Japan - China

Chronology from Jan 2005 to Mar 2005

: Japan’s National Institute for Defense Studies releases East Asian Strategic Survey 2005, calling attention to China’s military modernization, cross-Strait military balance, and increasing nationalism behind China’s foreign policies.

: Director General of the Asia Bureau of China’s Foreign Ministry Cui travels to Tokyo to meet with counterpart Sasae.

: Private Japanese research team lands on Okinotori Island.

: Koizumi meets in Tokyo with French President Jacques Chirac; Chirac affirms EU intent to end China arms embargo.

: Liaison Council on continental shelf and ocean resources meets at Prime Minister’s official residence.

: JDA deputy director general travels to Beijing; meets with PLA Deputy Chief of Staff Xiong Guangkai and Minister of Defense Cao Gangchuan.

: Tokyo High Court dismisses suit for wartime compensation brought by two Chinese comfort women.

: Chief Cabinet Secretary Hosoda tells press that negotiations on ODA termination are still in process.

: FM Machimura announces Japan-China agreement to terminate new ODA loans by 2008.

: FM Machimura and Li discuss Taiwan and ODA during 30-minute telephone call.

: PM Koizumi addresses pending EU arms embargo decision during Lower House meeting.

: Premier Wen Jiabao addresses issue of China-Japan reciprocal high-level visits; offers three-step plan toward their resumption.

: Vice Education Minister Shimomura criticizes as “masochism” government consideration of sensitivities of Japan’s neighbors in developing textbooks.

: Foreign Ministry advisory panel on ODA agrees to gradual phasing out of ODA program for China; recommends continuing aid projects for environmental protection and personnel training.

: PM Koizumi states that Japan’s Taiwan policy is unchanged.

: FM Machimura during Upper House session tells China to make efforts to improve its teaching of history.

: Asahi Shimbun reports F-15s will replace F-4s in Okinawa by 2008.

: Democratic Party of Japan introduces legislation calling for Coast Guard protection for Japanese ships engaged in exploration of Japan’s EEZ.

: Director General of Asia and Oceanic Affairs Sasae travels to Beijing; meets with Vice Minister Wu on North Korea issues.

: Sun meets with FM Machimura.

: Japan, China, ROK, and ASEAN meet in Bangkok to discuss dollar and monetary coordination issues.

: Chinese Foreign Ministry briefs Japanese and South Korean ambassadors on Wang Jarui’s mid-February visit to Pyongyang.

: Sun Yafu, deputy director of Taiwan Affairs Office, travels to Tokyo to brief Vice FM Yachi on China’s anti-secession law.

: Foreign Ministry officially informs Chinese Embassy of concerns over exploration activities in East China Sea.

: Economics Minister Nakagawa tells television audience that it is “highly likely” Chinese exploration in East China Sea extends into Japan’s EEZ.

: Joint Statement issued at conclusion of U.S.-Japan Security Consultative Committee calls for peaceful resolution of China-Taiwan issue.

: Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry releases interim report on activities in East China Sea.

: Chief Cabinet Secretary Hosoda announces government has assumed management of lighthouse on Uotsuri Island in Senkaku Islands; Foreign Ministry informs Chinese Embassy of its decision.

: Vice FM Yachi announces Japan’s acceptance of Chinese proposal for China-Japan Strategic Dialogue.

: Ambassador Wang calls for Japan-China FTA in speech delivered in Kobe.

: Tokyo Gov. Ishihara announces plans to construct power-generating facility on Okinotori Island.

: Finance Ministry releases 2004 trade statistics, revealing China has become Japan’s top trading partner.

: In response to questions about his intention to visit Yasukuni, PM Koizumi responds that he would make “appropriate decisions” on his own.

: Working-level diplomat discussions take place in Beijing; Japanese propose “Comprehensive Work Plan” to advance bilateral relations.

: PM Koizumi in Diet policy speech defines Japan-China relations as of  “utmost importance,” pledges to “build future-oriented Japan-China relations” and to “enhance cooperation in a broad range of areas from a broader perspective, even if views on individual areas may differ.”

: Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Nakagawa tells French counterpart that East Asian countries are concerned that EU will end China arms embargo.

: Ambassador Wang meets with senior LDP leaders; tells them that he is personally trying to avoid Yasukuni issue.

: China’s Ambassador Wang speaks at Waseda University, does not include Yasukuni issue in prepared remarks; speaks to issue only in response to a question.

: Diet delegation arrives in Beijing; meets with former FM Tang and Vice FM Zhang.

: Chinese embassy informs LDP’s Nukaga that scheduled visit of Diet delegation has to be postponed.

: LDP 2005 party platform calls for continuation of visits to Yasukuni.

: PM Koizumi and Premier Wen Jiabao meet briefly during tsunami relief conference in Jakarta; pledge cooperation in relief effort.

: PM Koizumi and five Cabinet members visit Ise Shrine.

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