Japan - China

Chronology from Oct 2002 to Dec 2002

: China issues 2002 defense white paper.

:   Japanese Foreign Minister Kawaguchi Yoriko telephones Chinese FM Tang Jiaxuan to ask China’s help with North Korea nuclear program.

:   FM Kawaguchi, during a telephone conversation with her Chinese counterpart, asks China to urge North Korea to immediately give up it nuclear weapons program.

: Prime Minister’s Advisory Task Force on Japan’s Foreign Relations issues report on Japan’s diplomatic strategy for the 21st century.  China cited as top priority.

: Chinese and Japanese officials meet in Beijing to discuss China’s claims for compensation resulting from recovery of North Korean spy ship as well as Japanese protests of recent Chinese violations of Japan’s EEZ.

:   Politburo’s Standing Committee member Zeng Qinghong meets with chairman of the Japan-China Friendship Association, Tokyo University Professor Hirayama Ikuo, in the Great Hall of the People. Zeng emphasizes China’s new leadership attaches great importance to relations with Japan.

: China applies formal safeguards on five categories of steel imported from Japan, lasting until May 2005.

: Japanese Foreign Ministry announces voluntary return (on Nov. 13) of Japanese military attaché from China.

: Former President Lee withdraws visa application.

: Former Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui applies for visa to visit Japan.

:   PM Koizumi, Zhu Rongi, President Kim Dae-jung meet during ASEAN Plus Three meeting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Discussions focus on North Korea and Zhu’s proposal for a China, Japan, South Korea Free Trade Agreement.

:   Nihon Keizai Shimbun releases results of a Survey of Japanese Industry Strategy Toward China and Asia, results indicate expectations for a 45-50 percent increase in sales volume in China by the year 2005.

: Prime Minister Koizumi and PRC President Jiang Zemin meet at APEC Leaders’ meeting in Los Cabos, Mexico.

: Japanese military attaché apprehended by Chinese police in “off-limits area” near Chinese naval base.

:   Advisory panel to Chief Cabinet Secretary Fukuda releases interim report on free trade agreements (FTAs) recommending that Japan conclude as many bilateral FTAs as possible by 2006.

:   Chief Cabinet Secretary Fukuda Yasuo explains in Asahi Shimbun  interview that Diet issues and the compilation of the FY 2003 budget make it difficult for the prime minister to visit China before the end of the year.

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