China - Taiwan

Chronology from Jul 2009 to Oct 2009

: Kaohsiung reinstates plan to screen Kadeer film at its film festival.

: Taiwan’s Ministry of Interior states Rebiya Kadeer will not be allowed to visit.

: DPP announces plans to show Kadeer film in several cities on Oct. 1.

: TAO Minister Wang Yi says ECFA talks will begin when both sides are ready.

: MAC Chair Lai says financial MOU nearly complete.

: Organizers announced that the Kaohsiung Film Festival will screen Rebiya Kadeer’s film.

: Taipei Court convicts Chen Shui-bian and sentences him to life in prison.

: New Cabinet takes office in Taipei; President Ma instructs Premier Wu to get cross-Strait negotiations back on track after Morakot.

: Wu Den-yih named premier replacing Liu Chao-shiuan.

: People’s Bank of China Deputy Governor Su Ning leads a delegation to Taipei.

: KMT Vice Chairman Wu Den-yih visits Hong Kong.

: SEF Chairman Chiang meets Bank of China President Li Lihua’s delegation.

: Raytheon Corp. wins a contract to upgrade Taiwan’s Patriot missiles.

: Minister of the Financial Supervisory Commission Sean Chen says financial supervisory MOU will be signed by yearend.

: First “scheduled” cross-Strait flights begin; ceremonies are cancelled due to Dalai Lama visit.

: Taiwan Ministry of National Defense releases its report on the PLA.

: Dalai Lama arrives in Taiwan.

: TAO statement opposes Dalai Lama visit and criticizes DPP.

: Referendum Review Committee rejects DPP ECFA referendum proposal.

: Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu invites Dalai Lama.

: Officials from the UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs visit Taiwan.

: U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey visits Beijing and is berated on arms sales.

: Third mainland procurement mission arrives in Taipei.

: LY passes amendments to Customs Import Tariff Act needed to implement ECFA.

: U.S. military helicopters and crews begin week-long emergency operations.

: U.S. military aircraft delivers aid in Taiwan; TAO says this is humanitarian aid delivered under civilian auspices.

: ARATS and PRC Red Cross provide generous financial aid for Morakot.

:   Typhoon Morakot hits Taiwan causing extensive flooding and hundreds of deaths.

: SEF Chairman Chiang says the fourth SEF-ARATS talks to be held in December.

: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Taiwan Director Yu Keli article in China Review calls for an early negotiation of a peace agreement.

: Taiwan Institute of Economic Research releases more critical analysis of ECFA.

: MOEA releases Chunghua Institute of Economic Research report on ECFA.

: Ma Ying-jeou is elected KMT chairman.

: Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu includes pro-independence remarks in her address at the closing ceremony of the World Games; mainland athletes do not attend.

: MOEA Minister Yiin states that agreement has been reached to begin ECFA talks in October.

: Taipei announces two new direct flight routes to the mainland.

: Minister of Commerce Chen Deming meets MOEA Minister Yiin Chii-ming at Singapore at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.

: Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall name plaque is restored.

: Blatant stereotyping in cartoon characters used in a Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) pamphlet promoting the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement with China provokes controversy in Taiwan.

: Ma Ying-jeou, as the president of the Republic of China (ROC), opens the World Games in Kaohsiung; mainland athletes do not attend the opening ceremony.

: DPP votes to expel two members who attended KMT-CCP Forum.

: Mainland purchasing delegation attends a food show in Taipei.

: Kuomintang (KMT) and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Forum on economics and culture opens in Changsha; two Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members attend.

: President Ma in Honolulu reiterates that removal of missiles from across the Taiwan Strait is a precondition for talks with the PRC on a peace agreement.

: China Southern Airlines is first People’s Republic of China (PRC) company to apply to establish a branch office in Taiwan.

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