Japan - China

Chronology from May 2012 to Aug 2012

: Vice Foreign Minister Yamaguchi Tsuyoshi arrives in Beijing with a letter from Prime Minister Noda to President Hu in an effort to reduce tensions.

:  Ground Self-Defense Force conducts exercise focused on attack and on evacuation of residents of Japan’s remote islands.

: Japanese Coast Guard releases video of encounter with Hong Kong activists.

: The car of Ambassador Niwa is attacked in Beijing and the Japanese flag is torn from it. The Chinese Foreign Ministry expresses deep regret for the incident.

: Japan’s central government rejects a Tokyo Metropolitan Government request for permission to land on one of the Senkaku Islands.

: Japan Self-Defense Force conducts live-fire exercise focused on island defense.

: Prime Minister Noda pledges government efforts to protect Japanese sovereignty over Senkaku Islands.

: Lower House of Diet adopts resolution asserting Japanese sovereignty over Senkaku Islands.

: Government formally accepts Tokyo Metropolitan Government detailed petition for Senkaku landing.

: Japanese activists land on Uotsuri Island; China protests violation of Chinese sovereignty; Japan rejects protest; anti-Japanese riots break out across China.

: Tokyo Metropolitan Governments files petition with central government asking permission to land on Senkaku Islands for pre-purchase survey; government refuses formal acceptance citing lack of details in the Tokyo proposal.

: Hong Kong activists deported.

: Hong Kong activists land on Uotsuri Island in Senkakus; 14 are subsequently arrested by Okinawa Prefectural Police.

: Supra-party group of 55 parliamentarians pays homage at Yasukuni Shrine; Land and Transport Minister Hata and Chairman of the National Safety Commission Matsubara visit separately in private capacity; Tokyo Gov. Ishihara also visits Yasukuni.

: Taiwan authorities prevent Taiwanese activists from joining Hong Kong activists’ Senkaku protest.

: Hong Kong activists leave Hong Kong on ship bound for Senkaku Islands.

: Chief Cabinet Secretary Fujimura Osamu urges Cabinet members to exercise self-restraint with regard to Aug. 15 visits to Yasukuni Shrine.

: Japan and China agree to add four daily flights from Haneda to Shanghai and Guangzhou each by March 2013, thereby doubling the current total to 16 daily flights.

: China and Japan conclude 47 agreements on environment and energy conservation involving public and private cooperation.

:  Japan-China Comprehensive Energy Conservation and Environment Forum meets in Tokyo; Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Edano Yukio urges resumption of negotiations on joint development of natural gas fields in East China Sea.

: Taiwan’s President Ma ying-jeou proposes Taiwan, Japan, and China participate in joint development of resources in East China Sea.

: Taiwan ship spotted conducting research, without notification, in Japan’s EEZ.

:   In Qidong, 5,000 Chinese protest Japanese Oji Paper Co. plan to build a pipeline to channel polluted water into East China Sea.

: Tokyo Municipal Government runs ad in Wall Street Journal calling for US support of Senkaku purchase plan.

: Ambassador Niwa is recalled for consultations; returns to Beijing on July 16.

:   Apple pulls “Defend the Diaoyu Islands” game from its App store in Beijing; the game depicts a Japanese invasion of the islands

: Japanese Coast Guard identifies a total of four Chinese Maritime Fisheries Enforcement Agency ships operating in Japan’s contiguous zone in the Senkakus.

: Fortune Global 500 reports 73 Chinese firms in its top ranking, which surpasses the 68 Japanese firms in the group.

: Government officials inform Gov. Ishihara of central government’s intent to purchase Senkaku Islands.

: Japanese Coast Guard identifies Taiwanese ship, carrying Taiwanese activists, entering Japanese territorial waters in the Senkaku Islands.

: Japan puts into effect multiple entry visas for Chinese tourists for Fukushima, Iwate, and Miyagi prefectures; visa is conditioned on staying at least one night in the region on their first visit.

: Anticipating Tokyo birth of panda cub from giant panda on loan from China, Tokyo Gov. Ishihara suggests the cub be named “Sen-Sen” or “Kaku-Kaku.” China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson blasts the suggestion as “a clumsy performance that will only tarnish the image of Japan and Tokyo.’

: Academic symposium marking 40th anniversary of normalization opens in Shanghai. Former Prime Minister Fukuda Yasuo attends along with Tang Jiaxuan, Chinese head of the China-Japan Friendship Association.

: Japan’s Ministry of Defense reports three Chinese warships had transited between Okinawa and Miyakojima on return from exercises in western Pacific (the same warships that had transited the Osumi Strait on June 14)

: China’s Ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua criticizes Japan for supporting Uighur anti-China activities and equates Uighur activities with Aum Shinrikyo.

: Chinese media report that quarantine authorities find cadmium in fish imported from Japan.

: Nagashima Akihisa, special advisor to prime minister, in TV interview supports government possession of Senkaku Islands.

: Japanese Coast Guard aircraft find Chinese maritime research ship, Dong ang Hong 2, conducting research in an area outside the area for which it had asked permission; a Coast Guard patrol ship orders the Chinese ship to cease research and the captain complies.

: Three Chinese warships transit Osumi Strait for exercises in the western Pacific.

: Gov. Ishihara appears before Lower House Budget Committee.

: Japan’s Ambassador to China Niwa Uichiro expresses concern over Senkaku purchase plan in a Financial Times interview. He apologizes for confusion caused by his statement the following day.

: Tokyo Municipal Government announces dispatch of two-man survey team to the Senkaku Islands.

: Japanese Coast Guard identifies a Chinese Fisheries Law Enforcement ship operating in Japan’s contiguous zone in the Senkakus; the spotting is the fifth in 2012 and the second following Ishihara’s announcing of the Senkaku purchase plan.

: Tokyo Municipal Government takes up Ishihara’s Senkaku purchase plan.

:   China and Japan launch direct foreign exchange system.

:   Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) election plank calls on government to purchase the Senkaku Islands.

: Japanese police turn over alleged Chinese spy case to public prosecutors.

: “Cool Japan” exhibition opens in Beijing.

: Foreign Minister Gemba Koichiro calls for an increase in Japan’s defense budget, citing in particular need to protect Japan’s southwest islands.

: Former Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio visits China.

: Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) Senior Advisor Eda Satsuki meets Wang Jiarui, head of the CCP’s International department, in Beijing.

: Beijing informs Tokyo that the visit of the Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Gen. Guo Boxiong, scheduled for May 24-28, is postponed “for work-related circumstances.  This is the second time the visit has been delayed.

: Chinese and Japanese officials meet in Hangzhou to discuss establishing high-level consultative mechanism on maritime issues.

: Three People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy frigates transit in international waters between Okinawa and Miyakojima into the western Pacific.

: Asahikawa Medical University and four Chinese medical institutions announce the launch of joint on-line telemedicine system.

: Russian authorities announce Korean and Chinese participation in infrastructure development on Etorofu and Kunashiri Islands.

: Premier Wen Jiabao, Prime Minister Noda Yashihiko, and President Lee Myung-bak meet in Beijing for a trilateral summit.

: China-Japan-ROK trade ministers agree to launch free trade agreement talks by the end of 2012.

: Chinese, Japanese, and ROK environmental ministers meet in Beijing.

: Japanese Coast Guard reports two Chinese Maritime Fisheries Law Enforcement ships entered Japanese territorial waters around the Senkaku Islands.

: Japanese, Chinese, and ROK finance ministers agree to strengthen financial cooperation through bond purchases.

: Panasonic announces opening of lithium battery production in Suzhou, following the closing of a plant in Osaka Prefecture.

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