Japan - China

Chronology from Oct 2003 to Dec 2003

: China protests Mori visit to Taiwan.

: Former Japanese PM Mori Yoshiro visits Taiwan; meets with President Chen Shui-bian and former President Lee Teng-hui.

: Nippon Steel joins Baoshan Iron and Steel and Arcelor S.A. of Luxembourg to set up a joint venture in Shanghai to produce high quality sheet steel.

: Democratic Party of Japan Secretary Okada Tetsuya leads party delegation to Beijing; meets with CCP and government officials.

: Xinhua posts pictures of Japanese involved in planning of Zhuhai orgy.

: Bank of Japan office opens in Beijing.

: The Bank of Japan announces the opening of a Beijing office, the seventh overseas office, established since the opening of the Washington office in March 1991.

: Zhuhai Intermediate Court hears case relating to Zhuhai sex scandal; fourteen Chinese citizens sentenced.

:   Koizumi government announces Cabinet decision to deploy Self-Defense Forces to Iraq; China expresses concerns.

:   Previously classified Foreign Ministry documents submitted by Chinese plaintiffs to Fukuoka District Court in suit against government involving compensation for wartime forced labor.

:   Japan defeats China in the opening day soccer match of the East Asian Football Championship in Tokyo.

: First meeting of Japan-China Friendship Commission held in Dalian.

: Beijing protests Japanese plans to celebrate the emperor’s birthday at Japan’s unofficial Interchange Association on Taiwan scheduled for Dec. 12. The Foreign Ministry argued that private organizations should not hold celebrations usually conducted by embassies.  Over 600 of Taiwan’s leading political and business leaders, including cabinet officials are expected to attend.

: Japan’s Tore announces plans to transfer elements of its research facilities to China as part of its overall strategy to expand its presence in the China market.

:   Japan’s Democratic Party announces that Secretary General Okada Tetsuya will lead a parliamentary delegation to Beijing Dec. 23-26.

: Mizuho Bank President Saito Hiroshi announces plans for a significant expansion of banking operations in China, seeking to double the number of Mizuho branches there.  Mizuho is already operating in Shanghai, Dalian, Beijing, and Shenzhen.  Future activities are focused in Taijin, Guangzhou, Wuxi, Qingdao, and Chongqing.

: Hitachi Home and Life Solutions announces it will purchase Chinese-manufactured refrigerators for sale in Japan under the Hitachi brand name.

: Foreign Ministry Director General for Asia and Oceanic Affairs Yabunaka Mitoji travels to Beijing to meet with Chinese counterpart Fu Ying on North Korea-related issues.

: Japan’s Sumo Association announces plans for June 2004 goodwill visit and exhibitions in Beijing and Shanghai.

: Toyota President Nakamura Kotsuki announces that the Toyota joint venture with China’s FAW is aiming to produce 620,000 automobiles in China by 2007, a doubling of 2003 production.

: Keidanren Chairman Okuda Hiroshi leads Japanese delegation to China to lobby for China’s adoption of Shinkansen technology in the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway to be built for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  The delegation met with Premier Wen Jiabao in the Great Hall of the People.

: Chinese authorities release Chinese resident of Japan, Luo Rong (Kaneko Yoko) detained in May 2002 for Falun Gong activities.

: Nissan and its Chinese joint venture partner Dong Fang announce plans to produce medium and heavy trucks in China.

: Japan announces intention to sign ASEAN Treaty of Amity and Cooperation, signed by China during ASEAN Plus Three Bali Summit.

: Presidents of 16 Japanese, Chinese, and Korean electronic and software companies meet in Osaka to discuss cooperation in the development of a common operating system for computer and family electronic products.

: JMSDF P-3C finds Chinese Ming-class attack submarine on surface in international waters off the coast Satamisaki.

: China’s Vice Foreign Minister Dai Bingguo begins five-day visit to Japan for consultations on North Korea; meets with Vice Minister Takeuchi Yukio, former LDP Secretary General Nonaka Hiromu; FM Kawaguchi, PM Koizumi, and LDP Secretary General Abe Shinzo.

: Mitsubishi Rayon announces plans for a new plant in Guangzhou and its intention to join Royal Dutch Shell in the first petroleum-chemical combine in China.

:   Japanese citizenship established, female asylum seeker in Shenyang Consulate is repatriated to Japan.

: Japanese and Chinese business leaders meet in Osaka to discuss bilateral and Asian economic issues.

:   Fujistsu announces opening of a chip design center in Shanghai.

: Chinese Foreign Ministry calls in Japanese Minister on Xian Northwest China University incident.

: Tibet’s Dalai Lama arrives in Japan at the invitation of a supra-party parliamentary league; China protests visit as aimed “at splitting China.”

: Japanese students involved in performance are expelled from Xian Northwest China University.

: Japanese students performance at Xian Northwest China University sets off Chinese protests.

: Bilateral agreement on crested ibis conservation program is announced.

: Bank of Japan Gov. Fukui meets with Chinese counterpart in Beijing.

: Working-level discussions on energy cooperation held in Beijing.

: Japanese male citizen and woman claiming to be his sister seek asylum in Japanese Consulate General in Shenyang. Consultations between Tokyo and Beijing initiated.

: China’s Ambassador Wu Dawei to Japan calls on Finance Minister Tanigaki to request continuation of Japan’s ODA program for China.

: PM Koizumi meets with President Hu during APEC meeting in Bangkok.

: Settlement is made on Qiqihar incident.

: Suntory announces construction of a second soft-drink plant in Shanghai to be completed by 2005.

: Japanese Foreign Ministry officials travel to Beijing to discuss Qiqihar compensation.

: The official China Daily reports that Minolta will transfer all digital camera production to China.

: Itochu Shoji, together with Chinese joint venture partner Ting Hsin, announce that Family Mart convenience store will open its first store in Shanghai by the end of 2003.  Family Mart rival Lawson’s, which opened in Shanghai in 1996, had 129 stores in operation as of Sept. 30.  Seven-Eleven is planning to open its first store in Beijing.

: Boats carrying Chinese activists enter Japanese territorial waters and approach Senkaku Islands.

: Shenyang authorities arrest Chinese citizens involved in kidnapping former Japanese businessman.

: Japan-China-ROK working level discussions on North Korea at director- general level during ASEAN Plus Three meeting in Bali.

: PM Koizumi meets Premier Wen Jiabao at ASEAN Plus Three in Bali; Japan, China, and South Korea issue Joint Declaration on the Promotion of Tripartite Cooperation.

:    Affidavit filed on Chinese students involved in June 20 Fukuoka murders.

: Lawyers for Chinese injured in August Qiqihar poison gas incident petition PM Koizumi for compensation and apology; China’s foreign minister calls in Japanese ambassador to protest lack of resolution of Qiqihar claims.

: Chinese plaintiffs meet with FM Kawaguchi and ask that government not to appeal decision.

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