Japan - Korea

Chronology from Jul 2004 to Oct 2004

: North Korean criticizes Japan for measures designed to protect nuclear and other energy facilities from DPRK infiltration or sabotage.

: Koizumi Cabinet reshuffle.  Kawaguchi Yoriko replaced as foreign minister by former Education Minister Machimura Nobutaka. Kawaguchi and Yamasaki Taku retained as special advisors to the prime minister.

: Japan RadioPress quotes DPRK News agency saying that U.S. plans to deploy a missile defense system on ships in the Sea of Japan is an attempt to “isolate and crush” the DPRK.

: Japanese press reports increased North Korean military activities at 10 missile bases.  Concerns about a possible Rodong missile test raised.

: Japanese news agencies report Kim Jong-nam (son of Kim Jong-il) spotted in international arrivals terminal in Beijing.

: Japan-DPRK negotiations in Beijing. Japan presses abduction and missile issues.

: DPRK Rodong Shinmun states that DPRK would turn Japan into a “nuclear sea of fire” if the United  States undertook a preemptive attack on the DPRK.

: At UN General Assembly meetings in New York, Koizumi relays message to North Korean representatives of Japan’s hopes for a peaceful resolution to the nuclear issue and speedy investigations on the abductions issues.

: Deputy Foreign Minister Lee Soo-hyuck meets counterpart Yabunaka Mitoji in Japan.  Discussions include DPRK nuclear issues and revelations regarding secret nuclear experiments in the ROK.

: Japanese government spokesman Hosoda states that revelations with regard to the ROK’s fissile material experiments should not be utilized by the DPRK as an excuse for avoiding a fourth round of six-party talks.

: Yomiuri Shimbun reports that Japan dispatched MSDF to the Sea of Japan, including Aegis-class destroyer and EP-3 reconnaissance planes to monitor movements associated with a possible DPRK missile test.

: Japanese government spokesman Hosoda Hiroyuki states that Japan finds South Korea’s covert plutonium extraction activities “inappropriate” and says the government will await an explanation from Seoul.

: ROK Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon lodges protest with regard to Japanese history textbooks inaccurately portraying history of occupation and wartime period under Japanese rule.

: Controversial nationalist history textbook is adopted for use in public secondary school in Japan.

: ROK President Roh states that recognition of the “buried history” of South Korean patriots who opposed the Japanese occupation will be on his administration’s agenda for resolution.

: Suit filed by 111 Koreans suffering from leprosy in Tokyo District Court demanding compensation for their imposed isolation and labor conscription during the Japanese occupation.

: DPRK defector Hwang Jang-yop accepts invitation to speak before the Japanese Diet in mid-September (at the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee).

: Japan-DPRK talks in Beijing on abductee issue make no progress.  At issue is Japan’s demands for more details on the fate of the 10 confirmed abduction cases.

: Japan donates $5 million to UNICEF world appeal for DPRK.  This is the largest amount given by a government to the appeal.

: Japan Vice Foreign Minister Aisawa Ichiro meets with Libyan counterpart, Mohamed Siala, asking for cooperation and information about North Korea’s missile program.

: DPRK Korea Central News Agency criticizes Japan for its announced hosting of PSI exercises to take place in October.

: Tonga Ilbo reports that in March 2004 a Japanese EP-3 reconnaissance plane was buzzed by a DPRK MIG fighter jet off the coast of the Korean Peninsula.

: Koizumi-Roh one-day summit in Jeju, South Korea.  The two leaders release statements calling for Seoul-Tokyo cooperation in resolving the nuclear dispute with North Korea.

: Prime Minister Koizumi says that he will request that the U.S. give special consideration to the desertion case of Charles Robert Jenkins, now reunited with his family in Japan.

: Chosun Ilbo reports that Japanese and South Korean governments are considering a proposal to regularize at least two summits per year.

: DPRK ferry Mangyongbong-92 leaves Niigata port for DPRK with 220 passengers and 80 tons of cargo.

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