US - Korea

Chronology from Jan 2018 to May 2018

: President Moon suggests that Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Trump floats Panmunjom or Singapore as possible summit sites with Kim.

: President Moon and DPRK leader Kim meet in Panmunjom. Declaration aims at denuclearization, movement to a peace agreement, and opening of a representative office at the DMZ. White House hails the meeting and goal of denuclearization.

:  South Korean Director of National Security Chung Eui-yong meets National Security Advisor John Bolton in Washington, DC, to exchange ideas.

: President Trump says Kim meeting will be “very soon.” Senior US official states that Pompeo will fill Seoul ambassadorship with former Pacific Commander Adm. Harry Harris, Trump’s proposed ambassador to Australia.

: US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis suggests “reasons for optimism” after DPRK announcement.

: ROK and DPRK install direct hotline between leaders.

: US Deputy Secretary of State Sullivan calls China, Russia, Iran and North Korea “morally reprehensible” on human rights.

: KCNA reports that leader Kim Jong Un will suspend nuclear and ICBM missile tests and close the DPRK’s northern nuclear test site at Pyunggye-ri.

: President Trump expresses hope for talks with Kim. US vows continued pressure, and President Moon states North is seeking “complete denuclearization.”

: President Trump points to Pompeo forming a “good relationship” with Kim. Trump warns he could walk away from summit and that talks are underway for release of Americans held in North Korea.

: President Trump announces US had “extremely high” level talks with North Korea, subsequently revealed to have been between Pompeo and Kim.

: Secretary of State-designate Pompeo reiterates there will be no reward for the DPRK without complete denuclearization.

: ROK National Security Office chief Chung Eui-yong meets US National Security Advisor Bolton in Washington to prepare for summits.

: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un talks about prospects for dialogue with the US, his first official comment on a planned summit with President Trump.

: KCNA reports leader Kim Jong Un assessed US talks at party meeting.

: CIA Director Pompeo visits Pyongyang and meets Kim Jong Un.

: US-ROK joint exercise Foal Eagle starts in Korea.

: UN Security Council announces new sanctions targeting one individual, 21 shipping companies and 27 vessels for helping the DPRK evade sanctions.

: Seoul announces inter-Korean summit between Moon and Kim for April 27. Trump says he may hold up on KORUS trade deal until after the US-DPRK summit meeting.

: Hyundai’s union says revised trade deal with US is “humiliating.” GM says ROK subsidiary will file for bankruptcy if no union concessions by April 20.

: US and ROK reach agreement on trade and steel tariffs.

: Seoul and Washington announce resumption of military exercises, with Foal Eagle slated to start April 1 and Key Resolve beginning in mid-April.

: President Moon says three-way summit with DPRK and US possible.

: H.R. McMaster, US national security adviser, Japan counterpart Yachi Shotaro, and Korean counterpart Chung Eui Yong meet in San Francisco.

: UN report outlines DPRK networks maintaining money flow despite sanctions.

: President Trump speaks with President Moon to discuss efforts to prepare for their upcoming engagements with North Korea.

: Deputy Secretary Sullivan meets South Korea’s Foreign Minister Kang and Japanese Foreign Minister Aso Kono in Washington DC.

: White House acknowledges “caution” in announcing Trump-Kim summit.

: CIA Director Pompeo describes Trump talks with Kim as not “theater.”

: Trump tweets that he believes DPRK “will honor that commitment” to not test and states that talks may lead to the “greatest deal for the world.”

: White House insists on “concrete actions” from DPRK prior to a meeting.

: President Trump agrees to meet Kim Jong Un.

: President Moon cautions that sanctions will remain and suggests it is too early to be optimistic. Trump administration offers support, but remains wary.

: Representatives from US and ROK meet in Honolulu for first round of talks to develop the 10th Special Measures Agreement (SMA), which will enter into force in 2019.

: ROK delegation says DPRK willing to denuclearize. Trump calls North Korea “sincere” on possible talks. Trump tweets that “a serious effort is being made,” and the US is “ready to go hard in either direction.”

: Trump suggests US will meet with DPRK. ROK sends envoys to DPRK as Trump suggests willingness.

: President Moon urges the US to ease way for DPRK talks. US announces senior envoy Ambassador Joseph Yun to retire after Trump rejects talks without preconditions.

: Trump responds “we’ll see” to Seoul push for US-DPRK talks.

: DPRK condemns US sanctions as officials attend Olympic closing ceremonies.

