Japan - China

Chronology from Apr 2003 to Jul 2003

: Japanese Coast Guard escorts 13 Chinese protesters from Senkaku Islands’ waters.

: FM Kawaguchi and Li meet at ASEAN Plus Three meeting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

: China announces support for Japanese and South Korean participation in multilateral talks with North Korea.

: China announces antidumping case against Japan, U.S., ROK over chemicals used to produce polyurethane.

: MFA cancels travel warning for all areas of China except Beijing and Guangdong.

: Upper House of Japan’s Diet passes emergency legislation.

: China announces antidumping case against Japan and four other countries over import price of raw materials used in making of nylon.

: PM Koizumi meets with President Hu in St. Petersburg, Russia.

: Matsushita announces closing of two plants in China as result of SARS.

: Secretaries general of Japan’s three ruling parties meet with President Hu.

: Lower House of Japan’s Diet passes emergency legislation.

: Ministry of Health announces additional relief package for China.

: China’s Vice FM Wang Yi travels to Tokyo to brief Japan on U.S.-North Korea-China talks.

: MFA announces that Japan will send four-man Disaster Relief Team to China. They arrive May 11.

: Ministry of Health sends additional SARS assistance to China.

:   PM Koizumi instructs Health Minister Sakaguchi to establish SARS-prevention system in Japan.

: Japanese government meets to develop anti-SARS strategy.

: Japan Socialist Party Chairperson Doi Takako meets with President Hu and former FM Tang.

: Aso Taro, head of the LDP’s policy board, in Taipei recommends Japanese-Taiwanese discussion of security issues.

:   ASEAN-China emergency summit on SARS in Bangkok.

: ASEAN Plus Three meet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on SARS.

: Japanese government announces anti-SARS assistance, sending surgical masks, protective clothing, for China.

: Japan’s Trade Ministry announces trade statistics for 2002; imports from China exceed imports from the U.S. for the first time.

: Ministry of Foreign Affairs extends SARS travel warning to Inner Mongolia.

: Kan meets with China’s President Hu Jintao.

: Kan Naoto, president of Japan Democratic Party, meets with Wang Jiarui, chief of the Chinese Communist Party’s External Liaison Department.

: FM Kawaguchi meets with Premier Wen Jiabao.

: FM Kawaguchi meets with former FM Tang Jiaxuan.

: Foreign Minister Kawaguchi Yoriko meets with Chinese counterpart FM Li Zhaozing.

: Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues SARS travel warning for China, Macau, Taiwan.

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