Japan - China

Chronology from Oct 2005 to Dec 2005

: Koizumi indicates he will not visit Yasukuni during New Year Holiday; acknowledges that Japan must “take steps to get understanding in this regard;” ask China and Korea “also to consider the matter”; calls for mutual efforts to promote “friendly relations.”

: Koizumi at dinner with former LDP VP Yamasaki and New Komeito Secretary General Fuyushiba speaks of China’s development as an opportunity for Japan, dismisses China threat; Koizumi also makes clear his intention to upgrade Defense Agency to Ministry before leaving office.

: Japan protests May 2004 reported suicide of Shanghai consular official in charge of encryption of classified communications at consulate; suicide note suggests Chinese pressure to reveal classified information; government sources reveal Dec. 27 protest to be the fourth on the matter. China denounced Dec. 29 the accusation as “vile behavior” of the Tokyo government.

: China’s Vice FM Qiao meets in Beijing with Japan’s Deputy FM Kono to discuss UN reform.

: FM Aso, following Maehara, sees China “becoming a considerable threat.”

: Beijing releases foreign policy White Paper assuring that China will “never be a threat to anyone” and will not seek hegemony.

: Meeting of China, Japan, and ROK telecommunications ministers, scheduled for Jan. 9 in Amoy, is postponed.

: Tokyo Municipal Government includes funds for fishery research ship in 2006 budget, aiming to strengthen Japanese claims to waters off Okinotori island.

: LDP and New Komeito establish study groups to coordinate drafting of legislation to elevate Defense Agency to Defense Ministry

: Koizumi government approves establishment (February 2006) of Japan-China 21st Century Foundation to provide scholarships to Chinese high school students (150-200 per annum) for study in Japan.

: Chinese work crews begin restoration of Japanese Shanghai Consulate building damaged during the April anti-Japanese demonstrations.

: LDP adopts draft legislation to protect Japanese exploration in East China Sea.

: Yomiuri Shimbun poll indicates 73 percent of Japanese see Japan-China relations as not in good shape, an all time high; 72 percent distrust China; Dec. 28 Nihon Keizai Shimbun poll finds 69 percent distrust China, only 14 percent trust China.

: ASEAN Plus Three Summit; Japan-ASEAN Summit; East Asia Summit in Kuala Lumpur; Koizumi speaks briefly with China’s Premier Wen.

: Maehara travels to Beijing meets with State Councilor Tang, PLA deputy Chief of Staff Xiong, and Vice FM Dai Bingguo.

: DPJ President Maehara labels China a “threat” in speech delivered in Washington, DC; on Dec. 12 Maehara repeats China threat remarks in speech in Beijing.

: FM Aso in Asia policy speech welcomes the “rise of China” while expressing concern with China’s defense policy.

: LDP and New Komeito secretaries general and Policy Board chairmen agree to elevate Defense Agency to Defense Ministry.

: Beijing announces postponement of China-Japan-ROK (+3) meeting during the ASEAN Summit in Kuala Lumpur.

: FM Aso, meeting Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in Washington, tells Rumsfeld “we would like to be able to convince China to play a more constructive role in the international community.”

: Sankei Shimbun reports Japan Coast Guard plan to upgrade patrol aircraft and ships to protect Japanese interests in East China Sea.

: Fourth round of China-Japan-ROK investment treaty discussions conclude in Amoy.

: LDP Special Committee on Maritime Interests unveils legislation to protect exploration activities in East China Sea.

: State Councilor Tang meets supra-party Diet delegation representing the Japan-China New Century Association; says there is “no possibility” that China’s development activity in East China Sea is siphoning off Japanese resources; calls for joint development while shelving sovereignty issues.

: Vice FM Wu meets with delegation, calls for complete dismantling/destruction of chemical weapons abandoned by Imperial Army by 2012.

: Koizumi speaks at LDP headquarters on Yasukuni, and says he will not allow Yasukuni to become a diplomatic card for China and calls for revision of Article 9 of constitution.

: Koizumi, Wen, and ROK President Roh (“Plus Three”) meet during ASEAN meeting in Vientiane, Laos.

: Chiba District Court rules against plaintiffs seeking damages for Koizumi’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine in August 2001.

: Senior Vice FM Shiozaki Yasuhisa travels to Beijing to discuss Six-Party Talks and bilateral issues; meets Vice Foreign Minister Wu Dawei.

: Chinese work crews begin restoration of Beijing embassy and consular buildings damaged during April anti-Japanese demonstrations.

: Xinhua News Agency reports CCP Propaganda Departments adds 66 National Patriotic sites to existing list; at least five commemorate the struggle with Japan.

: Chief Cabinet Secretary Abe finds FM Li’s “Hitler” analogy “disagreeable” to many Japanese.

: LDP announces draft legislation to govern exploration in East China Sea will be submitted to Diet in 2006.

: LDP Secretary General Takebe begins three-day visit to Beijing.

: Koizumi meets President Bush; observes that “because the U.S.-Japan relationship is so strong, Japan will be able to build better ties with China and South Korea.”

: China’s FM Li compares Koizumi visits to Yasukuni to paying Germany’s political leaders paying homage to Hitler.

: Chief Cabinet Secretary Abe tells TV Asahi Sunday audience that China should reconsider patriotic anti-Japanese education campaign, calls attention to double-digit increases China’s military spending, asks for increased transparency, pronounces himself fond of China, and supports increase of Chinese students studying in Japan.

: FM Aso defends Koizumi’s Yasukuni visits in speech in Tottori Prefecture.

: Multi-party coalition forms Association to Consider Secular War Memorial.

: New Komeito Party leader Kanzaki calls on Koizumi to exercise restraint on Yasukuni visits.

: Governors of Osaka, Kyoto, and Hyogo visit Beijing to promote tourism; meet with Vice Premier Wu Yi.

: China’s Vice President Zeng Qinghong meets former Prime Minister Murayama Tomiichi in Xian; promotes wide range of exchanges.

: Fifth meeting of Japan-China-ROK economic directors general in Beijing.

: Chinese Ambassador Wang speaks at National Defense Academy of Japan.

: Koizumi reshuffles Cabinet, appointing Aso Taro foreign minister and Abe Shinzo chief Cabinet secretary.

: Foreign Minister Machimura tells Sunday TV audience that, with regard to Yasukuni, Japan “should be able to say what we believe is right.”

: Keidanren Chairman Okuda tells business audience in Kanazawa that, while Koizumi’s visits to Yasukuni are affecting political relations, economic relations remain largely unaffected.

: 92 Diet members visit the Yasukuni shrine

: Beijing cancels visit of Japanese foreign minister scheduled for Oct. 23.

: Koizumi visits Yasukuni Shrine on first day of Autumn Festival.

: China protests Yasukuni visit.

: Chinese companies participating in Tsingtao Japan Week 2005 cancel participation to protest Yasukuni visit.

: Japan-China Foreign Ministry director general-level talks on North Korea and six-party meeting take place in Beijing.

: Taiwan’s former President Lee Teng-hui backs Koizumi’s visits to Yasukuni Shrine.

: Vice Foreign Minister Yachi meets Foreign Minister Li in Beijing to discuss Japan-China issues; second day of meetings scheduled for Oct. 16 is cancelled.

: Japanese Foreign Ministry announces Third Japan-China Comprehensive Policy Dialogue, Oct. 14-17, in Beijing.

: Vice Minister of the Cabinet Office Erikawa Takeshi visits Beijing to discuss disposal of chemical weapons abandoned by Imperial Army.

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