Japan - China

Chronology from Jul 2001 to Oct 2001

: China commemorates 70th anniversary of the Mukden Incident.  Foreign Ministry spokesperson urges Japan to draw “profound lessons” from its past and “go down the road of peaceful development.”

: WTO working group in Geneva clears Taiwan for membership as customs territory; formal approval to take place in November at trade ministers’ meeting in Doha, Qatar.

: WTO working group in Geneva accepts China’s accession protocol; formal approval to take place in November at trade ministers meeting in Doha, Qatar.

: Jiang Zemin meets with visiting Japanese parliamentarians and expresses his lack of understanding of the Yasukuni visit.

: Vice Foreign Minister Wang Yi expresses Chinese hopes to restore relations with Japan, but leaves it to Tokyo to decide how to do this.

: China commemorates 56th anniversary of the victory of the War of Resistance against Japan.

: Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan tells the Asahi Shimbun that there is no change in China’s policy of placing great importance on relations with Japan.

: Hayashi Yoshiro, chairman of the Japan-China Parliamentarians Friendship League, announces plans for mid-September visit to China.

: Japan-China New Century Association meets with Li Peng, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, in Beijing.

: School districts overwhelmingly do not adopt “New History” textbook.

: Koizumi visits the Yasukuni Shrine and issues statement of regret.

: Koizumi meets with secretaries general of ruling coalition in preparation for final decision on Yasukuni visit.

: Koizumi government announces intention to revise National Defense Program Outline.

: Former LDP Secretary General Nonaka Hiromu visits China at invitation of Chinese leadership; Yasukuni is central issue of discussion.

: Foreign Ministers Tanaka and Tang meet in Hanoi prior to the ARF meeting; Tang requests cancellation of shrine visit.

: Chinese research ships found operating in Japan’s EEZ in contravention of protocols of Mutual Notification Agreement.

: Minister of Finance Shiokawa questions whether Japan should provide ODA to countries with nuclear weapons and missiles capable of striking Japan; later explains he did not mean “China” specifically.

: Secretaries general of the ruling coalition travel to South Korea and China to discuss textbooks and Yasukuni visit.

:   Japan issues “Defense of Japan 2001.”

: Trade negotiators meet in Beijing to discuss Japan’s safeguards and China’s special import duties.

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