Japan - China

Chronology from Jul 2009 to Oct 2009

: Foreign Ministers Okada and Yang meet in Shanghai.

: Xinhua reports opening of new war memorial center in Nanking dedicated to Chinese Kuomintang and U.S. pilots who died aiding China in the war against Japan.

: Taiwan inaugurates Modern Japan Center at National Chengchi University.

: Prime Minister Hatoyama meets President Hu in New York.

: Hatoyama Yukio becomes prime minister of Japan.

: Minister Wu meets Foreign Minister-designate Okada.

: Premier Wen Jiabao meets Keidanren delegation in Beijing.

: Vice Foreign Minister Wu Dawei meets Japanese counterpart Yabunaka Mitoji in Tokyo to discuss North Korea and relations under DPJ government.

: Minister Wu meets Peoples’ New Party leader Kamei Shizuka and Japan Socialist Party President Fukushima Mizuho.

: Japan’s Foreign Ministry report on citizens residing overseas shows the number residing in China dropped 1,977 between 2008 and 2007 to a total of 125,928

: Former Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui arrives in Japan for a week-long visit.

: Chinese Ambassador Cui meets with DPJ President Hatoyama.

: Japanese and Chinese diplomatic sources reveal that release of Joint Study on History, scheduled for Sept. 4, has been postponed at request of China.

: Okada Katsuya addresses symposium on 60th anniversary of founding of People’s Republic of China.

: Chinese Foreign Ministry welcomes DPJ/Hatoyama election victory and pledges China’s commitment to strengthening bilateral ties.

: Chinese media reports DPJ victory and predicts continuity in the development of bilateral relations.

: DPJ score massive victory in Lower House election.

: Xinhua News expresses opposition to Dalai Lama visit to Taiwan.

: Asahi Shimbun reports China will commence aircraft carrier construction.

: Japan’s Yamato Holdings Co. announces initiation of door-to-door parcel delivery service in China.

: Yomiuri Shimbun reports that China has denied a MSDF request for Shanghai port call in period of Aug. 27-30.

: Japanese typhoon relief aid arrives in Taiwan.

: JETRO announces that China was Japan’s largest trading partner in the January-June 2009, with exports to China surpassing exports to the U.S. for the first time.

: Japan announces 6.3 percent increase in exports to China in April-June 2009 over the same period in 2008.

: Minister of Consumer Affairs Noda Seiko is only Aso Cabinet minister to visit Yasukuni, doing so in private capacity.

: China’s Ministry of Health announces investigation of illegal organ transplants following Japanese media reports of Japanese tourists traveling to China for organ transplants.

: DPJ President Hatoyama tells reporters that Japan’s prime minister should not pay homage at Yasukuni.

: Chief Cabinet Secretary Kawamura announces that he has no plans to visit Yasukuni on Aug. 15

: Prime Minister Aso cautions against politicizing paying of respect to those who died for their country at Yasukuni Shrine.

: Memorial service held in Tokyo for Chinese forced laborers who died in Japan during the war.

: Tokyo Gov. Ishihara Shintaro announces that he will not be able to visit Yasukuni Shrine on Aug. 15 because he will be out of the country.

: Kagawa Prefecture government files trademark complaint against Shanghai restaurant/hotel owner over use of kanji designating regional specialty noodle.

: Japan Times reports that China has pulled out of scheduled U.S.-Japan-China trilateral policy planning talks.

: Kadeer visits LDP headquarters; Chief Cabinet Secretary Kawamura reveals that Beijing had protested the visit through diplomatic channels on July 24.

:   Uighur activist Rabiya Kadeer visits Japan; in China, NHK broadcast of her arrival is interrupted.

: Foreign Ministers Nakasone and Yang Jiechi meet in Phuket, Thailand during ARF meeting; Nakasone reiterates concerns about Chinese actions in East China Sea.

: Japan’s Foreign Ministry announces that Chinese ships departed the area around the Shirakaba gas field and returned to China on July 15.

:   Xinhua News announces the conviction of four defendants charged with illegally transporting Chinese laborers to Japan.

: China’s Foreign Ministry reiterates claims to sovereignty over Senkaku Islands.

: Aso government approves 2009 Defense White Paper.

: Prime Minister Aso Taro announces Lower House dissolution.

: Admiral Akahoshi Keiji, chief of Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF) meets Defense Minister Liang Guanglie in China.

: Foreign Minister Nakasone Hirofumi asks China not to take actions that would undermine confidence with regard to the Japan-China understanding on joint development of East China Sea natural gas.

: Transportation Minister Kaneko Kazuyoshi announces direct flights between Tokyo’s Haneda Airport and Beijing’s Capital International Airport will begin on Oct. 25.

: Japanese media report Chinese ships operating in vicinity of Shirakaba (Chunxiao) natural gas field in East China Sea.

:    Vice Minister Wu Dawei meets Director General for Asian and Oceanic Affairs Saiki Akitaka in Tokyo to discuss North Korea policy.

: Minister of Defense Hamada Yazukazu visits Yonagumi Island.

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