: ROK says US sanctions will bolster UN resolutions. PRC warns that new US sanctions threaten cooperation.

: US Treasury sanctions one person, 27 companies and 28 ships in its largest package aimed at pressuring the DPRK to abandon missile and nuclear programs. Trump warns of a “phase two” that could be “very, very unfortunate.” US pushes for more UN sanctions targeting DPRK oil, coal, and smuggling.

: ROK announces the DPRK will send Gen. Kim Yong Chol to the Olympic closing ceremonies.

: US officials say North Korea canceled Olympic meeting with Vice President Pence. ROK drops denunciations of Kim Jong Un from border broadcasts.

: President Moon describes a difficult road to an inter-Korean summit and the hope for US dialogue with the DPRK.

: US Assistant Secretary of State for Asian and Pacific Affairs Susan Thornton states that there is no US “bloody nose” strategy for the DPRK.

: ROK reports that Kim Jong Un invites ROK President Moon for summit. Pence says allies united in isolating North Korea.

: PyeongChang Games open with senior US delegation alongside ROK President Moon and DPRK delegation nearby. Pence avoids encounter. Protesters burn flags.

: DPRK stages military parade in Pyongyang, displaying new missiles.

: ROK President Moon and Vice President Pence hold bilateral meeting at the Blue House in Seoul.

: Vice President Pence meets North Korean defectors in Seoul and visits Cheonan Memorial.

: DPRK informs the ROK that Kim Yo Jong, younger sister of Kim Jong Un, will join the DPRK Olympic delegation. Vice President Pence in Tokyo states that Washington will levy new sanctions against the planet’s “most tyrannical and oppressive regime.”

: US Ambassador Robert Wood says at UN Conference on Disarmament that DPRK is “only months away” from the capability to strike the US.

: ROK Blue House announces DPRK President of the Supreme People’s Assembly Kim Yong Nam to lead delegation to the PyeongChang Olympic Games.

: ROK says DPRK possible behind hack of Japan’s Coincheck.

: UN reports DPRK violated sanctions to earn $200  million in 2017 from banned commodity exports, as well as to export weapons to Syria and Myanmar.

: DPRK athletes arrive in Seoul for Winter Olympic preparations.

: US Special Representative for North Korea Policy and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Korea and Japan Joseph Yun travels to Tokyo and Seoul to coordinate on the DPRK and other alliance and bilateral issues.

: President Trump honors DPRK defector Ji Seong-ho in State of the Union Address and acknowledges Otto Warmbier’s parents attendance.

: Vice Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Selva states that the DPRK has not yet demonstrated all components of an ICBM, including a survivable reentry vehicle.

: White House withdraws nomination of Victor Cha as ambassador to South Korea.

: DPRK sends announcement to all Koreans calling for unification. US announces more sanctions on PRC and DPRK companies.

: US and DRK clash at UN disarmament forum over nuclear weapons.

: ROK President Moon Jae-in states that the Olympics should lead to nuclear talks with the US. Seoul protesters burn images of Kim Jong Un.

: DPRK delegation arrives in Seoul for Olympic preparations.

: US announces satellite imagery of six Chinese vessels violating sanctions against North Korea.

: US and ROK hold second meeting of the Extended Deterrence Strategy and Consultation Group (EDSCG) in Washington, DC.

: Secretary Tillerson suggests that there is evidence that DPRK sanctions are “really starting to hurt.”

: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announces that 20 nations meeting in Canada agree to consider more sanctions and US warns on military option. DPRK lambasts US on movement of six B-52s to Guam and dismisses Trump’s button size remark as “spasm of a lunatic.”

: DPRK agrees to send orchestra to perform during PyeongChang Games.

: False alert over DPRK missile threat rattles Hawaii.

: ROK President Moon suggests Trump deserves “big” credit for talks. Trump says, “who knows where it leads?”

: DPRK commits to send a team to the PyeongChang Games.

: ROK describes quick trade talks with US as an “uphill battle.” ROK and DPRK begin preparatory talks on Olympics.

: Trump says he would “absolutely” talk to Kim on the phone at the right time.

: Trump credits his firmness for restoration of ROK-DPRK dialogue, describing talks as “a good thing” and announcing US-ROK exercises would not occur during Olympics.

: President Donald Trump says his nuclear button is “bigger” than that of Kim in response to Kim’s claim that he has a “nuclear button” on his desk. DPRK uses the hotline to the ROK for a first time in two years.

: US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley warns the DPRK against staging a missile test. ROK proposes border talks in light of Kim’s overture.

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