Japan - China

Chronology from Jul 2002 to Oct 2002

: Asahi released the results of poll conducted in China and Japan: 45 percent of Japanese respondents and 50 percent of Chinese respondents think Japan-China relationship is “not going well”.

:   PM Koizumi meets Zhu Rongji at Asia-Europe meeting in Copenhagen.

: Ceremonies marking 30th anniversary of normalization take place in Beijing.

: Yomiuri Shimbun releases results of national public opinion survey conducted Aug. 24-25; survey shows declining trust in China among Japanese respondents.

: “Mystery ship” sunk by Japan on Dec. 22, 2001 is raised with China’s understanding.

: FM Kawaguchi visits China; meets with President Jiang, Vice Premier Qian Qichen, and FM Tang.

: Revised Food Sanitation Law comes into force, allowing government to ban imports of foods from countries with health or sanitary-related problems.

: Tokyo District Court acknowledges for the first time that Japan’s Unit 731 engaged in biological warfare in China during World War II, but dismisses claims for compensation for lack of standing.

: Five members of the Koizumi Cabinet visit Yasukuni Shrine in their individual capacities; visits draw criticism from Beijing.

:   PM Koizumi Junichiro decides against attending 30th anniversary ceremonies in Beijing.

: Japanese Foreign Minister Kawaguchi Yoriko and Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan meet in Brunei at the ASEAN Regional Forum.

: Prime minister’s advisory panel releases report on development assistance.  The report, while recommending that appropriate assistance to China should continue, calls for further discussion and review of the program.

: Asahi Shimbun lead story on health problems stemming from imported Chinese dietary supplements.

: Japan’s Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry announces pesticide residue on vegetable imports from China; asks industry to restrict imports.

: Hiroshima District Court dismisses wartime forced labor compensation suit of Chinese plaintiffs against Nishimatsu Construction Company.

:   Former Japanese Prime Minister Mori Yoshiro travels to China.

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