US - Korea

Chronology from Jan 2002 to Mar 2002

: South Korea narrows choice of bidders in billion-dollar fighter jet project to Boeing and Dassault Aviation.

: South Korea announces that Presidential Adviser Lim Dong-won will visit Pyongyang as a special envoy April 3.

: President Bush refuses to certify North Korea’s compliance with the Agreed Framework but will continue heavy fuel oil delivery.

: China says it will crack down on nongovernmental organizations that assist defectors.

: Twenty-five North Korean defectors arrive in Seoul after first seeking asylum in Beijing.

: Special Envoy Pritchard meets in New York with DPRK UN Ambassador Pak for “useful” talks.

: North Korea says it will re-examine all agreements with the U.S., including the Agreed Framework, in light of new nuclear threat to North Korea by the U.S.

: Korean representative of Dassault Aviation acknowledges giving money to a South Korean military official to influence fighter jet procurement.

: European Chamber of Commerce in Korea announces it will send trade delegation to Pyongyang.

: The Bush administration is reported to prepare contingency nuclear attacks against seven countries, including North Korea.

: South Korea expresses strong regret at U.S. decision on steel import tariffs and weighs challenge at WTO.

: President Bush announces tariffs of up to 30 percent on steel imports.

: U.S. State Department Human Rights report condemns human rights violations in North Korea.

: Korean Business Survey Index hits two-year high based on improved Korean economy.

: President Kim says there is “no alternative” to the Sunshine Policy.

: North Korea rejects U.S. request to resume bilateral talks, saying the U.S. wants to “stifle” its system.

: In China, Bush asks President Jiang Zemin to help resumption of bilateral U.S.-North Korea talks.

: In South Korea, President Bush rules out offensive attack on North Korea and expresses support for Sunshine Policy.

: Radical South Korean students occupy offices of American Chamber of Commerce in Seoul to protest Bush visit.

: President Bush reaffirms U.S. offer to talk with North Korea and says if it “abandons” weapons of mass destruction (WMD), the U.S. would welcome more trade with North Korea.

: Secretary Powell says U.S. has “no plan to start a war” with North Korea.

: North Korea UN Ambassador Pak says the DPRK is ready to resolve tensions with U.S. and South Korea through dialogue.

: Pentagon report says most likely large-scale regional war scenario in the near term would be on the Korean Peninsula.

: U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission in Seoul Evans Revere says the U.S. would not take military action against North Korea without prior consultation with South Korea.

: President Kim calls for easing tension with North Korea through dialogue and preventing the threat of a new Korean war; ruling party leader Kim Geun-tae warns that Bush stance should not undermine Sunshine Policy.

: President Kim dismisses Han as foreign minister and appoints Choi Sung-hong in his place.

: Secretary of State Colin Powell expresses skepticism about the results of the Sunshine Policy to South Korean Foreign Minister Han Seung-soo.

: North Korea says Bush speech is “little short of a declaration of war.”

: The U.S. State Department insists that the U.S. is still open to dialogue with North Korea despite “axis of evil” rhetoric.

: President Bush, in his State of the Union address, says North Korea is part of an “axis of evil” threatening the U.S.

: U.S. and North Korea fail to reach agreement after four days of MIA talks.

: A BBC documentary claims U.S. commanders ordered indiscriminate killing of Korean refugees during Korean War.

: Opposition leader Lee Hoi-chang meets Vice President Dick Cheney in Washington.

: North Korea offers visitors to Mt. Kumgang free access to Pyongyang for festival celebrating anniversary of the late Kim Il-sung.

: U.S. and South Korea finalize environmental measures on U.S. bases.

: International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) officials arrive in North Korea to visit nuclear facilities.

: South Korean President Kim Dae-jung urges the U.S. “to allow North Korea to save face” to help re-start bilateral U.S.-North Korea talks.

: U.S. Special Envoy Jack Pritchard and North Korean UN Ambassador Pak Gil-yon meet in New York with no apparent progress.

: Economic indicators forecast imminent Korean economic recovery.

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