US - Korea

Chronology from Oct 2005 to Dec 2005

: National Assembly approves deployment of South Korean troops to Iraq for one more year by a small margin, but reduces number of forces.

: Unification Minister Chung resigns and his resignation is accepted Jan. 1, 2006.

: DPRK official news agency reports North Korea will start to develop and build light-water reactors based on indigenous technology.

: Pyongyang suspends indefinitely Six-Party Talks until U.S. sanctions against the North Korean companies are lifted.

: ROK Unification Minister Chung Dong-young travels to Washington, gives a “presidential” speech (Dec. 19) at the National Press Club on “Korea Peace Economics,” and briefs Secretary Rice (Dec. 20) on the recently held inter-Korea talks (Dec.13-16).

: South Korean National Assembly Speaker Kim Won-ki condemns Vershbow’s remarks.

: South Korean livestock panel determines it is safe to import American beef and lifts the beef import ban due to mad cow disease.

: North Korea terms Vershbow’s remarks “a provocative declaration of war on our people.”

: U.S. Special Envoy for Human Rights Jay Lefkowitz in Seoul attacks North Korea as a “deeply oppressive nation” for human rights violations.

: Ambassador Vershbow calls North Korea a “criminal regime” for engaging in counterfeiting, drug-trafficking, and selling weapons.

: Pyongyang threatens to boycott Six-Party Talks unless the U.S. lifts sanctions issued Oct. 21 on eight North Korean companies for alleged counterfeiting, money laundering, and arms sales.

: North Korea rejects a U.S. proposal for a working-level meeting to provide an explanatory briefing on the legal basis for sanctions.

: North Korea says it will demand compensation for reported canceling of the KEDO project to build light-water reactors.

: Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon says Korea will notify U.S. of plans to withdraw 1,000 Korean troops from Iraq.

: KEDO board agrees to terminate light-water reactor project.

: APEC Leaders Meeting in Busan.

: Meeting in Kyong-ju, Korea, Presidents Roh and Bush pledge to launch a U.S.-Korea strategic dialogue and agree on the need for a new peace regime for the Korean Peninsula.

: The 17th APEC ministerial meetings is held in Busan, Korea.

: State Department says the recent round of Six-Party Talks was “useful.”

: Fifth round of Six-Party Talks held in Beijing.

: Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld visits Seoul for security consultative meeting.

: U.S. Treasury Department freezes assets in U.S. of eight North Korean entities for supporting WMD proliferation.

: New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson arrives in Pyongyang for meetings with North Korean officials on nuclear issues.

: New ROK Ambassador to U.S. Lee Tae-shik arrives in Washington.

: Alexander “Sandy” Vershbow confirmed as U.S. ambassador to ROK.

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