US - Japan

Chronology from Jan 2019 to May 2019

: Emperor Akihito abdicates his position as emperor of Japan.

: PM Abe meets President Trump in Washington, DC. Remarks.

: Finance Minister Aso Taro meets Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in Washington, DC.

: Foreign Minister Kono’s interview is published in the Washington Post.

: Second round of unified local elections is held in Japan.

: Secretary of State Pompeo and Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan host Foreign Minister Kono and Defense Minister Iwaya Takeshi in Washington, DC for a Security Consultative Committee (“2+2”) meeting. Joint Statement, Fact Sheet, Remarks to the Press

: President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump announce that they will pay a state visit to Japan from May 25-28, 2019.

: US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Fiscal Policy Minister Motegi Toshimitsu hold talks on a US-Japan trade deal in Washington, DC.

: PM Abe publishes article on women’s empowerment in Japan in Medium.

: First round of unified local elections is held in Japan.

: PM Abe meets Gen. Robert Neller, commandant of the United States Marine Corps in Tokyo.

: Second TOFU program participants visit New York for meetings at the United Nations and with former ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy.

: PM Abe meets delegation of legislators participating in the US-Japan Legislative Exchange Program in Tokyo.

: First TOFU (Think of Okinawa’s Future in the United States) program participants visit Washington, DC for meetings at the Department of State and White House.

: United States and Japan release a joint statement on the Japan-United States Strategic Energy Partnership.

: Senior US defense officials tell NBC News that the Trump administration will end large-scale military exercises with South Korea.

: PM Abe and President Trump speak by telephone about US-DPRK summit.

: President Trump meets North Korea Chairman Kim Jong Un in Hanoi.

: In a prefecture-wide referendum on the relocation of US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, 72% of Okinawan voters say that they oppose the Henoko relocation plan.

: Secretary of State Pompeo speaks by phone with Foreign Minister Kono about engagement with North Korea.

: PM Abe meets US Congressional Study Group on Japan delegation in Tokyo.

: Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources Francis Fannon travels to Japan to discuss energy security and regional cooperation on energy issues.

: PM Abe says he will not comment on President Trump’s announcement that Abe nominated him for a Nobel Peace Prize.

: Reports suggest that PM Abe nominated President Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize at the request of the US government.

: President Trump says PM nominated him for a Nobel Peace Prize.

: Lt. Gen. Kevin Schneider takes over as the new commander of US Forces Japan.

: Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Andrea Thompson travels to Japan to discuss defense trade and nonproliferation.

: Secretary of State Michael Pompeo speaks with Japanese Foreign Minister Kono Taro by phone about engagement with North Korea.

: PM Abe attends the first Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission held in Tokyo.

: Prime Minister Abe Shinzo meets Adm. John Richardson, chief of US Navy operations, in Tokyo.

: US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Seko Hiroshige, and European Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmstrom hold a trilateral meeting on trade in Washington, DC.

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