China - Taiwan

Chronology from Sep 2018 to Dec 2018

: Taiwan-Japan maritime cooperation meeting concludes in Taipei.

: TAO says Taiwanese residents will receive special treatment under new Personal Income Tax Law.

: Shanghai-Taipei Twin City Forum convenes in Taipei.

: Former ARATS Chairman Chen Yunlin visits Taipei to pay respects to deceased former SEF Chairman Chiang Pin-kun.

: President Tsai calls for China to provide comprehensive real-time information on African Swine Fever (ASF).

: Taiwan and India sign new Bilateral Investment Agreement.

: Four PLA aircraft fly through Bashi Strait.

: Kaohsiung master baker Wu Bao-chun pressured into making pro-China statements after netizens attack him as pro-Taiwan independence.

: Cross-Strait CEO summit held in Xian.

:   Department of Commerce Acting DAS Ian Steff visits Taipei.

: Two US navy ships transit Taiwan Strait.

: DPP suffers serious defeat in local elections; Chairperson Tsai resigns.

: Foreign Minister Wu visits the Marshall Islands.

: Taiwan representative Morris Chang meets briefly with Vice President Pence at the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in Papua New Guinea.

: Palau President Tommy Remengesau visits Taipei.

:   AIT Chairman James Moriarty visits Taiwan; meets President Tsai.

: TAO Director Liu Jieyi receives Vincent Chang Hsien-yao delegation.

: US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference convenes in Annapolis.

: Two US Navy ships transit Taiwan Strait.

: State Department DAS Scott Busby attends forum in Taipei. 

: Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) spokesman criticizes Olympic team name change referendum as a Taiwan independence plot.

: INTERPOL informs Taipei that it cannot participate in the November General Assembly meeting.

: Taiwan’s Vice President Chen Chien-jen visits Vatican for canonization of pope Paul VI.

: US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Principal DAS Jan Nishida visits Taipei.

: President Tsai’s National Day speech describes her strategy for resisting PRC pressures on Taiwan.

: Paraguay’s President Mario Abdo Benitez visits Taipei.

: Vice President Mike Pence gives major speech on US-China relations.                                          

: State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) Matt Mathews visits Taiwan.

: US State Department approves $330 million aircraft spare parts sale to Taiwan. 

: The Vatican and Beijing announce a provisional accord on the appointment of bishops in China.

: Chinese netizen asserts China helped stranded Taiwan tourists in Osaka.

: Acting Assistant US Trade Representative Terry McCartin visits Taipei for informal discussions.

:   Washington recalls its diplomats from Panama, the Dominican Republic, and El Salvador for consultations.

: President Tsai Ing-wen meets Guatemalan Congress President Alvaro Arzu Escobar in Taiwan.

: Foreign Minister Joseph Wu Jau-shieh attends Pacific Island Forum in Nauru.

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