District Court acquits Ma Ying-jeou on charges of misuse of funds.

: Two PRC plane hijackers repatriated to China after serving sentences.

: Hsieh Chang-ting visits Singapore and Indonesia.

:   U.S. carriers in operation Valiant Shield operate east of Taiwan.

:   China repatriates ex-KMT lawmaker Chang Wen-yi to Taiwan.

:   Amb. Wang states that Chen’s letter was immediately rejected.

:   On its 80th anniversary, PLA expresses zero tolerance for Taiwan independence.

: President Chen writes UNSC President Amb. Wang and Secretary General Ban again applying for UN membership.

:   EU criticizes DPP’s UN referendum, saying it does not support membership for Taiwan.

: KMT delegation led by Chiang Ping-kun meets TAO Deputy Zheng Lizhong.

:  Hsieh in Washington for consultations with Bush administration.

:   UN Secretariat rejects and returns Taiwan’s application.

: Hsieh Chang-ting’s Financial Times interview.

:   President Chen sends letter to UN Secretary General Ban applying for admission as “Taiwan.”

: Hsieh Chang-ting’s Phoenix TV interview.

:   Executive Yuan (EY) committee approves DPP’s UN referendum.

:   Hong Chi-chang appointed president of SEF.

: Taipei announces anti-dumping duty of 43 percent on Chinese shoes.

:   President Chen tells Washington Post UN referendum will be held.

:   President Chen’s Op-ed in Washington Times on UN membership.

: MAC Chairman Chen Ming-tong sees signs China wants to reopen    functional talks.

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